We absolutely thrive on our reviews. It helps us improve as a company and to keep in touch with customer comments. We post all reviews here, good or bad, and we comment where we feel a comment is required. Have a read of what our customers think of us.....

22 June 2024  |  Gail

My dogs demolish their dinner in seconds! Quick delivery & brilliant service, thank you

22 June 2024  |  Connie

I placed my order it then got delivered but I was missing my sprats and I have emailed regarding this and had no response

22 June 2024  |  Bryan

An excellent product which our dog (and cats) love. As a first time buyer I found the process very easy and the follow up information and detail from the company has been excellent. The delivery to a rural area of Devon was exactly on time. Thank you; we will use this service again.

19 June 2024  |  Sarah

Easy to order, kind to my wallet, not overpackaged, still frozen when delivered and loved by the pooch !!! Perfect!!

18 June 2024  |  Diogo

Our dogs Loved the raw food

15 June 2024  |  Susan

They love it couldnít put it any other way

15 June 2024  |  Susan

My big dogs love these bones all natural no addatives

15 June 2024  |  Sam

Excellent products from this company salmon mince has helped with skin issues for my dog good quality and excellent value for money

11 June 2024  |  Lynn

After 1 of our 6 Malamutes decided she wasn't going to eat the regular minced chicken bone and the green beef tripe,we decided to mix in some of the lamb tripe turns out she loves it! Just a little bit bored I guess with the same dinner,from now on will be mixing in different meats,as for anyone reading this our Mals have the best meals,fresh steamed ,fresh veg blueberries and an array of other goodies i can't rate theyloveit enough ,my 2 older dogs have been healthier more active since we changed them to it and the 4 youngsters (hooligans) have never had anything different and at 10 months old and 48 kilos I'd say it's the best,thankyou theyloveit,thankyou to lovely staff at Maldon for always helping me load the 140 kilos Into the car

11 June 2024  |  Tony

My spaniel loves this food she is normally a fussy eater but woofs 😂it straight down highly recommend

11 June 2024  |  Catherine

Keeps my dog happy so I'm happy! Although I don't love decanting 20kg of raw frozen food into the freezer, it's so much more eco friendly than other companies who wrap individual portions and I will never change my supplier!

10 June 2024  |  Jasmine

Great product again. Introducing new meats slowly to my dogs that have recently been moved to raw. They seem to love, this lamb. Reasonably priced and great product

08 June 2024  |  Nicola

My 4 dogs love this food, good value, fast delivery, great quality always get empty bowls all round

08 June 2024  |  Steven

My dog loves the raw from this company it's always well packaged delivery is quick and comes frozen thank you for great service

05 June 2024  |  Susan

Although my first order was lost by the courier and then resent. I am very pleased with the lamb rib bones. They are a very reasonable cost and the bones are very large and meaty. My dog tucked in with great happiness last night. Thank you very much.

04 June 2024  |  Sue

ĎThey love it Ďfrozen dog mince are of excellent quality. We show all our German Shepherd dogs and work our labsÖthere meats help keep our dogs in tip top condition , they love the bones which help keep their teeth healthy, and the lamb bones as a treat. We order the food and the service for collection is excellent which makes our 50 minute journey very worth while.

03 June 2024  |  Janet

First ever order as this was the product our rescue dog was eating in his foster home.The 10kg of Chicken, Bone & Offal delivered on time. Pleasantly surprised as no smell (can't say the same about tinned dog food). Defrosted quickly.
Only drawback was that the blocks did vary in size, and therefore weight, so defrosting the right amount took a bit of sorting out.

03 June 2024  |  Theresa

Fantastic product, my dogs canít get enough

02 June 2024  |  Anna

I'm always happy buying raw food for my girls from They Love It-meat is always fresh, quick delivery, good prices and the variety bulk boxes is a great idea.Thank you😀🌞

02 June 2024  |  Anna

The Fish variety is amazing,always fresh for a very good price,me and my dogs just love it just like all other products.Im so happy I found a very good raw food shop for my besties.

02 June 2024  |  Craig

Iíve been using this product for nearly 3 years and Duke looks very fit and well on it

02 June 2024  |  Christine

Very good chicken paste for weaning 3 week old puppies on to raw

02 June 2024  |  Beatrice

I arrived to collect my order on a very rainy day. It was all ready and a very lovely young lady loaded it into my car. Nothing was too much trouble for her.

31 May 2024  |  Debra

Love the way this product is frozen in blocks makes it so easy to use and my two labs and little border terrier love it😁👌

31 May 2024  |  Jamie

Supposed to deliver on Thursday. No delivery, no contact from the company. Emailed to find out what was going on to be told it was 'lost'. Asked for it to be sent out the next day, as I was out of dog food, which was refused and told, basically, I'd get it when I'd get it. No attempt to rectify the problem. Cancelled order. Shoddy service to a long-time regular customer. Will go elswhere

31 May 2024  |  Jamie

Supposed to deliver on Thursday. No delivery, no contact from the company. Emailed to find out what was going on to be told it was 'lost'. Asked for it to be sent out the next day, as I was out of dog food, which was refused and told, basically, I'd get it when I'd get it. No attempt to rectify the problem. Cancelled order. Shoddy service to a long-time regular customer. Will go elswhere.

28 May 2024  |  Stephen

As ever quality is first rate. Dogs love it. Came completely frozen and on time. I just hate throwing away the polystyrene box - wish it could go back on a return on the next order.

28 May 2024  |  Natalie

We recently moved our Great Dane Frank onto raw as he was so itchy on the dry food he was on, he was super fussy when it came to different raw types that we tried and it was costing the earth throwing it away! He absolutely LOVES the chicken and bone raw and is wharfing down 2kg a day (measured appropriately for his size (using the helpful guide on the website) my only niggle is I wish the blocks were maybe half the size just so that they thawed out a bit quicker

27 May 2024  |  Paula

This was the first time of purchasing this mince and I am very impressed. The mince is very smooth and of an excellent consistency for young puppies. We have been using this for weaning our litter of puppies in preparation for feeding them your chicken complete mince. I definitely recommend this product for weaning and feeding to young puppies.

27 May 2024  |  Pat

My dogs love the bones & the service from ordering to delivery was spot on. I will
Certainly order again.

27 May 2024  |  Heather

Our dog loves this

26 May 2024  |  Clare

Both cat and dog love it! I just add a little taurine supplement for the cat (just in case) and it gets wolfed down. Anything the cat misses, the dog eats. Win win!

25 May 2024  |  Emma

First time buying online in bulk the website was very easy to use and the ordering process quick and easy. Food delivered when expected and my dogs love it. Would highly recommend and will be buying from them again

25 May 2024  |  David

What can I say the girls love it. Just wish they would/could do some 20 x 1kg blocks for home delivery instead of having to buy 2x 10kg in 500gm blocks

21 May 2024  |  Della

Both dogs love this product cannot fault it
The only negative is that the blocks are not cut equally some times have to get an extra block out due to one being smaller than the others
Otherwise cannot fault products or the service

21 May 2024  |  Fern

i finally found somewhere with fast delivery, a complete food that i donít need to top up, and the cats LOVE it!!

very affordable too! I really like the fact that the blocks are not individually wrapped plastic. much less mess and hassle to just get a block out to defrost, and better for the environment!!

you have gained 1 return customer for life!

20 May 2024  |  Paul

I canít believe thereís a hound in the kingdom that wouldnít love a bowl of this lamb tripeÖthe stinkier the better of course!

As usual, my whole order arrived bang on time & very well packaged.

The hounds & the humans alike love TheyLoveItÖwould just like to see a bit more variety return to the offering for home delivery

20 May 2024  |  Ann

Excellent service by nice, friendly and helpful staff.

20 May 2024  |  Elaine

Just bought for the first time and my dogs "love it ď dogs 🐕

19 May 2024  |  Cheryl

This salmon mince is a firm favourite! I like the smaller blocks as itís convenient when you need a quick thaw

18 May 2024  |  Jasmine

These are great. One of my dogs isn't a massive fish fan. But the other absolutely loves these. Again great quality and price for the amount you receive thanks

18 May 2024  |  Jasmine

I have been raw feeding for to long so slowly introducing new things. My dogs are enjoying this so far. Great price and great quality and quantity for the price.

15 May 2024  |  Andrea

Could it check if these need to be headed and tailed and deboned before giving to my pooches. They are medium sized Labradoodles. Also can I give it to them frozen? Thanks 🙏

15 May 2024  |  Elizabeth

All of my 4Dogs love it !

14 May 2024  |  Zinka

We purchased 10kg of raw frozen bones for our dobermann. Absolutely great product that our dog loves it. Fast delivery and packaged nicely. Will be ordering again

14 May 2024  |  Susan

We have been feeding our dogs raw from They Love It for several years now. I have given 4 stars as the size of blocks in a consignment varies quite a bit which means defrosting more than is needed for the day leaving the remainder not so fresh for the next day.

14 May 2024  |  Carolyn

My dog loves this food and I wouldnít order from anywhere else

12 May 2024  |  Barry

Overall good - but there are some blocks which are smaller - and therefore underweight.

12 May 2024  |  Angie

My dogs really do love it, easy to store and so easy to click and collect, very friendly staff and nice shop with easy view freezers

07 May 2024  |  Sally

We were advised to add grain to my dogís food as he has a heart condition. They Love It recommended SmartBarf. Itís very easy to add to his food - we introduced it gradually. My dog seemed to enjoy it straight away (was worried as quite a strong smell and he can be a bit fussy) but he licks the bowl.

07 May 2024  |  Dinah

I have been looking for good quality food for my dog and come across they love it website. I have just collected my 1st order and my dog loves it. The people are nice and friendly the meat is good quality and a very good price

07 May 2024  |  Jasmine

Great quality sprats and plenty for the price. As usual I am impressed. Such great quality food for such good money. My dogs love these so thank you

07 May 2024  |  Jasmine

My 2 dogs absolutely love the boneless chicken. They both demolish it the minute it goes down. Fab service. Great quality and so affordable. Very convenient!! Thank you 😊

07 May 2024  |  Julie

Our dogs love these as a weekly treat but this pack size is just too large. Why are they no longer available as a 1kg add-on pack?

06 May 2024  |  Janet

Dogs love it
Service very good been using this company for a few years now and never had any trouble.
I always get it delivered and food always there the hour it says

06 May 2024  |  Karl

Have been using they love it for a couple years now, 1st time click and collect maldon, excellent service and excellent product, believe me if I wasn't happy with the product I wouldn't use em

04 May 2024  |  Susan

Brilliant treat for my cane corso and Rottweiler year old pups
Fed straight from freezer just like a fish lolly

04 May 2024  |  Susan

Brilliant snack for little dogs just like an ice lolly treat straight from the freezer

04 May 2024  |  Lindsey

Both dogs look these as a lunch time snack - due to allergies I have found these to be the best treats

04 May 2024  |  Andrea

My 5 labs love the lamb ribs great quality and good price . Quick delivery also .

04 May 2024  |  Angie

I have just got a Great Dane puppy and I have two smaller older dogs, I have never fed raw to my dogs before, luckily Iím round the corner to the Benfleet site so I popped round to the shop and the staff were brilliant, I was given lots of information on how much to feed etc. I have now put my two older dogs on the raw food and as the name says, ďthey love itĒ . I thought it would be expensive to feed raw but Iím surprised at how reasonable the price is. I would definitely recommend this company, the staff are lovely and there is so much advice also on their website, click and collect is so easy. Iíd give 1 stars if I could 🤩

01 May 2024  |  Gary

Good treat and the dog enjoyed it

01 May 2024  |  Gary

Great food and great prices with exceptional delivery.
Well done all!

01 May 2024  |  Elizabeth

Great fish , loved them !

01 May 2024  |  Elizabeth

Great bones with enough meat on and plenty of marrow which will keep a medium/ large dog happy for hours ! I stupidly didnít realise how big they would be , they were a bit too big for my cockerpoos and jackerpoos ,

30 April 2024  |  Richard

Our dogs love this food. Easy to order and always quickly delivered with no fuss.
Many thanks!

29 April 2024  |  Paul

Not as much bone in it as it use to be!!

28 April 2024  |  Debra

You are very well named my dogs love all your products, the boneless chicken ,beef and offal is going down very well.
I personally find it very easy to use in the blocks

27 April 2024  |  Angela

I received my order which arrived well packaged, which helps after the delay in transit. The order took longer than expected shipped on Monday and delivered on Wednesday evening. However the blocks and sprats were surprisingly semi frozen, so as all good.

27 April 2024  |  Sarah

Our goldendoodle Hector has had this for years and loves it . Always arrives on time , well packaged and still frozen . Easy to handle individual blocks that can be thawed as required .

27 April 2024  |  Neil

This is the first time we have bought raw food and wasnít sure what to expect. It arrived on time. The product is mince like and in blocks approximately small brick size. It is packaged in polystyrene and then boxed. Maybe kinder to the environment to use something else in time? Ruffs loves it and we will be buying it again!

24 April 2024  |  Jeff

The dogs love them and they are just the right size to keep them busy for a while

23 April 2024  |  Kanchan

It is so difficult to find boneless pure beef mince for our dogs. I am glad TheyLoveIt provides this option. The shipping and delivery is smooth with regular updates. My dogs are loving this addition to their meal.

21 April 2024  |  Sharon

I wanted to give my ferret a healthier diet than kibble, so I did some research and bought this mince. It is very reasonably priced, came promptly and seems exactly as described. My ferret loves it!

21 April 2024  |  Pauline

Thank you again , great products and service.
Very happy customer.

21 April 2024  |  Pauline

Weíre very happy with our purchase .
The website is easy to navigate, ordering and delivery are great . We have a very happy Ridgeback !!

20 April 2024  |  Andrew

Always great products

20 April 2024  |  Dorrell

Did not receive

19 April 2024  |  Carl

Have tried the beef and the chicken and dog does love it and looks very healthy.

18 April 2024  |  Glyniss

True to its word !! They absolutely do love it, bowls left as clean as a whistle not an atom of waste.

16 April 2024  |  Gemma

Easy to order online, friendly and welcoming staff when collecting.

15 April 2024  |  Ann

I particularly like this product as it is 80.10.10 so I know my dogs are getting the best. They love eating it, and always tuck in very quickly and happily.

15 April 2024  |  Ann

My dogs love this product and have done so for many years. They pester me at feed time to get on and feed them and they tuck in almost too fast!

14 April 2024  |  Heather

Our dog love this so we will be ordering more in time

14 April 2024  |  Kenneth

Well the dogs seem to enjoy it but then again they are Staffords.

14 April 2024  |  Lisa

Fast delivery, really competitive pricing and easy website - thankyou!

14 April 2024  |  Terri

Have been shopping with ďThey love itĒ for 2, years and have a very happy little man. He loves the food, I love the price and service, especially that I can get his favourite food across the other side of the country. Thank you

14 April 2024  |  Terri

My little man (Toy Poodle) came to me 3 years ago as a rescue rehome. He had been on a raw diet so I wanted to keep it up, tried a few different ones some of which he refused to eat, found you on a visit back to Essex where I bought a trial block, revolution my boy loves it and have been using it happily for 2years. The fact I can get it delivered the other side of country is fantastic. Very happy with product and service .

13 April 2024  |  Glen

We split this down down 50/50 with chicken only as the calcium content is possibly a little high but other than that a good complete food.

13 April 2024  |  Glen

Add these to my Dobermann and Rottweilers meals twice a day and they absolutely love them!

13 April 2024  |  Glen

Canít beat the value or the quality, easy collection and really nice setup.

13 April 2024  |  Victoria

Just changed from half tripe and half butternut dog food as it was getting too expensive. Great saving and my dog is a happy boy wolves it down every time 👌🏽😊 🐾

13 April 2024  |  Alisha

My dogs and cats absolutely love them. Great value for money!

13 April 2024  |  Susan

I canít believe the quality of these turkey legs I could eat them myself the dogs love them thank you so much

13 April 2024  |  Caroline

So pleased with the ease of ordering and fast delivery. Our daughter recommended this to us and so glad weíve done it. Our dog loves it. Thankyou.

13 April 2024  |  David

They love it is a very apt name because my dogs absolutely love it

09 April 2024  |  Ronnie

A very good food smells a bit but the dogs dont bother, seems to take up the taste of other food mixed with it, and has a natural probiotic.

09 April 2024  |  Carol

Whilst I have no complaints about the food itself, none gets wasted, I feel I would like to bring to your attention with regards the size. I have been using yourselves in excess of 7 years and the cut of the blocks are to say the least random. In the beginning they used to be in good size blocks, (the size of a house brick) which would stack easy and in the main uniform. Since using the smaller blocks not only do you use double the plastic bags there is quite a difference on the sizes.

09 April 2024  |  Carol

Whilst I have no complaints about the food itself, none gets wasted, I feel I would like to bring to your attention with regards the size. I have been using yourselves in excess of 7 years and the cut of the blocks are to say the least random. In the beginning they used to be in good size blocks, (the size of a house brick) which would stack easy and in the main uniform. Since using the smaller blocks not only do you use double the plastic bags there is quite a difference on the sizes.

09 April 2024  |  Carol

Whilst I have no complaints about the food itself, none gets wasted, I feel I would like to bring to your attention with regards the size. I have been using yourselves in excess of 7 years and the cut of the blocks are to say the least random. In the beginning they used to be in good size blocks, (the size of a house brick) which would stack easy and in the main uniform. Since using the smaller blocks not only do you use double the plastic bags there is quite a difference on the sizes.

09 April 2024  |  Carolyn

My 3 cats love this food so much they lick their bowls clean every day. Their health & dental health is tip top & coats shiney & soft. Happy cats thank you for a great product.

09 April 2024  |  Patricia

Max is highly delighted with his rib bones. A huge quantity for the price paid with lots of meat attached - a true feast for our docile and cuddly German Shepherd.

09 April 2024  |  Nathan

Tripe is one of the best things for your dog and my dogs go crazy for the tripe. Just don't let it sit around too long in the summer as it can smell quite a bit!

09 April 2024  |  Nathan

The colour of this is so fresh looking, it looks great! The dogs love this as chicken is one of their favourites and with the bone in gives it a nice crunch! No complaints from them

09 April 2024  |  Lynn

My three absolutely love this fish. I just add some to their meat and they are fighting to get past each other to get it. Highly recommended.

08 April 2024  |  Brian

Very helpful and friendly staff members.
Quality of goods very good.

08 April 2024  |  Paul

Well, I am so happy I found "They Love it". The quality is amazing, the service is impeccable, and the price is perfect. No where else I know is as good. If you feed raw food give them a buzz and speak to them. Also the treat selection are superb. My Sprocker has been on this food for 2 years now and he jumps in circles when he sees his bowl being filled up.

08 April 2024  |  Clare

The complete mince is great for both dog and cat so theyíre happy and Iím happy!

07 April 2024  |  Kevin

Have been feeding my Old English Sheepdog since weening off puppy foods. She loves this mix and devours it every time. Using this product her toilet has been very consistent in a good way, as OESí are known to suffer with upset stomachs when given the wrong food. Usually buy the 20kg pack but had to get the smaller pack as supplies of the larger pack seem to sell out quite regularly. Would have given 5 stars normally. Service/delivery is always on time, good communication provided regtarding order progress.

07 April 2024  |  Robert

My dog eats all the different meat I buy from They love it. She gets stuck in and never leaves anything well done to They Love it. I wouldnít buy from any other seller of meat.

07 April 2024  |  Christina

2 cats and a dog are on their seconds box of this food. All seem to be enjoying so far without any complaints. Seems to be good price and a decent quality compared to others Iíve tried!

07 April 2024  |  Harriet

I have a 2 year old staffy who is super fussy. He has never liked dog food and no matter what I have tried he has never liked it for longer than a few days. My dog loves this food and literally cannot wait for me to get the bowl on the floor - it is the first time he has always finished his food in one go and itís also nice that I know what he is eating is healthy and good for him.

07 April 2024  |  Gemma

Penfold loves a variety of raw food so to have a combination for quick selection is handy. Heís tried other raw foods but ĎThey Love Ití make choice and ordering so easy.

02 April 2024  |  Christopher

Title says it all

02 April 2024  |  Adam

These are a perfect snack, straight from the freezer. My dogs ove them and I know they're getting extra vital nutrition.

01 April 2024  |  Haley

Great customer service and delivery always!
Dogs love the tripe!

01 April 2024  |  Deborah

It's the first time my dog has had this product
It was a winner from the start,he wanted to eat it from frozen
I will definitely get this again.

01 April 2024  |  Kelly

My dogs been loving this since a puppy! Would recommend!

31 March 2024  |  Ben

Big favourite for our dogs Charlie & Lola

31 March 2024  |  Suzanne

As always, great delivery. Packed well. The food itself is the best quality I've found and it's why I get it delivered, living so far away.

31 March 2024  |  Rachel

Service is excellent. Food arrives when agreed, packaged well. No wasteful individual plastic packaging on the blocks, so more environmentally friendly than previous supplier as well as being consistently reliable.

31 March 2024  |  Louis

The dogs loved it, really good portion size and price. Happy customer here!

31 March 2024  |  Jon

This was my first time ordering this and my dogs seem to love it. They go absolutely crazy for it and are doing wall so far. I will be back for more!

30 March 2024  |  Sharon

I get the 5kg bags, the block are cut too a good size, the dogs love them, so I am happy

29 March 2024  |  Angela

Congratulations on providing such a high quality and extensive raw feeding range, I have been feeding my dogs for the last 15 years on raw food and have to say that your meats are the very best I have bought. My dogs absolutely LOVE IT.

Thank you so much from a very Happy customer 😊

29 March 2024  |  Angela

Congratulations on providing such a high quality and extensive raw feeding range, I have been feeding my dogs for the last 15 years on raw food and have to say that your meats are the very best I have bought. My dogs absolutely LOVE IT.

Thank you so much from a very Happy customer 😊

29 March 2024  |  Angela

Congratulations on providing such a high quality and extensive raw feeding range, I have been feeding my dogs for the last 15 years on raw food and have to say that your meats are the very best I have bought. My dogs absolutely LOVE IT.

Thank you so much from a very Happy customer 😊

27 March 2024  |  David

What can I say but I keep going back so they must be good in that case

26 March 2024  |  Davina

My dog knocks them back even quicker than the tripe which she's always loved. I give them to her separately to her main meat so she can enjoy the different flavours. She's a German Shepherd so I give her one big block of meat or tripe and 2 little blocks of hearts or a sardines. She's very healthy and has a beautiful shiny coat.

26 March 2024  |  Christine

Excellent service. And all three dogs 'Love it'.

26 March 2024  |  Anne

Perfection in boxes......ideal product,delivered promptly....what more could anyone ask for.....please keep the product going,and available as it is ideal and we wouldn't use another supplier unless availability became an issue

26 March 2024  |  Diane

I have 3 German Shepherds who love bones. I usually get large marrow bones from my butcher but decided to go with the rib bones so there are no leftover smelly bones to go round picking up. The dogs love these, theyíre not hanging around and the dogs get a weekly gnaw a teeth clean. Good value for money.

25 March 2024  |  Sarah

Very easy to order when item in stock. And our dogs thrive on this food

25 March 2024  |  Judy

Hi very happy with lamb tripe .dogs love it and it's good for them .

25 March 2024  |  Sue

Excellent product. Easy to order with quick delivery.

25 March 2024  |  Irene

Great service, easy to use online site & dogs enjoy & look extremely healthy on products we feed them from They Love it.

24 March 2024  |  Karl

Bought this for my cavapoo and cockapoo they do love it
So much better then some of the other raw meats Iíve bought recently will be buying again thanks

24 March 2024  |  Sandra

Like all food from they love it the dogs never say no. As owners we are very happy with quality of meat supplied.

24 March 2024  |  Martin

Really happy with "they love it complete" and so is my dog loves, we have tried a few raw dog food suppliers but this is by far the best value for money we have found and our dog does love it. Really like the fact that most of the cuts are around 500g makes feed time very easy for us. Free delivery is also a huge plus.

24 March 2024  |  James

Dogs love it!
And great delivery to my front door step
Thank you

23 March 2024  |  Jacquie

As always exceptional product and service

23 March 2024  |  Haley

My dogs are gulping this down, they love it, good service, friendly and stress free to get

23 March 2024  |  Sharon

Always super impressed with the website design, emailing when item back in stock and swift delivery.

Our XL bully is 4 years old and has always eaten this product along with carrots and broccoli. He has maintained his weight and is very healthy.

Thank you for your quality product

23 March 2024  |  Jacky

I was recommended to They Love It by a friend. The food is always a great quality and ordering it and getting it delivered is always such a smooth process. I now recommend it too.

I love the fact the blocks aren't individually wrapped in plastic. It makes the handling of the product so much easier and cleaner.

23 March 2024  |  Steve

Excellent service , good product . My only criticism would be some blocks are smaller than others and as I share a block between 3 dogs as an addition to complete dry food they get less on some days . Iím not sure if the total weight of a box is 20 kilos but it would be a help if all the blocks were the same size

21 March 2024  |  Maggie

Would be great if offered to cut into two halfs for easy storage once purchased

20 March 2024  |  Roy

I have two labradors, they have good shining coats . I would recommend your products on a very high standard

20 March 2024  |  Jon

I bought these bones for my dog as she absolutely loves them, theyíre fresh, meaty had a great treat for my spaniel

20 March 2024  |  Dawn

My doodles are avid choppers and these hooves kept them busy for hours .great product will definitely be ordering again

18 March 2024  |  Barbara

Dogs love this. A good price and always delivered on time!

18 March 2024  |  Chris

My Japanese Akita loves it

18 March 2024  |  Nigel

No complaints from any of our resident dogs. 1kg blocks are excellent for us very easy to store.
Food is a good consistency once defrosted.

18 March 2024  |  Jeff

I have used they love it for quite some time, I only feed my little dog RAW, and the chicken complete is excellent. Always lovely and fresh, nice bright colour and when thawed very little water comes out of it.
My Ziggy loves it and is thriving on it, stools are excellent firm but not crumbly, not flabby and soft and quite small in size which tells me the food is full of goodness and NOT crappy fillers and bulking agent.

17 March 2024  |  Nicola

The turnaround for our order was unbelievably fast. Fantastic quality lamb, our Bear loved it. We don't go to anyone else for our dogs food, can't heat the quality, price or the service from the staff. Excellent!

17 March 2024  |  Jon

Great stuff,the dogs love it,

16 March 2024  |  Sandra

First time of ordering and was blown away with the quality and value for money! Will certainly be ordering from them again!

16 March 2024  |  Paul

Both our dogs love this food never a scrap left and seen a real difference in the shine on their coats have been on the food for 3 months now
Very happy with the delivery service prompt delivery
Will continue to order this food

14 March 2024  |  Lee

My dogs love this and wont eat anything else!

13 March 2024  |  Sarah

This is my first order and I am very pleased,
Web site was easy to view and plenty of information.
The order arrived when it was supposed to and up dates through the whole process was excellent.
The product in its individual blocks makes it easy to defrost and my cats are slowly making the change as they have never had raw before, and seem to be enjoying so far.

13 March 2024  |  Leanne

Great service great staff I have used they love it for many years and would recommend them over and over again

12 March 2024  |  Michele

Great product at a good price and the service as always was faultless

12 March 2024  |  Amanda

My dogs love this food especially my little one who likes the veggies in her meat

12 March 2024  |  Amanda

My dogs love this food always and empty bowl

12 March 2024  |  Ruth

This is my second delivery, excellent! Arrived the next day, easy packaging, just pop in freezer then break off as needed. My lab certainly loves it and I will certainly be re-ordering!

11 March 2024  |  Rebecca

Prompt delivery and again my cats are loving it!

11 March 2024  |  Hilary

It has already made such a difference to our dogs digestion. She loves it which makes us happy.

10 March 2024  |  Alan

We have just introduced our Anatolian Sheepdog/Labrador Cross to a raw food diet. Made a lot of sense as she was a rescued street dog in Cyprus. Not quite sure what she ate there but she certainly loves the mince. Much barking and jumping in anticipation!! She is thriving on it and feel so lucky to have found such a good supplier with an excellent delivery service too.

10 March 2024  |  Chris

They were to a very high standard

10 March 2024  |  Liz

My INCREDIBLY fussy malinois loves this tripe, he will go without food for days once heís got the idea in his head but this tripe always goes down a treat.

10 March 2024  |  Joanna

A great service. Same day click and collect. Easy to find, the shop is well stocked. Collection was simple and my order was ready when I arrived. Will definitely use again.

09 March 2024  |  Steve


09 March 2024  |  Steve


07 March 2024  |  Monika

Due to allergies in our dogs we had to look for alternative foods. We ordered the chicken free lamb and for now the allergies have settled down - our dogs itching has significantly reduced. I will continue with this food because it seems to be one of the most natural ones I can get. Thank you.

06 March 2024  |  Jacquie

As usual easy ordering and collection from Maldon
Food excellent dogs Love it

06 March 2024  |  Jenny

A great product which has kept my boy busy after a paw injury.

05 March 2024  |  Sharon

Excellent product, my dogs love it and great service too

05 March 2024  |  Sharon

Excellent product and fantastic service too

05 March 2024  |  Sharon

My dogs love it and much less plastic than buying individual blocks.

05 March 2024  |  Deborah

Excellent service and products, very efficient when ordering promed delivery service byDPD. Cannot fault they love it, my two huskies just loves the pure beef green tripe and chicken mince with Bone &carrot,sweet potato &spinage and chicken mince with bone clean bowls every time but unfortunately they didnít like the beef mince.
All products are well packaged my two just love it
Would not order from anywhere else

04 March 2024  |  James

Deliveries are always on time, kur dogs love this.

04 March 2024  |  Deborah

Excellent food and excellent friendly service .

04 March 2024  |  Don

My 54 kilo bull mastiff doesnít normally run, but when she gets the sniff of they love it tripe, mixed in with chicken mixÖ she knows thereís something good in the bowl !

04 March 2024  |  Gary

As always a great product and good quality at a competative price

04 March 2024  |  Anna

I love the bad from They love it,lovely colour and itís quite big for not very heavy shopping and not only 😀

04 March 2024  |  David

I use two different chicken meals & my Girls love them both I have the chicken bone mince with veg,
The other is full chicken bone offal mince which is the full meal I give them 400gm to 500gm some were between the both each once a day
The only problem I have is with the delivery company dpd No text with delivery time or the text just before or after driver gets here which is down to dpd.

04 March 2024  |  Anna

Turkey ,bone and offal is amazing alternative for chicken,my girls love it just like any other meat from They love it.
Thank you.

04 March 2024  |  Anna

My dogs just love it,itís always fresh and looks really good,very good quality,I canít imagine ordering raw meat from somewhere else.Very good price too.
Thank you😀

04 March 2024  |  Alasdair

My Deerhounds love this - and all the other food from TheyLoveIt as well.

Can't complain - good quality food, good price and delivered to my door.

03 March 2024  |  Mandy

Iíve been feeding my dogs raw for many years. Iíve used a few different suppliers but always ended up coming back to Theyloveit. Why? No fancy packaging (my dogs canít see the packaging), easy service to buy online to collect or have delivered. I order online then drive to Maldon to collect with of course with one of the dogs. They love going in the shop, such lovely goodies to be sniffed at with the hope of one or three bits going home with them.
Such lovely, friendly staff who even carry your order to the car for you.
Canít get any better than that.

03 March 2024  |  Jacquie

Very pleased with the new bulk buy savings, and the prompt and efficient delivery 🚚

02 March 2024  |  Michelle

My girl loves it. Good value for money and quick deliveryb

02 March 2024  |  Carole

Not only do you get the best service from this company but their products are of the best quality too . Iíve been feeding my 8 dogs the lamb tripe for a while now and they really love it. I wouldnít use any other company now . Thank you they love it .

28 February 2024  |  Debra

Really easy purchase and my dog loves the beef chunks! Really happy with the whole process.

27 February 2024  |  John

My 5 year old Golden Retriever has been on this from a puppy and absolutely loves it.
Moved a couple of years ago from Essex to Norfolk so now have it delivered with no problems.

27 February 2024  |  Dawn

Both my dogs love these lambs ears..they make a nice treat and natural wormer. Will be ordering more .excellent service too

26 February 2024  |  Bruce

All my dogs live this raw chicken with bone

25 February 2024  |  Tracie

I usually come to your shop but now I know delivery is very quick it shall now be my go to,
My dogs get very excited waiting for their food as soon as they smell it they jump about with excitement.
I have a 18 month old and two elderly dogs and they love it 😊

24 February 2024  |  Michael

You along with dlp good service good team

22 February 2024  |  Judi

Good size bag and all frozen so easy to defrost a handful at time.. nice treat with mince

22 February 2024  |  Judi

Dogs love this, offal free and none wasted

20 February 2024  |  Lorraine

Came day after ording and with in the time stayed

20 February 2024  |  Ron

Always good quality food from They Love It, we have been using them for years.

20 February 2024  |  Jane

Easy to order and staff are helpful if there are any queries.
Delivery is quick and most importantly the dogs love the food!

20 February 2024  |  Judy

Very happy with the meat and the service

20 February 2024  |  Lois

Really lovely quality meat and veg - the dogs go mad for it - especially when mixed with the raw green beef tripe !

20 February 2024  |  Carole

The website was very simple to use I could choose what day I wanted to pick my order up by
The staff are helpful and friendly

20 February 2024  |  Liz

My dogs loves these fish. I always feed them frozen so the last longer than 3 seconds but theyíre always a hit

19 February 2024  |  Rebecca

Ordered on the Monday delivered on the Wednesday! Cats absolutely love it such good consistency and quality.

19 February 2024  |  Janice

Good quality meat my dogs love it.

17 February 2024  |  Judith

I have 3 working labradors. They all devour their raw food and lick their bowls clean. I mix up their meals, buying the complete chicken, beef and lamb in rotation. They also enjoy the frozen sprats and chicken feet as treats. Their coats are beautifully soft and shiny, I get many comments about how good they look, I put most of it down to their health diet. Thank you TheyLoveIt!

17 February 2024  |  Sharon

All the dogs love this food. All look very healthy.

17 February 2024  |  Clem

Dog bones delivered on time and still frozen. Could do with them cut up a bit smaller though.

17 February 2024  |  Brian

What more can I say ?! The dogs love it and look fantastic on it . No more allergy issues , Iíd highly recommend trying it .

15 February 2024  |  Cathie

Bought as an alternative treat - dog loves them.

15 February 2024  |  Cathie

One happy Labrador. Only recently swapped to raw and was getting from somewhere else. Was recommended getting from here and have not been disappointed.

14 February 2024  |  Kathleen

Very professional very pleased with it all.

13 February 2024  |  Ann

Again very happy with my purchase as always.
Would highly recommend.
My dogs love it

13 February 2024  |  Judy

The first time we have bought meat from this company and were very impressed with the service and the quality of meat. We will be buying it again and trying different products.

13 February 2024  |  Steve

Excellent product and service , would highly recommend

12 February 2024  |  Julie

A reasonable price and the dogs love these. Always delivered on time.

12 February 2024  |  Gary

My dogs love this product.

10 February 2024  |  Delia

Both of my girlies are rescue dogs with many issues resulting from their previous trauma. My west highland white terrier had no hair on her when she was first adopted so I knew I had to get her on easily digestible food. Raw green beef tripe is absolutely the finest choice to allow the system to kick in to absorb all the goodness without much waste. The chicken with bone is a complete meal without giving biscuits which can upset delicate tummies. I am so very happy to have these feeds delivered to my door without any fuss or bother. ďthey love itĒ have thought of everything and provide a really satisfactory service.

10 February 2024  |  Michelle

Blocks are perfected sizes and so easy to store /stack in the freezer. Our dogs thrive on this product . And we wouldnít go anywhere else .

10 February 2024  |  Duncan

Excellent product. Our dog loves this! Easy to order, excellent raw food, reliable delivery, all round great service from They Love It!

08 February 2024  |  Sherry

Always good quality packed well, super helpful friendly staff .

07 February 2024  |  Michelle

No bones, all Salmon, my dogs love it. Great price, fast service. Very happy customer Thank you

06 February 2024  |  Julie

Excellent quality, straight forward ordering and usual excellent delivery from DPD. My dogs are loving this meat. Very tasty

06 February 2024  |  Steve

Very good

06 February 2024  |  Suzanne

my American bully, who is allergic to everything, is thriving on this tripe, we mix it up with the lamb tripe too. You can tell it's great quality by the smell and colour. His skin is better and his coat is shining.

06 February 2024  |  Arminas

Came in 2 days to Belfast, still was frozen, my doggie loves it.
Comes in different sizes of bones which is handy.
Everything was packed nice and neat
Thank You

06 February 2024  |  Lynn

I have 6 Alaskan Malamutes and have tried other raw food,but this is by far the best ,and yes they actually really do love it! Green beef tripe is fabulous for any tummy upsets I feed a mix of 50% tripe with 50% mince chicken with bone ,definitely would recommend this

05 February 2024  |  Mary

Poppy loves this, got very excited when I unpacked it to put it in the freezer. She would also have loved a chicken carcass and although I understand these are currently difficult to source I don't understand why you still have them on the web page when they are basically unavailable, so hope we can purchase some soon.

05 February 2024  |  Rebecca

Great item I added to my last order. Has kept my girl quiet for quite a while!

05 February 2024  |  Cheryl

Nice chunky chicken necks in manageable frozen blocks.
Adds extra texture to their meals

05 February 2024  |  Irene

I have been shopping with they love it for a few yrs now the dogs & I are totally satisfied with products & great service.

04 February 2024  |  Alisha

My dogs love this food better over any other raw feed.

04 February 2024  |  Brian

Use to buy local, till fining this site, best value, and Iíve saved money, quick to come - next day so will be using again..

04 February 2024  |  Anna

My dogs love fresh sardines from They Love it.Every product purchased from your shop make us and our dogs happy.Thank you.

03 February 2024  |  Debbie

They love the bones and are so good for them and keep their teeth clean

03 February 2024  |  Michelle

Have been using They Love it for 3 years always great quality dogs love it ( excuse the pun) and this didnít disappoint

02 February 2024  |  Sharon

Great value, dogs love it. Really like the bulk purchase with less plastic waste. Shop really clean, amazing range of dried treats, excellent service all round

02 February 2024  |  Sharon

Great value and excellent quality. I like to add a sprat to every meal, my dogs coats are amazing. Also good to dehydrate for treats

02 February 2024  |  Sharon

Great for people who like to create their own completes.

02 February 2024  |  Sharon

Looks to be a quality product, nice texture, great for people who like to DIY their dog food or add to more boney mixes

02 February 2024  |  Sharon

I like being able to add offal as I get quite a bit from local butcher. Dogs love it

02 February 2024  |  Sharon

Great value, my dogs love it. I really like the fact there is less plastic involved than other companies that package it in smaller individual plastic blocks

01 February 2024  |  Sarah

My dog loves them

01 February 2024  |  Min

The service we get on collection is amazing and always so quick.
Our dog absolutely loves the chicken bone and the chicken bone with offal, we've tried it from other places that are more expensive and its just not the same, our dog won't eat it.
Thank you so much for helping to keep our dog happy and healthy.

31 January 2024  |  Klaudia

All fine but bones pieces a bit to big for my cats but definitely will order again

30 January 2024  |  Susan

Good quality
Quick service
Same day collection
Collrcted within 20 mins of placing the order
Well priced

29 January 2024  |  Katy

Or so says my dog! Another great flavour from They Love It. My dog and I are entirely satisfied with this product.

29 January 2024  |  Michele

Delivered when I wanted it to be x good price and packaged well x still completely frozen x

28 January 2024  |  Caroline

Great product which our Cocker spaniel loves. We use it with additional vegetables. Service always good when we pick up.

28 January 2024  |  Charlotte

Absolutely love how affordable this place is & the products are more than what I expected. My dogs eat 1.5kg of raw between them each day buying bags of raw just wasnít working for us. The blocks however, are more than working for us!

28 January 2024  |  Paula

I have 4 fussy cavapoos but they love this lamb they licked the plate clean

27 January 2024  |  Nicola

Proper raw food without the hassle and the dogs absolutely love it. Big change in their toilet habits and few issues with upset tummy. Staff are super helpful and no issues ordering online. One dog can be quite picky but she can't get enough of this

27 January 2024  |  Matthew

Prompt and reliable service as we have come to expect from tli, and I can confirm that my dog does indeed love it.

26 January 2024  |  Nicola

I have copied my review from the tripe product as it applies equally here. I highly recommend this product. It is popular with my dogs and good value for money. My french bulldogs know what they like and can be quite take it ir leave it about their food. But this has them lurking, sniffing the air etc and their meal is gone in half the time and without the usual musical bowls.

26 January 2024  |  Nicola

I recommend this product. It is popular with my dogs and good value for money. My french bulldogs know what they like and can be quite take it ir leave it about their food. But this has them lurking, sniffing the air etc and their meal is gone in half the time and without the usual musical bowls.

23 January 2024  |  Adam

Dogs happy. I am happy.
Easy use website.
Staff are lovely.

23 January 2024  |  Robert

Usually have the chicken with bone but tried the beef without bone,all my dogs love it and it is a great alternative/ change for them. If there was a beef with bone I would try that too.

22 January 2024  |  Claire

My dogs love this food and I love that my girls are healthier on a raw food diet

22 January 2024  |  S

i have been having raw from benfleet for approx 2 years, the food quality is top notch and excellent price.
what a surprise to find they were coming to maldon, perfect for me no more travelling.
the whole operation from start to finish is seamless and the store looks amazing, the same amazing product for my dogs.

21 January 2024  |  Caroline

Dog loves it, always arrives on time, no complaints.

21 January 2024  |  Mark

I have been using T hey Love It for my Raw Dog Food for a few months now , The dogs Really enjoy the products , we have tried a few now and all get eaten with no waste,.
The ordering process is straight forward and delivery communication after ordering is clear and accurate to date .
Great product and service , thank you They love it Team

20 January 2024  |  Maria

My dog can be a fussy eater but he cleans his bowl very quickly when he has this.

20 January 2024  |  Jo

My German Shepherd can be a bit fussy sometimes, so it was brilliant to find a meat he really likes good quality and a fast delivery I also buy the Tripe and chicken from you 👍

20 January 2024  |  Susan

These are a favourite treat for our dog. He really loves these very fresh fish, good size and great quality.

20 January 2024  |  Susan

Bluey loves every complete food weíve bought from here. Never a bit left. Good quality nourishing food.

20 January 2024  |  Susan

Canít go wrong with this complete food. Bowl is licked clean daily.

20 January 2024  |  Sally

Very good communication and delivery was prompt. My dogs love the fish as part of their raw food diet.

18 January 2024  |  James

Both my dogs love it and clear there bowls every time and would highly recommend

17 January 2024  |  Pauline

Fantastic service and the dogs love the chunks I always cook them

16 January 2024  |  Sandra

Usually feed raw chicken mince but dogs seem to be getting a bit choosey so I ordered the beef to try and they appear to be enjoying it.

16 January 2024  |  Jacquie

Great service as usual products are excellent
My dogs love it

15 January 2024  |  Nathan

We get a bag of these, or wings, or feet, or hearts as a tasty way to bulk up their every day meal. And when they're not having a hungry day, eating one of these prompts them to eat their whole dinner

15 January 2024  |  Nathan

These are great for promoting clean teeth and keep our dogs occupied for hours, a lovely afternoon treat at the weekend

15 January 2024  |  Nathan

Hands down this is our dogs favourite (and the better smelling one!)

15 January 2024  |  Nathan

This is one of our monthly purchases. The dogs love it

15 January 2024  |  Adrian

Excellent product and service

14 January 2024  |  Vicky

Much delight over these fish. From the dogs who said they taste greatÖ and from me over the price

14 January 2024  |  Roz

Only just found this meat but really love it ! Love the fact itís minimally packaged so no endless cardboard to get rid. Meat looks great quality and all the dogs woof it down , great price and delivery included whats nots to love 🎉

14 January 2024  |  Tanja

All my puppies have been weaned onto your boneless chicken ever since I started raw feeding 7 years ago, Iv never had a single puppy turn down their first meal, thank you!!

13 January 2024  |  Adrianna

All I can say is that the product is great as my two Dobermanís eat it all up and lick their bowls clean. No waste! In addition, I like how I can select the date of the delivery. Brilliant.

13 January 2024  |  Paul

I have fed my 2 Great Danes on this for some time now - The vets are always impressed with their condition when health checked. I occasionally add Offal and throw a few frozen Sprats on the top and a raw egg to add different proteins & nutrients. Raw feeding does not have to be expensive. Thank You.

13 January 2024  |  S

My very fussy/spoilt toy poodles really enjoy this food, they lick the bowl clean!

13 January 2024  |  S

My very fussy /spoilt toy poodles love this food, bowls are liked clean!

13 January 2024  |  Cheryl

Delicious fish, the dogs love them. I would prefer to still be able to purchase one kilo bag for delivery as opposed to the eight kilos l had to order though.

13 January 2024  |  Clarinda

Great product, has more substance to it than other tripes Iíve used. Great price. Have been using Ďthey love ití for years now, have always done my research for price and quality and never found a better supplier. Always a great service as helpful as can be. Love the new shop too.

10 January 2024  |  Judi

Good quality dog food and dogs love it too

10 January 2024  |  Judi

Good size blocks, minimum packaging which is good

10 January 2024  |  Judi

Good quality of dog food. Good size blocks easy to store

10 January 2024  |  Rachel

Easy to order, very good price, low waste packaging, dog and owner happy.

09 January 2024  |  Sandra

My little dog absolutely loves this food !!! Always an empty bowl 🐶
Just order and pay online then collect on your chosen day couldnít be easier. All staff lovely and helpful.

09 January 2024  |  Louise

Excellent products. Both our dogs enjoy this raw food. Both had issues with loose stools before starting them on a raw diet, which within a day resolved their issues.

The quality is great, delivered when suits you, pre frozen so can go straight in the freezer, defrosted as and when needed.

Will continue to order from They Love It and would recommend them to anyone.

09 January 2024  |  Louise

Excellent products. Both our dogs enjoy this raw food. Both had issues with loose stools before starting them on a raw diet, which within a day resolved their issues.

The quality is great, delivered when suits you, pre frozen so can go straight in the freezer, defrosted as and when needed.

Will continue to order from They Love It and would recommend them to anyone.

09 January 2024  |  Louise

Excellent products. Both our dogs enjoy this raw food. Both had issues with loose stools before starting them on a raw diet, which within a day resolved their issues.

The quality is great, delivered when suits you, pre frozen so can go straight in the freezer, defrosted as and when needed.

Will continue to order from They Love It and would recommend them to anyone.

09 January 2024  |  Jenny

Excellent product, though it would me mostly chicken but it actually looks like lamb. My pointer thrives on your food, first time we had tried this and will definitely buy again

09 January 2024  |  Jenny

A new product for me, my pointer absolutely loves it, service as usual was excellent, arrived on time, still completely frozen, will be a regular order

09 January 2024  |  Phil

All my dogs love this food two can be picky eaters not any more great product backed up by great service

08 January 2024  |  Anna

The dogs love it they clean their dishes. I've bought beef tripe again this time it seems more solid than the lamb tripe which I bought last time. My dog's also liked the lamb tripe.

08 January 2024  |  Caroline

Excellent quality, and a good variety, value for money, staff really helpful

08 January 2024  |  Stella

Good quality, not overly packaged, well done

08 January 2024  |  Ciaran

Fast delivery and great quality frozen fish! Will definitely be using again thank you!

07 January 2024  |  Jamie

Nice consistency, vets also suggest the bone element has improved the teeth and assist in keeping the bottom gland in working order. Thats good enough for me. Great to be able to buy in large quantities and service is exceptional

07 January 2024  |  Donna

This Raw food is a game changer. My dog loves it! Can see the benefits already. Comes in easy to store blocks. Will be ordering again

04 January 2024  |  Kristen

Good treats for bigger dogs. For smaller dogs you can break them in half. Very tasty and filling.

04 January 2024  |  Kristiane

My Rhodesian Ridgeback loves this tripe (& the fish treats that are on offer too!) & I love the fact they arenít individually wrapped in plastic.
Would definitely buy again.

03 January 2024  |  Pete

Simple and easy online booking

26 December 2023  |  Claire

Quick delivery, the chicken feet had started defrosting a little but that's absolutely fine, I was able to separate some of them before putting them in the freezer. Will definitely order again.

26 December 2023  |  Geoffrey

My dogs thrive on this as their mainstay. We supplement it with beef chunks which make them chew more than the chicken.

25 December 2023  |  Nicky

Like most things from they love it, my dog loves these chewy wings

25 December 2023  |  Lynne

I always order chicken mince for my boxer,but it was out of stock,so I ordered the lamb unfortunately although he ate it,he has had a bad tummy,the change I suppose didnít agree with him

24 December 2023  |  Sarah

Is a good alternative to my usual product order, I can add my own veg

24 December 2023  |  Jackie

Great product at a reasonable price.
Delivery was good too

23 December 2023  |  Paul

Our first order of many the dogs both love the food.not a scrap left in the bowls and is a real hit as our older dog used to be so fussy .with her food
Look forward to trying some of the other options

23 December 2023  |  Sonia

My 2 frenchies absolutely love this!! Always a struggle to get it as it sells out so quickly! So the notify me when in stock button is great.

23 December 2023  |  Ann

Very happy will the product, my 2 dogs love it.
Would highly recommend

23 December 2023  |  Angie

Wonderful quality.our family fur members enjoy every meal.thank you for a great service

23 December 2023  |  Antonio

Great value both my dogs are thriving on this product. Have been using it for 3 years and neither of my dogs have seen the inside of a vets clinic in that time.

21 December 2023  |  Charlie

Been feeding my dogs on grain free food they would always have a little bit then leave the rest. So decided to try raw food now they eat every little bit as soon as they get it. Itís value for money too one block lasts a couple of days so we are happy customer all round.

20 December 2023  |  Gillian

Always a very high standard product and good value.

20 December 2023  |  Gillian

Your products speak for themselves as always 100%, but your staff are excellent so thank you.

19 December 2023  |  Mary

Our 2 Sprokers enjoy these dried duck wings soooo much.. it is a lovely treat and they get it when they are very good so a bag lasts a couple of weeks at least.. I think it is good value for money too.

19 December 2023  |  Jane

Order always arrive exactly whwn promised and as the name describes " they love it ". I dont hesitate to recommend.

19 December 2023  |  Steve

Very good product and first class service

18 December 2023  |  Julie

Precise and correct delivery time chosen. Received exactly as requested. Great product. Will definitely buy again!

18 December 2023  |  Sue

My dog loves your products.
Your service is excellent and I would recommend you to other pet owners

18 December 2023  |  Mandy

Love this product it has no additives & no water added. They Love It certainly know what theyíre doing. Wonít use anyone else. No fancy packaging means it keeps the price lower. I wonít use anyone else

18 December 2023  |  Mandy

Have used this company for years. The best raw, youíll find. No fancy packaging. My dogs have done so well on this product. Proper green beef tripe with nothing added. Excellent service.

17 December 2023  |  Lisa

I introduced my dog to this product back in August and he absolutely loves it. His fur is shiny, eyes are bright! He looks forward to dinner time every day whereas before he wasnít bothered. Thank you

17 December 2023  |  Lisa

My Bosnian rescue street dog was struggling with
Stomach issues when we got him. Since feeding him raw Gary is a different dog. The service is brilliant. Always arrives on the chosen day.

16 December 2023  |  Anna

This is the 2nd time I've ordered and again the service has been excellent,. The dogs love it and that is the most important thing. Once christmas is over will be back to order again.

16 December 2023  |  Ian

These "Meaty Lamb Rib bones" are Excellent. They have a very good amount of meat attached. Our Dobermann loves them

16 December 2023  |  Lorenzo

Bad service this time
First ti e I lost my money

16 December 2023  |  Arthur

Plus friendly helpful staff and now right on my doorstep

16 December 2023  |  Linda

Food is always great quality and arrives promptly, even next day if you order at the right time.
Unusually this time I had a problem with a missing item. This was solved easily with no quibble and a refund.
Very happy

16 December 2023  |  Cath

I have been making my dogs a special anti- yeast diet and I was struggling to obtain chicken hearts locally. I contacted They Love it via their website and found they sold blocks of chicken hearts frozen that could be delivered in the UK. So i ordered 10kg.
The ordering process was easy, the price was good, the service was outstanding with lots of communication throughout. I will definitely be using them again.

15 December 2023  |  Vicky

My dogs love the tripe. Literally the best value out there and quality. I love the fact itís in blocks without individual packets. You can just take a block out to defrost. Such great value and convenience and the postage is free!

15 December 2023  |  Vicky

My dogs love the tripe. Literally the best value out there and quality. I love the fact itís in blocks without individual packets. You can just take a block out to defrost. Such great value and convenience and the postage is free!

14 December 2023  |  Paul

All dogs enjoy the food, eaten in a few minutes. Also very fit with good coats

14 December 2023  |  Judi

Good to have back in stock as dogs love it and quality complete mince

14 December 2023  |  Iris

No complaints from my lot, good for teeth and keeping anal glands empty. Will order again.

14 December 2023  |  Iris

Not sure Iíd buy this lamb tripe again, itís extremely wet and Iím making a mess getting it into their bowls. Dogs eat it without hesitation though. Makes a change for them.

14 December 2023  |  Emma

Moved my dogs to raw 12 weeks ago and 5 out of 6 of them loved it from day one. One of my girls took about 3 weeks to begin to enjoy it and the staff at They Love It gave me support and advice when I was worried. 5 star food and customer service!

13 December 2023  |  Susan

I visited the new store at Maldon fir the 1st time and was very impressed. Plenty of parking, easy to find and closer to me from Great Baddow. The lady that served me was lovely and efficient. Great customer service. The product itself was of course of the same high standard I always have got from They Love it. The shop was well stocked with add on items and well laid out so you could browse. I highly recommend the new store and They Love it

12 December 2023  |  Kim

I've been using They Love It for a while now and my cat loves the food. He's such a fussy eater but scrams it down each time! I've done a few mistakes when ordering and when I spoke to the staff, they were happy to help and it was solved quickly. Thanks so much.

12 December 2023  |  Tara

Another great product . So far, this is the 3rd 1kg block variety my dog has had . He loves it , he loves everything hes had . A loyal doggy 🐕

11 December 2023  |  James

Dogs love the tripe

11 December 2023  |  Mitchell

My Vizsla scooby can't get enough of this!

10 December 2023  |  Steph

This has been a huge hit, the quality is outstanding and the consistency is perfect

09 December 2023  |  Michelle

Dogs had chicken and beef this time. Collected by my husband at the maldon store. He said how good it looks and he was given some free eggs for the dogs 😊 good quality at a great price with good service. Well done team

09 December 2023  |  Donna

This is my personal opinion. It smelt so bad and there were bones in it. My dog ate it once was sick after. We tried him again with it and he wouldnít touch it. Iíve gone back to the frozen free flo.

09 December 2023  |  Chris

Good value for money. I was paying £2 each for this size from another shop for a smaller product

07 December 2023  |  Chelsey

Started using this company as recommended by friend friend! Prices are so good and products are great quality not full of water and my dogs look great and they really do love it !

06 December 2023  |  Natasha

They love it was recommended by my son. The choice of products and prices are unmatchable. The order is delivered safely and promptly. I canít fault them and would recommend to anyone looking at a raw food diet for their dogs.

06 December 2023  |  Jayne

My dogs and anyone else's who happens to be around absolutely love these treats. God value for money too, one bag lasts over a month with my 2 boys and other sundry hounds.

06 December 2023  |  Nathalie

The good: fast delivery, wings packed in 7x1kg bags.

The less good: wings are frozen and clumped together which means I canít take out a frozen wing individually. I feed my dog one chicken wing a day (frozen) and because itís a solid clump of chicken wings I canít do that. For that reason I wonít be ordering again. Itís a real shame as the service is brilliant.

05 December 2023  |  Anna

Excellent service. Dogs loved it. Was actually not as sloppy as some I've purchased. Great value for money. Will definitely be purchasing again.

05 December 2023  |  Susan

As zbove!

05 December 2023  |  Julie

Dogs loved this , I'll be ordering more very soon , good value for money , quick delivery , l

05 December 2023  |  Nigel

My 10year old ladbradoodle could not believe his luck. Took a section of lambs neck out to the garden and proceeded to devour every last bit. He loved it and when he came back indoors he looked so pleased .

05 December 2023  |  Susanne

We have two elderly fussy huskies, who have really been off their food. They have had gizzards three times and ate every last bit and licked the bowl clean Ordering and delivery was quick and easy. I divided each pack of 5kg into 10 big meals, so really cheap too at £2.20 each meal.

04 December 2023  |  Ed

Brilliant quality product, three of our dogs love it!
All your food has been brilliant.
Packaging and delivery cannot fault

03 December 2023  |  Jan

Will definitely buy again

03 December 2023  |  Jan

Once again my guys love this 😀 recommended to all xx

03 December 2023  |  Jan

Our first time and my dogs love it 😀 😍

03 December 2023  |  Jenny

They Love It, great price, great produce and great service. Thank you.

03 December 2023  |  Leigh

We have been looking for a good raw product for our dogs and we have certainly found it in the They Love It range. Great value and quality products.

02 December 2023  |  Lorraine

About 8-10inches long.2inches wide, cut each one into 4/5 pieces for my dogs weighing 10kilos each.
About 15 bones in the pack for £24,
Very good value.very meaty

02 December 2023  |  Cheryl

Like the way they are frozen into blocks. It gives their meals extra texture and they devoured them as usual

02 December 2023  |  Anthony

Excellent service & product. Will definitely be ordering again & would highly recommend

02 December 2023  |  Philip


02 December 2023  |  Michelle

Karabash loves it! Will definitely continue to order as it's great value for money and well packaged.

29 November 2023  |  Brian

Brilliant service and quality.

26 November 2023  |  Julie

Will definitely recommend and buy agan

26 November 2023  |  Scott

My Labrador pup absolutely loves this product and her coat is really healthy

22 November 2023  |  Iris

Dogs enjoyed these, although they didnít take long to eat them.would buy again.

21 November 2023  |  Samantha

All my dogs love it and are more interested in dinner time now, clean bowls all round!

21 November 2023  |  Elaine

My dog loves it and it comes in a nice size.
Fast delivery and well packed.
Thankyou for your services.
Happy dog Happy owner.

20 November 2023  |  Anne

Really liked this, good amount and quality

20 November 2023  |  Anne

Disappointed with this as there is a lot of fat and gristle.

19 November 2023  |  Paula

My four Cavapoos love them I will definitely be ordering more

19 November 2023  |  Amanda

As usual my dogs love this food it goes in their bowl but doesnít last long before they tell me theyíve finished as have one very big dog and one little dog they eat out the same big bowl and if one finishes it then they always come have a whinge at me to say erm can I have some more please mother fatty just ate my half lol

19 November 2023  |  Paul

All dogs love the Lamb tripe, bowls emptied immediately. More importantly they are extremely fit and healthy, during hard working day they have it for lunch, keeps them going in the afternoon. Puppies are growing really well, all have good coats.

18 November 2023  |  Sheila

Very helpful, would recommend

18 November 2023  |  Sharron

My pup loves it ,was struggling to find a raw that she was happy with ,she had become a little fussy,turning her nose up at previous food ,now she's back to her happy self and can't wait to eat her food

18 November 2023  |  Daniel

Very happy with my order and delivered quickly

14 November 2023  |  Heather

Our dog loves this ,I will buy double when I order again

14 November 2023  |  Tracy

If my dog loves it, I love it. He gets excited for dinner time. As a rescue Hugo had quite a poorly tummy when he came to us, a raw diet had sorted that out. Delivery is speedy and I'm happy with the service.

14 November 2023  |  Janette

These are the perfect size to keep my 3 large retrievers happy and distracted for a few minutes. They're good quality and also very good value compared to pet shops. The other reason for buying from TLI is I trust this retailer, I've been feeding my dogs with TLI product since they opened and they are 100% reliable when it comes to quality and reliability.

14 November 2023  |  Deborah

My dogs love it, I try to give them tripe as it's so good for them but it absolutely stinks! They love it though. I must add that everyone working at Benfleet must have the patience of a saint. I've picked up orders where people have just turned up and basically demanded food. How the lady in the shop has kept her cool is a miracle!

12 November 2023  |  Neil

Order was as advertised, quick delivery, well packaged and good quality. Dogs love it so I will be ordering again

12 November 2023  |  Michael

Always reliable product and service

12 November 2023  |  Don

These arenít just any fish treats! They are theyloveit fish cubes ideal size, my mastiff cannot wait to show me how good heís been to get one

12 November 2023  |  Sharon

All the dogs love this raw food. Easy size blocks to thaw.

12 November 2023  |  Charlotte

I have just switched my dog to the raw diet and this product particularly and he loves it. The delivery was fast and efficient and the product is amazing too. Will definitely be ordering more soon!

12 November 2023  |  Susannah

The service was excellent. The food arrived promptly and non of it hadn't even started to defrost. Thus, giving the good impression that storage and carriage had been carefully planned and executed. My dogs do actually "Love it!".

11 November 2023  |  David

Tried my Girls on this after being on the full chicken meal so will keep to this for time being but only keep themon this if they have other food to eat as well

11 November 2023  |  Lyn

Really impressed with both the quality of the food and the service. Very easy to order and fast delivery. Have ordered from They Love It twice now and will definitely keep using them.

11 November 2023  |  Lynn

This is amazing for our malamutes ,we have 2 adults and a litter of 8 ,6 still remain with us,they absolutely love tripe and of course its brilliant for mutes tummies ,the blocks it comes in are easy to pack in the freezer and it doesn't smell awful like other tripe ,I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking of adding tripe to their dogs diet,I mix with the chicken so my lot get a 50/50 diet, never anything left in the bowl !

09 November 2023  |  Emmanuel

No issues

08 November 2023  |  Jeff

Itís great to have a variety of fish to chose from. Great product

08 November 2023  |  Sarah

My dogs loved the fish cubes so good for them too.

07 November 2023  |  Brian

My 2 dogs thank you very much, they absolutely love there massive bones.

07 November 2023  |  Paul

My working Cocker is not only enjoying your food, he is in excellent condition. The puppies love it and are growing really well.

07 November 2023  |  Michelle

My Dalmatian has eaten food from they love it since he was 8 weeks old. Havenít found the same quality anywhere else. He loves this chicken especially, top quality and reasonable price. Collection process is easy and fast. Staff always friendly and happy to help. An all round win!

06 November 2023  |  Rowie

A great service , never let me down and by far the best raw dog food supplier in the country

05 November 2023  |  Jane

As everyone who owns a wolfhound knows they donít bark very much at allÖ in Bowieís case he does a little woof if he wants out or more importantly Ö a frantic loud woof if he thinks if forgotten his dinner time Ö he just loves his meals from ď they love itĒ and he says he is so happy with your service too 🦮🐕‍🦺❤️

04 November 2023  |  Cheryl

My dogs loved these lamb necks and took hours to eat them. They provided a very nutritious and stimulating meal and kept them amused for ages!

04 November 2023  |  Anne

Found a meal she actually enjoyed.

04 November 2023  |  Rachael

I have 3 dogs, different breeds and sizes , and this suits all, no issues in digestion or allergies. Such a simple way to feed as itís already got the veg. Ready to go.

04 November 2023  |  Sarah

Excellent service, easy to navigate website and swift delivery. Very happy highly recommend

02 November 2023  |  Paul

I have tried many different treats but these hoof treats are by far the best.

01 November 2023  |  Adam

Chella loves the food and treats. Easy to buy and collect. Staff are friendly and helpful. Just a shame about the roads.

31 October 2023  |  Jennifer

My dog seems to be enjoying it, he seems more content! Not begging from us, so thatís great.

30 October 2023  |  Susan

Dog loves it

30 October 2023  |  Richard

Tastes horrible, I ended up giving it to the dog!

30 October 2023  |  Marcia

Arrived promptly and packaged well in a box with thick insulation so product was still frozen. Bags were strong so was able to put in freezer straight from box so this was a + . I would buy this product again

30 October 2023  |  Marcia

The fish is certainly loved by my fur babies and arrived promptly and in box with insulation. The only downside was that the clear bags they were in all had holes and the fish kept falling out as I was trying to unpack and put into freezer. I would buy this product again and if bagís donít split it would be a bonus

30 October 2023  |  Susan

Myself and digs have different opinions, I think it looks horrible and they absolutely adore it, their favourite so far!

28 October 2023  |  Vanetta

Lottie loves her food from TheyloveitÖ. It keeps its shape when defrosted and does not go watery! Great valueÖ

28 October 2023  |  Simon

great product, good value and reliable delivery. we will carry on using this great company.

28 October 2023  |  Vanessa

My dogs absolutely love, they love it. Great value, delivery is quick for less hassle than making it yourself.

28 October 2023  |  Amanda

So many bones to last my dog for a very long time plenty of meat on them all different shapes and sizes she has been chewing in one since Tuesday and itís now Saturday and she still loves it well worth the money

25 October 2023  |  Christine

Great Service and delivery. Dogs "love it" - better than the lamb tripe we had before.

25 October 2023  |  Debra

Both my dogs love this highly recommended

22 October 2023  |  Sheba

First feed for puppies
like a salmon pate they loved it

22 October 2023  |  Sheba

Dogs very keen and ate it all

22 October 2023  |  Sheba

Also great when one of my dogs feel off colour and doesn't want to eat anything like when in season

22 October 2023  |  Sheba

Meal was devoured in about 2 mins

21 October 2023  |  David

My dogs love this food there are never any leftovers their toilets are always firm . I cant praise this firm any higher. Im so glad i found they love it, the best meat for dogs in my opinion ...

21 October 2023  |  Susan

Good quality raw food a a reasonable price

20 October 2023  |  Dave

Delivered on time and the tripe looks good quality and my dog seems to like it thanks.

19 October 2023  |  Karen

Did u know dried rabbit ears with fur on are a great low calorie treat and they also act as a natural wormer for dogs if given once a wk from 6mths old.
My 5mth old puppy loves them...x

17 October 2023  |  Ben

Our cavapoos love these; delicious & just a bit of tooth cleaning too!

17 October 2023  |  Helen

Absolutely lovely quality meat. I bought it for ny nursing chihuahua mum but the pups are now weaning on it as well. Will be buying more.

17 October 2023  |  Jane

My Irish wolfhound is very tempted to help himself they are his new hit and I dare not leave him alone with them while they are defrosting lol

16 October 2023  |  Debra

Great product, our dogs love them. Good amount of meat in the ribs to give the dogs something to chew. Had to cut the ribs into smaller portions for our dogs but a meat cleaver did the job.

16 October 2023  |  Mike

To me they look like dried up crunchy bits of fur. To the dogs they are the best thing ever, so much so that just quietly saying the words "rabbit ears" out of the back door will have them running far faster than calling them ever does!

14 October 2023  |  Denise

Dogs actually love it, got 4. Lovely big non wrapped blocks of tripe, no struggling to get wrappers off. Good quality, lovely and smelly, i love the smell. Will buy again very good price and prompt delivery, thankyou.

12 October 2023  |  Nigel

To say my Gordon Setter loves it is an understatement, it looks like his bowl has been in the dishwasher after he has eaten, he does not leave a single molecule! Very highly recommended

11 October 2023  |  Deborah

I've been feeding my dogs this food since July having bought various types from other shops which didn't really seem to agree with my dog. I bought the 1kg blocks from another raw dog food shop not realising They Love It had their own shop! Being able to buy in 1kg blocks is so much easier and excellent value. I had a click & collect order which was so quick and easy (once I found the unit) and I would highly recommend. My dogs certainly do love it! Many people comment on how shiny my dogs' coats are too. I can't wait until the Maldon shop is open.

10 October 2023  |  Bruce

Theyloveit have always delivered within 2 days. Product is consistently good
I would recommend them completely

10 October 2023  |  Andrew

i brought these as a treat for my dogs they absolutely love them, will 100% be buying these again

10 October 2023  |  Nicola

This is the first time Iíve used theyloveitraw and I have to say Iím impressed. My 4 dogs canít wait for meal time and clear their bowls every time. It comes in conveniently cut blocks ready for the freezer, I love the fact that there are no plastic boxes to argue with and after thawing it still keeps itís block shape so feeding time is so easy and clean with no waste! The delivery process was fast and very efficient, I got texts giving me info and delivery times. The food was wrapped well and still fully frozen on arrival. I will definitely be using this company from now on 👍🏻

10 October 2023  |  Sarah

Our labs really do love this. And they look great since weíve been feeding them raw from ĎThey Love Ití

08 October 2023  |  Melissa

My dogs loves all of these different meats.
The service is excellent and so is the company.
Would highly recommend them...

07 October 2023  |  Jamie

Really good quality product. Swapped from another supplier to use this place. Only 4 stars because the chunks are a quite miscut which makes it hard to portion out to equal amounts. Minor thing really but will stick with these guys.

07 October 2023  |  Arthur

Very pleased with quality of food plus excellent service

07 October 2023  |  Julia

Excellent service, great product but size/weight of the blocks is quite variable.
I will weigh the whole bag next time before I start using the food to check it is 20kg.
Hopefully it will be 😊

03 October 2023  |  Paul

i would highly reccomend this prouct and the service , excellent

03 October 2023  |  Linda

My dogs are very happy with their food 😀

03 October 2023  |  Jane

My wolfhound tells me when itís his food time Ö since we are serving green tripe we are nudging me two hours early and wonít give up till he gets it .. boy does it go down fast!!

03 October 2023  |  Barbara

My huskies love these as a special treat.
A good hard crunchy treat for them.

03 October 2023  |  Yifan

My dog loves the little sprats. We alternate ordering from sprats to mackerels they are both wonderful. It helps when I forget to defrost the blocks I just throw a handful in the garden and make it a game of a meal 👌

03 October 2023  |  Robert

Good variety of different sized bones. Well packed. Swiftly delivered. Very happy with my purchase.

03 October 2023  |  Chris

Great service,great product would definitely recommend,,,,

01 October 2023  |  Diane

Both dogs love the food

01 October 2023  |  Anna

I've 4 dogs 2 boerboel x corsos who love their meat from theyloveit I did have my spaniels on but they didn't like much but for any big breed dog I wouldn't feed anything else have used this company for years

01 October 2023  |  Toni

I keep these in the freezer so they are extra crunchy, my girls love them. I usually give one each twice a week.

01 October 2023  |  Toni

The bone left quite large my girl can't always tolerate so have to monitor.

01 October 2023  |  Toni

My dogs absolutely love this, the smell is vile but they don't care!!

01 October 2023  |  Tara

My dog absolutely loves this product, I will purchase again.

30 September 2023  |  Miranda

My dog loves this and sheís a very fussy eater

27 September 2023  |  Pete

Benefits of tripe in easy treat size

27 September 2023  |  Patricia

Texas loves your products

27 September 2023  |  Michael

Excellent quality meat at fantastic price , my dogs love all your raw meats

27 September 2023  |  Helen

Th meat is. A really good consistency, my dogs are fussy eaters even with raw, however, they love the Turkey

25 September 2023  |  Karen

Can not recommend this company and their products highly enough.
Knowledgeable staff n nothing is too much trouble for them.
If your considering feeding raw the friendly staff will guide you through the do's n don'ts and huge benefits for your pet.
Well done to all at the lovit team...

25 September 2023  |  Sue

I think I went ott with my first order but Iím sure glad I did,all three of my babies love it

24 September 2023  |  Richard

Great fast delivery. My 3 cockapoo's absolutely love it!!

24 September 2023  |  Martin

Arrived on time as always and the food was in great condition.

24 September 2023  |  Peter

We have Bull Terriers.
The order always arrives when promised. Allays good quality very satisfied

20 September 2023  |  Lynne

Both dogs loved these

20 September 2023  |  Lynne

First try at raw feeding for my 2 dogs, collie and labrador. They loved it, the lab has multiple food intolerances and has no problems with this. The collie's coat had really improved in condition.

17 September 2023  |  Trudy

This has been by far the most bloodiest raw product i have brought, but my German Shepherd absolutely loves it. My dog is a very picky eater but needs no encouragement to eat this!

17 September 2023  |  Dawn

I have been feeding my dog the chicken and beef but recently found out she has an allergy to chicken so have started her on the complete lamb and she loves it ..5 stars for ordering and delivery .

17 September 2023  |  Janette

Usually I can trust my dogs to sit and stay for a treat but these are so popular that they find it hard to keep the sit and beg for them instead. Great for training.

17 September 2023  |  Janette

My dogs love their pigs ears but some places sell the so overcooked that the cracked and arenít chewy these are definitely chewy and smell as they should. I keep them in my garage and take them out to treat my dogs and they love them.

13 September 2023  |  Patrick

By the time we received the meat package the meat had defrosted. We put it straight in the freezer but of course it then froze into a solid lump. Clearly there was a delay in delivery.

13 September 2023  |  Jayne

Green tripe as it should be not watered down mush. Delivery is very fast and communication excerlant

11 September 2023  |  Joshua

Recently transitioned to raw and my dogs are enjoying it. This company gave good guidance and their raw food is good quality and affordable. Definitely recommend

10 September 2023  |  Diane

My 8 year old and my 8 month old literally inhale it

10 September 2023  |  Diane

Changing suppliers and introducing a puppy to raw. Both dogs love it and so much more affordable than my last supplier

09 September 2023  |  Rachel

Fantastic quality and value for money.

06 September 2023  |  Nicola

What can I say apart from he loved it. He finished it fairly quickly but he's a big dog with a bucket for a mouth so nothing lasts that long. Well worth the money and I'll be buying them again. 👍

06 September 2023  |  Michael

Both our 10kg and 50kg dogs eat this with relish!

06 September 2023  |  Sarah

Really good value lots of meat bc and my dog loves them.

04 September 2023  |  Julie

She loves her new food and eats it a lot quicker than her previous food .

04 September 2023  |  Mike

So far so good, the dogs seem to love it. One of my dogs has autoimmune disease so we needed a compliant god that wouldnít upset him and this seems to be doing the trick, we just add some veg for added goodness. Only issue is theyíre not wrapped up but other than that all good

03 September 2023  |  Michelle

Dogs love this...Good buy

03 September 2023  |  Annette

Dog loves it, although I am finding it rather wet.

31 August 2023  |  Teena

Dogs absolutely love. Still all frozen on arrival. Very impressed

29 August 2023  |  Wanita

Very happy pets, happy parent. Best by far! Perfectly happy to deal with portioning myself, than pay anymore. Keep doing what you're doing!

29 August 2023  |  Linda

Last 2 purchases have been very defrosted. And turns very quickly.
I understand once defrosted it is ok to re- freeze but my experience last 2 times hasn't been good.

29 August 2023  |  Laura

Tripe has got to be the worst smell in the world, but our dogs absolutely love it so it is worth it! Highly recommended this product as full of amazing benefits for your dogs.

27 August 2023  |  David

I can not say I have tried the lamb and chicken complete myself (I'm not a huge Lamb fan tbh) but both my dogs ate it without any audible complaints. So it must be good

27 August 2023  |  Noel

Bought for a newly adopted dog and he really does love it, well priced and excellent delivery

26 August 2023  |  Sukhvinder

My German Shepherd pup absolutely loves this!!

26 August 2023  |  Mike

Arrived on time thank you

26 August 2023  |  Jane

Dogs always enjoy their meals and being able to give a variety of meats is so good for them. The turkey is up to their usual high standard. Thank You!

24 August 2023  |  Davina

my low score is NOT a reflection of quality. My German Shepherd absolutely loves the sardines, which she has had one of every day, after her meat, for a very long time, she gets extremely excited, looking ultra intelligent and dancing about my feet until I put it in her bowl. Thinking I was being nice I bought the mackerel this time for a change but to my surprise and horror she only sniffed it, looked at me and walked away, she came back and had another sniff and picked it up only to promptly drop it and walk away again, I was gutted to say the least mostly because I ordered 2 lots of what I thought were 1kg bags because the Sardines come in 1kg bags and I'm sure the mackerel did come in 1kg bags too. Consequently I received 2 lots of the mackerel (what I now know are 8kg each (obviously amounting to 16kg of something my dog won't touch which cost me £76. Luckily I have a big freezer of which her food takes up 2 drawers (I usually buy a 5kg bag and a 10kg bag of 2 different meats plus a 1kg bag of sardines. Imagine my horror to receive 16kg (in 1kg bags) of mackerel which I eventually managed to get in the freezer after a thorough reshuffle. I tried cutting it into chunks to give her as treats but she won't take it and I tried giving it to her during the day as a treat instead of being part of her dinner but she wasn't fooled. The only option I have left is to boil it and pick the meat off hoping that she'll eat it cooked (just as a way of trying to use it but who's got the time to pick the meat off of 16kg of mackerel especially with all the little bones to contend with (I haven't tried her with a cooked one yet) but if she still won't eat it I'll have to throw it away at a cost of £76. Mortified.

24 August 2023  |  Sandra

Always good quality and delivery fabulous

24 August 2023  |  Sandra

Meat is always of good quality and the dogs always love it. Easy to use website and delivery is always on time

22 August 2023  |  Barbara

Dogs loved these ..1 wasn't really e ough.

21 August 2023  |  Jakki

First time I have ordered this product - i am very pleased that the blocks hold together after being defrosted & my three dogs are certainly enjoying - i normally order the Mince Chicken with Vegetables so from now on I will be ordering both varieties. Well done They Love It always such good service & when a product is out of stock (which does not happen to me very often) you e-mail me as promised. Keep up the good work.

20 August 2023  |  Paul

order came on time. had to get it into freezer immediately as it had started to defrost.. must have been in delivery van overnight.

20 August 2023  |  Lisa

Both of my dogs, old and new, love this new raw food addition to their meal menu's

20 August 2023  |  Sue

Wow so impressed with size and quality of the fish
Our red setters absolutely munch through and enjoy them

20 August 2023  |  SAM

Fab snack or additional food for their tea, good sized bag of mackerel

20 August 2023  |  SAM

The 5 HUSKYS loved their lambs ears good sized bag too

15 August 2023  |  Adele

My dog absolutely loves it.

15 August 2023  |  Adele

My dog absolutely loves it.

15 August 2023  |  Iris

It wasnít completely thawed but dogs didnít seem to mind, clean bowls as usual with TLI food.

14 August 2023  |  Elaine

4 * as my fussy eater eats it eventually so that's good. I think it would be 5* with a greedy dog.

14 August 2023  |  Elaine

I've given 3 stars as my dog won't eat but he is a fussy eater. I'm sure other dogs would.

14 August 2023  |  Michael

Your service 1 St class as always also dpd first class delivery thank you all

14 August 2023  |  Asa

Brilliant service ordering is fast and easy brilliant price will be stocking up on this and other products when my freezer is delivered well done

13 August 2023  |  Josie

My mini poodle is new to raw and is absolutely loving this she cannot get enough of it.

12 August 2023  |  Chris

My dog absolutely loves this, nice small chunks quick to defrost, excellent product and full of vitamins 🐾🐾🐾🐾

09 August 2023  |  Christine

Im so lucky to have found They Love It!
Online ordering is simple!
Collection is simple!
Quality of raw is great!
I would highly recommend this company and their products

08 August 2023  |  Donna

Normally very happy,but on ordering 5 kg of the tripe it arrived almost defrosted and broken in bitsÖIíve since been told that there are notifications on the site stating that this can happen when ordering just the 5 kgs,and I except thatÖbut when the 10 kg was out of stock,and it wouldnít let me order 2 of the 5 kg I had no choice as it was needed.

08 August 2023  |  Paul

Highly recommend this product my buddy loves them and a fair price

08 August 2023  |  Carolinbe

Good service

08 August 2023  |  Lydia

This is the first time I've bought lambs ears for my dog. She normally has Rabbit ears. However, she loves them and definitely approves. She told me to give them 5 stars. Who am I to disagree?

08 August 2023  |  Lydia

Whilst I may not love the smell of Tripe...more importantly my dog loves it. Such a great quality product and well priced too. Thanks!!

08 August 2023  |  Lydia

Great product as always from TLI. Thank you from my very happy and healthy dog Betty.

07 August 2023  |  Debbie

These go down an absolute treat, a bit more than a wing so ideal if I have given a slightly smaller breakfast or thing she needs feeding up a bit. I bag up 3 at a time and then freeze. Super value for money too!

07 August 2023  |  Chris

Have started buying this on advice from our breeder, yet to see if it is liked. Good quantity of meat nicely portioned, though it would be good if it was not all in loose in one large bag. DPD need a talking to, delivered without knocking on the front door and just left on the driveway in the sun rather than the requested place had they actually ďattempted deliveryĒ. A clearer label/feeding guide in the package would be good too. The sticker is generally stuck to the meat and ripped up.

05 August 2023  |  Julie

I always buy pumpkin seeds and grind but thought I would try the ready mad seeds. This will make my job a lot easier.

05 August 2023  |  Julie

As always a brilliant service and impeccable food.

05 August 2023  |  Jill

A lovely quality mince. Only downside was that they come unwrapped, which I think is great as less wastage, but where they had thawed slightly some of them had merged into a big splodge

05 August 2023  |  Jill

These are a great size for my Border Collie, but a tadge small for my German Shepherd, who virtually inhaled them!

05 August 2023  |  Rebecca

Ours dogs enjoy all of the complete dog food by they love it. By far the best on the market for the best price. Also a really good consistency doesnít go too soggy.

05 August 2023  |  Michelle

Quality good and quick delivery dogs like it

04 August 2023  |  B

1st class product my cane corso really enjoys it

02 August 2023  |  Dawn

Good product delivered as promised, well packaged and the dogs are happy so that makes me happy.

02 August 2023  |  Dawn

Good product delivered as promised, well packaged and the dogs are happy so that makes me happy.

31 July 2023  |  B

Although not the cheapest, this is a quality product which is cut into handy sized blocks making it easy to store in the freezer and quick to defrost.
My dogs loved it and were literally licking the bowls clean.

30 July 2023  |  Tracy

Great value for money and my fussy dog loves them. I give him a few a day straight from the freezer.

29 July 2023  |  Iris

Dogs love these, not messy to give them, lots in the bag. Need to keep bag closed because thereís a strong smell similar to Marmite (love it) permeating through the kitchen.
Knocked off a ⭐️ because quite a few are broken and lots of crumbs.
I would buy again, different flavour next time for variety.

29 July 2023  |  Cheryl

Great for adding variety and taste . The dogs absolutely love them

27 July 2023  |  Philip

Can't fault this raw dog food. Good value, dogs love it. Staff always helpful. Ordering online is easy too

26 July 2023  |  Sandra

All 3 of our dogs love it. We humans like it, always fresh and delivery is always on time

26 July 2023  |  Tonya

My dog absolutely loves this tripe. It's actually the only thing she will eat at the moment. It's good quality meat and comes packaged well, as the the other meat does. Delivery is fast and I use them all the time for my dogs meat

26 July 2023  |  Paul

Great quality meat, our three dogs absolutely love it, delivery is always good and always on time.
Thank you all very much.

25 July 2023  |  Iris

These are a favourite with our 2 dogs. Even the recently arrived foster pups are loving them too.

25 July 2023  |  Gilda

My dogs actually do love it. It's a good price ,there's no p an p. An it does what it says . Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommend this product and all the other products on sale from this great company.

24 July 2023  |  Michelle

Dogs love it

24 July 2023  |  Lesley

My dog absolutely love this. Have already ordered more. Must say Iím concerned as to what to do with the polystyrene boxís any advice would be great

24 July 2023  |  Michael

First time of giving them to my boy and he loves them will be ordering more soon

23 July 2023  |  Francine

Wasn't sure about feeding raw meat to my dog, however he is looking so much healthier and he loves it!

17 July 2023  |  Jeff

Canít fault this mince. The dog loves it like he loves all the completes from they love itÖÖÖ

17 July 2023  |  Steve

Highly recommend will be part of my dog's diet from now on very good

17 July 2023  |  Lynne

My boxer loves his raw mince, itís a good price and good quality,delivered quickly,what more could you ask 👍🏻😀

15 July 2023  |  Nicola

My three dogs love the turkey complete and the quality of the mince looks excellent. Five stars for the food, but the blocks of mince arrived loose in an open plastic bag placed inside a polythene box. Luckily I have a chest freezer for dog food and could put the whole bag inside to re-freeze, but it was slightly dripping and therefore messy to handle. You wouldnít want to put it in a freezer with food for human consumption. I appreciate the lack of packaging probably helps to keep costs down, but it would help if the plastic bag was sturdier and sealed. It wonít put me off re-ordering but itís a bit inconvenient.

15 July 2023  |  Jeannette

Clean pure green tripe My fussy Massifs love it

13 July 2023  |  Elaine

The whole experience from start to finish is easy and quick. My dogs love the food

11 July 2023  |  Mark


11 July 2023  |  Robert

These bones are a great size with a generous amount of meat. Only slight disappointment was that they arrived in the box hot. Hence the 4 stars.

11 July 2023  |  Philip

Looks great and our working dog's love it.
Although it was delivered in under 24hrs it had started to thaw. I would definitely recommend paying the extra for the fast delivery. Otherwise all good.

11 July 2023  |  Carolinbe

Great, they love it x

11 July 2023  |  Carolinbe

They love it, especially my kittens x

10 July 2023  |  Jean

Dogs love this, sprinkle on their food and put some in their homemade treats really good value

07 July 2023  |  Andrew

arrived late but was still frozen ,despite the weather ,my dog loves it

06 July 2023  |  Samantha

We like the way these come in small blocks, they are perfect for our dog, very convenient.
Always been great quality and a good price

06 July 2023  |  Samantha

Our Great Dane loves these turkey lollies!
Meat is of a high standard and price is fantastic

04 July 2023  |  Lesley

Dogs are enjoying their lamb ribs - big 👍 from them. Great service from ordering to delivery.

04 July 2023  |  Cheryl

My dogs love these! They have them frozen, good in this hot weather! Perfect to add those much needed fish oils to their diet.

04 July 2023  |  Barbara

I'm very happy with the quality, the speed of delivery, the packaging and the price. I'll definitely shop here again.

03 July 2023  |  Jane

My 2 young cockers absolutely love this food

03 July 2023  |  Samantha

Excellent product and highly recommend this company, quick delivery and very helpful.

01 July 2023  |  Anna

My dogís favourite,this is fresh and excellent snack for them.I am so happy I found this shop,everything is perfect.Thank you.

01 July 2023  |  Claire

Good quality meat but sadly my dogs won't eat it. I'm going to try and mix in some tripe that they love and see if I can tempt them. If not I will stick to the tripe that I buy from here which is fab

27 June 2023  |  Elizabeth

Great service, great product, definitely recommend

27 June 2023  |  Paula

Great value box which will last ages for my dog! Good quality product, well packaged in a polystyrene cool box.

26 June 2023  |  Linda

My dog loves these and they are larger than other companies that I have tried.

25 June 2023  |  Sophie

We recently ordered this for our working cocker spaniel after deciding to switch to raw food and he loves it. It arrived well packaged and is a high quality product! Would highly recommend to anyone considering a complete raw food diet.

20 June 2023  |  Sarah

Always a great product and great service value for money my GSD is very appreciative!

19 June 2023  |  Nicholas

Perfect reward for training and the dogs absolutely love them

19 June 2023  |  Suzie

The dogs prefer this to the beef & Chicken Complete! Canít think why.

18 June 2023  |  Jane

Good selection.

18 June 2023  |  Pete

My Weimaraner boy loves these and great price

18 June 2023  |  Jane

Arrived in good time & were well packed. Lovely, good sized bones, plenty of marrow - approximately 17 pieces with a couple of knuckles. A big hit with my dogs. Will definitely repurchase.

18 June 2023  |  Jo

My dogs love their raw food and Lamb is voted as number one.

14 June 2023  |  Evgeniia

My dog absolutely loves it!

12 June 2023  |  Stephen

Good quality and dog loved them, reasonable price too

12 June 2023  |  Tonya

Great food as always

07 June 2023  |  Alexandra

Brilliant service and such nice meat the dogs love it thank you

07 June 2023  |  Rasa

Apart from product being rather excellent, I love that its just chunks of frozen meat rather than bits packaged in plastic. Its so much more environment friendly than any other product in the market. arrives still rather solid, so if committed to freezer right away, there are no issues of blocks sticking together.

07 June 2023  |  Ella

Weíve been having They love it delivered for the last few months and have never had any problems. However our last delivery the Mini Mackrel came defrosted and my dog who eats absolutely anything and everything would not touch them and just sniffed at them and walked away. I was hesitant to refreeze the mackrel as it would have then been thawed and re frozen. This is our first issue with this as our two last deliveries have been fine and dog loved both the sprays and mackrel..

06 June 2023  |  Nina

Riley thoroughly enjoys a chomp on his chicken wings

06 June 2023  |  Nina

Riley just can't get enough

05 June 2023  |  Wendy

Always on the ball. Always good quality
Lovely people. Delivery people do not read instructions but thatís not the companyís fault itís DPD. I requested box to be left in shed. Last time it was on step in sun!!!!🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

05 June 2023  |  Mariah

Very reasonable prices for the weight. Would like to be able to get a bundle of meat with different flavours though.

04 June 2023  |  Anna

My dogs love your pure beef and not only,Iím so happy I found They Love It for my dogs,The prices are really good and my dogs just love this food.Thank you.

04 June 2023  |  Heather

Our mum received an email asking if we were enjoying our food. As we have paws and struggle a little on typing she has agreed to write this on our behalf. I, Clyde, am a boxer and I have a bit of a sensitive stomach so my food choices are important and raw food definitely agrees with me. This food is particularly toothsome and I've been thoroughly enjoying my breakfast and dinner. I have asked for lunch too but mum seems to think 2 meals is enough and I haven't worked out how to open the fridge so I'm having to leave it at that. Bonnie is a pug and is very greedy (she's always trying to steal my food) and would eat anything but without good food would end up shaped like my ball, which despite my efforts is still round, so this diet suits her too. We've both given 5 stars to this complete meal and will insist mum reorders when the time comes. I've already requested she adds some tripe and Bonnie has requested 15 meals a day but I don't think she'll get them! Thank you for our lovely food 🐾

04 June 2023  |  Andrea

Always a great reliable service. My dogs have always loved the minces

31 May 2023  |  Kim

Excellent service and my dogs love the meat

30 May 2023  |  Julie

I have been feeding my dogs raw food for the past 3 years, decided to give They Love it a try after following their very nice pick up truck advertising the business, I have been amazed by the quality of the food my dogs absolutely love it.
Along with the very helpful staff, I certainly will not be going anywhere else and wish them all the best of luck with the new store, very happy customer and doggies

30 May 2023  |  Sheena

Great for recall when pup has selective hearing! Fast delivery. Thanks

30 May 2023  |  Sheena

Great add on, quick delivery and great value.

30 May 2023  |  Sheena

Really impressed with value and quality of these bones. A good amount of meat on them to keep pup entertained for a while. Arrived really quickly with free delivery, super impressed and will order again! Highly recommend!

29 May 2023  |  Tony

Was pleasantly surprised at the amount you get for the great price our 2 staffies love love defo be buying again

28 May 2023  |  Clem

Box full of fresh meaty bones. Prompt delivery. My only comment is they could have been cut into small portions.

28 May 2023  |  LA

Good value. Prompt delivery. Dogs happy.

28 May 2023  |  Lorna

Well priced and good quality.

27 May 2023  |  Peter

First purchase not the last my bulldog loves it
Thank you would have no problem recommending

24 May 2023  |  Brian

good food the dog loves it
exactly what i wanted and expected

22 May 2023  |  Malgorzata

Very good mix loved by my 2

22 May 2023  |  Tonya

All good

21 May 2023  |  Catherine

My dog loves these, takes her about 3 seconds to crunch them up!

21 May 2023  |  Gemma

I have been feeding my dog chicken mince with veg for a few years and he loves it but last month this product wasnít available so I bought chicken bone and offal complete and he definitely prefers it and sits dribbling while I prepare it

20 May 2023  |  Susan

Our Great Dane just loves this food.

20 May 2023  |  Susan

You have solved all of my problems, feedings VERY fussy 18month old Great Dane, he would sometimes go a week without eating. We were so worried. The. We were introduced to your food since then he is very keen to eat.
I have only tried two types so far chicken complete and green beef tripe.

16 May 2023  |  Kensi

My XL Bully pup loved this! Kept him entertained for hours

15 May 2023  |  Matthew

The quality of these complete meats are excellent and great value for money. We shopped around and tried a few different companies but came back to theyloveit. The pup devours his meals

15 May 2023  |  Ben

Our dogs love all theyloveit & this boneless chicken is no exception.

14 May 2023  |  Diane

Dogs absolutely love it, great product.

14 May 2023  |  Sandra

Tried the lamb and chicken mince. Dogs very keen

14 May 2023  |  Sandra

I tried the chicken hearts for my two for a change and they love them. They come frozen into somewhat smaller cubes than the usual chunks
My 2 love them as a frozen treat or defrosted sprinkled over their mince

09 May 2023  |  Lesley

Our puppy loves this food. Cannot recommend highly enough.

09 May 2023  |  Sharon

As described, dogs love it, will buy again

09 May 2023  |  Sharon

Excellent food and very quick delivery.

09 May 2023  |  Jane

Unfortunately after filling my freezer with 2 of your 10kg boxes something has made my puppy unwell. Has the runs now and my 18 month one just walks away from her bowl, so £60 wasted.
Will go back to Bella and duke, Nutriment and pro dog . Sorry not for me at all

08 May 2023  |  Jane

I brought the smaller portion after someone recommended your company, I have 2 cocker spaniels a 5 and a half month old and a 18 month,
They ate some of the product so I decided to order the larger pack.
Unfortunately now my puppy has has the runs since and my older one is totally refusing to eat it, analog side this I ordered the large pack of chicken complete.
I now have a freezer full of something they wonít/canít eat .
Will dump all of this and go back to Bella and duke, Nutriment and pro dog
Sorry not for me

08 May 2023  |  Susan

Dogs love ❤️ this.

08 May 2023  |  Dami

Weíve been trying our Pup on a lot of different raw treats & foods.. she is absolutely loving the lamb neck. We got 8kg worth & itís going to last us ages as weíve chopped it up into smaller pieces as it is HUGE! She takes a while to eat it but itís soo good for her & helps with her teeth too so itís a win win!!
This will defo be added to our list of fave foods for her!

08 May 2023  |  Erbil

Got a staffy and a bully pup. They absolutely devour this stuff.
Couldnít get the staff to raw previously, but wow! This stuff he loves, the bully pup seems to say to him ď you didnít know what youíve been missing ď
Energy level, coats shiny, alertnessÖ wish we fed this much sooner.

08 May 2023  |  Erbil

We recently got a puppy, to keep our resident dog(a staffy) company. The pup a Bully, loves raw and particularly the tripe . The staffy was never that keen on raw. ButÖ my goodness no wonder itís called they love it. He devours this stuff. Noticed hiscenergy level improve his coat is so shiny . Wish weíd got him on it much sooner.

08 May 2023  |  Julie

Best rabbit ears I have ever bought. Tried another product recently and they were just so smelly but They Love It products are the ones that I will always use. 5* from me.

07 May 2023  |  Anna

My dogs just love it,fresh and healthy.The Best!

07 May 2023  |  Vivien

Good quality. Prompt delivery.

07 May 2023  |  David

We have been using you for a while now , everything comes when due. My dogs love the meat n the bones ...I would'nt go anywhere else for my dog meat..Thankyou

Mr Dave Bevans..

03 May 2023  |  Julie

I thought that lamb and chicken would be a nice change for my kitties who ate bring raised on a raw and kibble diet. Unfortunately they have not likes this and it has sadly gone to waste. Will stick to chicken only which they (so far!) remain happy to eat.

02 May 2023  |  Lois

Have been using this as well as the raw lamb tripe and dogs love both.
The service is excellent as well - always arrives on time.

02 May 2023  |  Steph

Really good quality, my dogs love it

02 May 2023  |  Alison

Easy to order . Good communications about delivery. Thd bones are fresh and in mixed sizes. Dogs are loving them.

02 May 2023  |  Alison

Easy to order. Good communications about delivery. Items well packaged. The tripe itself is a lovely clean to handle product in convenient frozen blocks. The dogs love it!

02 May 2023  |  Colin

Quality product, a great price and a very efficient service, my dog is very happy.
Delivered within specified time frame, dog loves it. Well priced good value for money.

30 April 2023  |  Colin

Been using this company for years , brilliant service and excellent products. Thank you!

30 April 2023  |  Sarah

We have a fussy Labrador (I know! First one ever!) who wolfs this beef down. We were recommended TLI by a friend and will certainly be buying again!

29 April 2023  |  Debbie

My dogs absolutely love these lamb ribs, nice big & meaty!

25 April 2023  |  Hilary

Bear really loved this and polished it off very quickly

24 April 2023  |  Deborah

My two Bullmastiffís love this tripe and Iím happy knowing they are getting whatís good for them.
So easy to store in blocks too.

23 April 2023  |  Linda

Excellent product, easy to order, prompt delivery

22 April 2023  |  Laura

They smell real bad .. lol Ö but dogs absolutely love them got 2 xl bullies and the only time they stop is when the ears come out .. they love it is the best raw food company I have used .. 5 stars all round ..

19 April 2023  |  Garry

My dogs seem to like it

18 April 2023  |  Richard

Fantastic service and great dog food .
My boxer absolutely adores all the food .
Great prices

17 April 2023  |  Tracey

Really happy with all the compete foods and products
Regularly recommend to friends

17 April 2023  |  Adam

Recently purchased green tripe for the first time having read about the nutritional benefits for dogs, and will be coming back for more! Our new pup loves it! Gone in a matter of seconds.

15 April 2023  |  Jenefer

Our boy absolutely loves this. Being more of a paste texture is great because we spread it around his slow feeder bowl and it takes him a long time to eat. The proof he loves it is that he will lick the empty bowl long after every morsel has gone!

11 April 2023  |  Sue

Dilly my black Labrador absolutely loves these for her lunchtime snack, first time purchase as I usually buy the Chicken Feet, which she also gobbles up. Yummy, thanks Mum

11 April 2023  |  Christine

My dogs love this. No problems with fussy eating.

10 April 2023  |  Kathleen

Excellent service can't fault it. The dogs love the food too

10 April 2023  |  Shirley

Excellent service. Prompt delivery. Pups enjoying it.

10 April 2023  |  Ann

These bones were obviously frozen when very fresh, plenty of meat on. Will order these again.

10 April 2023  |  Iris

Shared them between 5 dogs and no complaints, donít last too long but a great distraction if they are Ďlooking for mischiefí 🤣
Would purchase again.

10 April 2023  |  Anna

My dogs love it,itís easy to digest and itís fresh,thank you.

10 April 2023  |  Penelope

My dog inhales this! Turn around and itís gone! Very happy dog 🐶

09 April 2023  |  Roy

Since having your blocks of meat they have got so much energy. Will recommend your company anytime

09 April 2023  |  Clarinda

The salmon is by far my pups absolute favourite. It goes a little bit sloshy when defrosted but she has literally been pouring at the fridge for more

09 April 2023  |  Richard

Our five year old Border Collie Gollops it down, Its a pity some things are often out of stock.

09 April 2023  |  Stephen

I have 7 huskies, 1 of which is on raw due to dry food not agreeing with him. What a different your raw food has made to him. He has a great coat condition and his physical appearance and working performance have improved since using they love it.

09 April 2023  |  Barbara

I was pleased that it arrived quickly and cut into 500g cubes so it all fits nicely in my worktop freezer. It defrosts overnight and there's no juice seepage. I hope this is still available when we run out.

09 April 2023  |  Jane

Small crunchy cubes that I use as a recall reward but as they have a distinct fishy (obviously) smell would be good for a hide and seek game.
(Maybe a little expensive for fish skins but lots of them - and I will buy again)

05 April 2023  |  Kristin

My dogs love theseÖ perfect high value treats. Bums go straight to the floor, followed by the drool in anticipation of being given one!

03 April 2023  |  Anna

This raw pure green lamb tripe is excellent for my dogs,they canít wait for their next portion,I really recommend it.Itís fresh and the price is really good.Thank you.

03 April 2023  |  Corrine

I originally made this purchase for my 8 month GSD puppy as he never got on with kibble so want to try raw feeding. He eats anything so no issues there. But my 2 year old GSD is really fussy about what he eats and it's a chore to get him to eat his meals every single day and we have tried him on most things. This, however, he wolfed down! We've even been able to use it as a base to mix other things into.

03 April 2023  |  Irene

Again seems like a good product, dogs enjoy it but they are Labradors, They are looking healthy & are active I feed them on They Love it food all the time.

03 April 2023  |  Cheryl

Quality product my dogs love it.

02 April 2023  |  Mandy

Wonít use any other provider for my raw food. Minced chicken with bone is minced perfectly and my dogs not only look good they love it too.

02 April 2023  |  Mandy

Will not use green beef tripe from anywhere else. This is good quality unlike different providers Iíve used before which looks like mashed up cardboard. My boys are doing fantastic on this and maintain their weight.

02 April 2023  |  Holly

My dog absolutely loves this food! Such ammazing quality, especially for the price. Really recommend

28 March 2023  |  Elaine

Thought I would try them out. Had other brands in the past and my dogs love it. Nothing left in their bowls. 5 stars from them and me

27 March 2023  |  Anthony

Can't fault. Will be using again on a regular basis.

26 March 2023  |  Michelle

As always, the food is of great quality, my dog loves every meal, he's happy and healthy and what more could you ask for!! Thank you to 'They Love It' for being great at keeping your prices affordable while maintaining top-quality service. Thank you!

26 March 2023  |  Jeff

I use this as a change from whole pumpkin seeds. The dog eats either but nice to mix it up a littleÖl..

26 March 2023  |  Jeff

My GSD loves these little furry treats!. Great product.

26 March 2023  |  Steve

Great service, great products (we always buy green tripe and minced chicken with bone)
Dogs love it and seems to keep them super healthy - we add our own minced raw veg

25 March 2023  |  Yvonne

As with the Turkey Complete .
Defrosts nicely into firm mince not slushy.
My dogs love it.

25 March 2023  |  Yvonne

Nice firm meaty blocks.
Just like course mince not slushy .
My dogs love it.

25 March 2023  |  Jo

Very good value and a great healthy treat to help with training.

25 March 2023  |  Alison

We have a ridgeback and a bision frise cross and both absolutely love your raw food . We have been buying from you for the past 3 years and wouldnít go anywhere else .

25 March 2023  |  Ksenia

Have ordered it many times, my dog loves it.

25 March 2023  |  Deborah

I usually buy the beef and chicken complete and lamb when available , so first time with turkey complete and it has made both dogs rather constipated. Presume due to high bone content, so will revert to my usual order next time which I am always happy with

22 March 2023  |  Eduard

I honestly tried different raw food companies and only by luck found TLI. Both of my GDS babies canít get enough of it. Would love to try garlic powder on my next order. Speedy delivery and perfectly cut portions.

21 March 2023  |  Rebecca

Turkey complete went down super well with my 2 Bulldogs.
Will order again for next month

21 March 2023  |  Anna

So happy,brilliant product,great communication,fast delivery.Couldn't recommend this company highly enough.Keeps my very mischievous Bull Terrier puppy occupied for hours.

21 March 2023  |  Deborah

I cut each block into four more manageable pieces on arrival. My dog gets a portion a day (with other meat) and is really enjoying it, so 10/10 from us

21 March 2023  |  Catherine

Definitely a treat! Theyíre the size of an olive, so perhaps a bit too big for routine training treats but my dogs come running for them.

20 March 2023  |  Jenny

They Love It turkey, bone and offal is excellent. Thank you.

20 March 2023  |  Julie

There's not much you can say about tripe really. The dogs love it. It was properly packaged and delivered exactly when it was supposed to be. We'll be buying again.

18 March 2023  |  Diane

As usual everything was really good. Have used They Love It for quite some time and would not use anybody else. Good luck with your new venture.

18 March 2023  |  Julie

Always deliver on time and kept informed throughout transaction

18 March 2023  |  Julie

Always kept informed through transaction and excellent quality food.

18 March 2023  |  Yifan

My Samoyed loves it!

15 March 2023  |  Derek

Just Great

15 March 2023  |  Lydia

The minced pure beef is of a high quality and my dog loves it. Good quality and good value! Thank you TLI.

15 March 2023  |  Lydia

The pure lamb complete looks so fresh and my Dog loves it. That says it all. Great quality and value. Thanks.

14 March 2023  |  Sharon

All our dogs love this mixed in with their dry food and always a fast delivery.

14 March 2023  |  Sharon

All our dogs love this food and very fast delivery.

12 March 2023  |  Don

If my mastiff had two legs,then this treat would be the equivalent of chicken nuggets my children used to love.....when i get home that tail goes into overdrive cos he knows a fish cube is coming his way,

12 March 2023  |  Adam

We purchased Turkey Complete for our new 8 week old Golden Retriever and he LOVES it. Weíre really pleased and itís really helped him settle into our home. Excellent delivery service too !

09 March 2023  |  Sophie

My pup absolutely loves these. They really helped through his teething stage and it wears him out! Highly recommend!

07 March 2023  |  Martyn

I have been been a customer for a number of years now and have the team have always delivered my product on time or had it ready when I picked it up. My dog loves the food and we would not give him anything else.

07 March 2023  |  Diane

Dogs love it just mix into their food, great for my dog that won't touch fruit or veg

06 March 2023  |  Lianne

I've been ordering from this website for a while now (6 months or so, could be longer), the food is very cheap, the website easy to use and delivery is free and very quick. The only thing I would like is a bit more of a selection. But I still give a 5 star review because they excel in all other areas.

06 March 2023  |  Iris

No complaints from my dogs or my purse. 👍🏻

06 March 2023  |  Sylvene

First time ordering I will definitely be ordering again my dog absolutely loves it empty bowl every meal time

05 March 2023  |  Josh

Gave one to each of my dogs and kept them busy for 1-2 hours. Had them nearly 1 weeks and still going in them. Definitely worth it for a cheap treat.

04 March 2023  |  Kay

Looks Fresh!
Smells Fresh!
Colour is Fresh!

04 March 2023  |  D

Dog needs bones for Anal gland problems. But allergies rule out chicken. These are a great substitute

04 March 2023  |  Joanna

Thankyou for the great service and keeping us updated ,
Our dogs love the bones specially Ava our rescue newfoundland

27 February 2023  |  Margaret

I have two ferrets an angora and a semi angora, they love their minced chicken with bone they wonít even try anything else and get so excited when itís feed time.

26 February 2023  |  Diane

Dogs loved these, would definitely buy again

25 February 2023  |  Kristen

Little treats that my big dog loves. Only thing is I wish they came in a sealable bag since the fish smell is quite strong. Will buy again. Thanks!

25 February 2023  |  Carole

This is an excellent raw feed and my working Labradors loved it

25 February 2023  |  Maria

I was recommended to this company and received delivery of 15kgs of different varieties of the raw complete for my puppy. Very good prices and I was kept but to date on delivery and time. The meat blocks look very good and my 8 month old springer is devouring it so they must be as he can be fussy. We also ordered a pack of dried treats which he is enjoying too. I am waiting for another freezer then we will order a larger quantity. Thank you.

22 February 2023  |  Julie

Dogs love this tripe bowls are always left empty and do not have greedy dogs!! I can't stand the smell of tripe but not a problem the fact it is eaten straight away.

21 February 2023  |  Lucyna

My dog always loved green tripe. She (cairn terrier mix 16pounds) had some food allergies in the past and was put on one protein fish only. I started reintroducing beef protein several months ago and now added green tripe. She loves this food. I cut the blocks in 2,3 pieces repack and back into freezer. For me it is convenient and easy to feed, for the dog hopefully one of the most nutritious foods on the pet food market. Thank you.

20 February 2023  |  Jenefer

This looks really good quality and the dog has certainly been enjoying it. Great for adding bone and other offal to make a DIY meal. No fancy packaging so great prices - and fast delivery. Thank you!

20 February 2023  |  Jenefer

First order and the dog is wolfing it down. Great prices and very fast delivery too.

20 February 2023  |  Don

This complete is-my mastiffís favourite main diet, usually on its own or complemented with tripe, never fails to lick the bowl clean

18 February 2023  |  Jennifer

Fast delivery, a good quality product and my dog loves it! No issues at all and I appreciate the lack of plastic and the lower pricing which helps make raw feeding a large dog more affordable. Thanks guys.

14 February 2023  |  Tina

What more can I say, all good likes it staff always happy n helpfull

14 February 2023  |  Ollie

Dogs seem to love the food and being ďcompleteĒ means we donít need to be going to the butchers for offal etc as well.
Great sized blocks which fit in the freezer well than other brands weíve tried.
Add ons are great too, Sprats giving our dogs vital vitamins and oils saving us money on expensive fish oils etc.

13 February 2023  |  Sandra

My pack of wolfdogs have always loved TLI Green Beef Tripe mine. I have just introduced my new Tatra Sheepdog to it and he loves it too. It's always eaten immediately and the bowls licked clean. It's good for their digestion too!

13 February 2023  |  Nina

Bought the green tripe to try and beat my dog's allergies and problems. Too early to see if it's worked but Riley can't get enough of it. He knows exactly when I get it out of the freezer and I have to hide it to defrost

13 February 2023  |  Stacey

1st time I've ordered and will definitely be making this company my preferred choice from now on. It looks like great quality feed and excellent value, my little dog has it eaten it seconds so obviously tastes good as well 😄

12 February 2023  |  Angela

All my dogs have enjoyed the lamb tripe. It smells fresh and doesn't smell as soon as its defrosted.

12 February 2023  |  C

My dog loves these rabbit ears, excellent natural wormer.

11 February 2023  |  Delfi

I recently added a Maine Coon kitten to my ever expanding menagerie and was informed that he was raw fed. I wasn't familiar with raw feeding and asked for more info prior to bringing him home. I was given "They Love It" as a possible source for raw food and placed my first order in December. The delivery arrived promptly on the date requested and was left in my outer porch as directed. The food itself is contained in a plastic lined, polystyrene box; cut into 500g (give or take) blocks. I spent a few minutes separating each block into individual freezer bags, which stacked nicely in my freezer, leaving one out to defrost. Once defrosted, I used the very scientific method of grabbing a handful with a gloved hand and plopping it into a dish which I then presented to Goose (the kitten). He immediately demolished the lot. I am now on my 2nd order of 10kg (5kg of the beef & chicken complete and 5kg of the chicken complete) as I have now switched over my sausage dog, Hector, and my other two cats, Georgie and Mushroom to raw food (although Mushroom is taking longer to convert as he prefers dry food). Financially it is costing me less per month than it did to buy the branded packet food; (which even the very best quality is only 50%-60% meat protein and is prohibitively expensive) and I know all my animals are now all eating the best possible diet I can provide.

11 February 2023  |  Paul

Great treats for my two dogs.

11 February 2023  |  Tracy

So glad I found this company, my boys love it and so does my pocket ❤️

11 February 2023  |  David

Top quality great service

10 February 2023  |  Kathy

First time I have ordered raw meat for my dog but she really enjoys the green beef and tripe.
Easy to order and delivered on time
Will order again

08 February 2023  |  Christine

Great complete at a great price. My dogs love it. Itís good for dogs that may have a chicken allergy. Excellent service as always

07 February 2023  |  Barbara

These carcasses are absolutely enjoyed by my huskies..a.
I usually pull them in half as so large & lots of meat on them including the chicken neck.
Great to give after early morning training as quick & easy to give.

07 February 2023  |  Irene

Decided to give this product a go for my 2 beautiful Labradors, I was careful in the amount I've given them to start, but all good no upsets. Found product to be a good as other foods I buy from They Love It. Great service. Keep up good work. Our dogs sure appreciate it.Raw is best.

06 February 2023  |  David

Recommended by my puppies breeder, got him home on Saturday and the breeder was right he loves it.

06 February 2023  |  Sandra

Tried my dogs on Beef for a change and they love the texture and flavour, great product would recommend.

06 February 2023  |  Jan

Absolutely delighted. Good quality, prompt delivery. Love that they came in frozen blocks, so easy to manage both in terms of freezer storage and thawing required amounts.
Will be getting these again. My dogs love them!

05 February 2023  |  Natasha

Even though my dog is a fruit and veg dodger she eats this stuff so must be good

05 February 2023  |  Natasha

My dog is so fussy but she has been eating this fine. I only wish there were more choice of flavour so I can ensure she has the 5 different protein she needs

05 February 2023  |  Malgorzata

My bith love it as all other products

05 February 2023  |  Malgorzata

As all....just purfect

05 February 2023  |  Malgorzata

Very nice treat, keep dogs busy

04 February 2023  |  Sherry

Our dogs love the Raw food,So glad I tried them on it. They now have a variety of Beef or Lamb Tripe, Chicken or Lamb with offal. They love it all.

04 February 2023  |  John

I've been buying this for a few years now. My dogs (small crossbreeds age 2 - 13) think it's superb and they don't care about my opinion on tripe. I mix it with some porridge, salmon oil and seaweed.

01 February 2023  |  Jenny

My dog loves it

31 January 2023  |  Tricia

I was worried about the smell of the tripe and whether our 3 dogs would like it. How silly was I from the moment it arrived it was a case of fighting the dogs off, they LOVE IT! As for the smell it really isn't bad at all and certainly not around for very long as our dogs scoff it up double quick time!

30 January 2023  |  Rita

Can be fussy dogs but the beef tripe was gone in seconds

29 January 2023  |  Neville

This is a staple along with boneless beef for my Saint Bernard

29 January 2023  |  Neville

I use these as a treat for my dogs after dinner. I do cut the nails off before I give them. They adore them

29 January 2023  |  Neville

My Saint Bernard loves this. Sits waiting by me as I prepare her breakfast and dinner

28 January 2023  |  David

Good product,good service

28 January 2023  |  Miranda

Service and food is excellent.

27 January 2023  |  Jodie

I swapped to this food while living locally, but after moving to another county I swapped to delivery orders and when my account was changed over I was disappointed to see that the cost of 10kg of complete raw food was £10 more to be delivered, plus a delivery fee.

26 January 2023  |  Michelle

Great product. My dog's love this tripe, it'd the best you can get

26 January 2023  |  Michael

Fist time we brought this and he loved it will be buing again

26 January 2023  |  Valerie

As always my dogs love this product. It is wolfed up no problem and it certainly keeps them healthy with great coats. I recommend tnis Company and their delivery system. It certainly works fir me and DPD. give a 2 hour slot which is so useful .

24 January 2023  |  Mark

Really pleased with these chicken necks. Good quality and plenty of flesh. Came very well packed and delivery time was excellent- just make sure you order before 8am cutoff on a Wednesday. These were a very competitive price too.

24 January 2023  |  Don

Thought i would buy these to alternate from hairy rabbits ears, (also purchased from Theyloveit) as a treat for when i come home from work, definitely a paws up from my mastiff

24 January 2023  |  Lynda

Great product, my cocker loves this product, it's gone in less than a minute. Fab service too, can't fault anything with They Love It! Always recommend this company to other dog owners

24 January 2023  |  Kilvert

Phil (our Spinone) is a fussy eater. He just loves this green beef tripe. Itís easy to order, moderately priced, delivery is quick and efficient, it handles well and Phil seems to really enjoy it.

24 January 2023  |  Jayne

I have been trying new dog treats for a while from various manufacturers, and these are by far the best I have found. My boys and girl absolutely love these, making getting them back on the lead so much easier.

22 January 2023  |  Roy

Good service and prompt delivery

22 January 2023  |  Christine

Click and collect is very easy to use.
Collection is quick and easy.
The raw dog food is a very good price and my puppy loves it
Thanks guys!!

21 January 2023  |  Suzie

They really do love this food, and I like the convenience of the 500gm blocks.

19 January 2023  |  Joy

My Dogs are really enjoying this product and the service you give is really good sometimes it's hard to try to get to someone to talk to though but 5 Stars for overall satisfaction

17 January 2023  |  April

Hi I purchased this food as I have toy dogs and bones are a problem for them.

This product had bones in it when it stated no bones??


16 January 2023  |  Wendy

Easy to order. Great communication regarding delivery . Very good product and reasonably priced too. Will definitely be ordering again soon

16 January 2023  |  Bert

Our border Collie Lion a rescue, had several diet problems. You products were recommended by our kennel.
What a difference, Lion canít wait to get her meal! She is much more alert and is more active.
Great product, fast delivery, highly recommended

16 January 2023  |  Mandy

The food is delivered in blocks. It is a complete food. Our bassett was a very fussy eater and unless it was things like left over chicken she would sniff and walk away. Not now. She is so excited as we dish her dinner up. Finishes it in minutes - and looks a little bit trimmer .

16 January 2023  |  Jane

I feel sure my 2 Ridgies would award 5 stars to the crunchy duck wings!

15 January 2023  |  Catherine

I know the weight is given but I didnít expect this big a bag. Glad that more ethical sourcing is being prioritised. Itís the first time Iíve bought the frozen ones and if these are smaller, the previous ones must have looked like dinosaur feet! Very good value.

15 January 2023  |  Philippa

I ordered the Beef Chunks for my standard Parti Poodle Dante the food arrived very promptly. The quality is excellent and Dante loves the meat.
Great dog food at a great price.

14 January 2023  |  Claire

Great quality meat delivered without a hitch; would highly recommend 👍🏻

11 January 2023  |  Ronnie

Made a change from the beef tripe,


10 January 2023  |  Jane

Excellent as always

10 January 2023  |  Caroline

Never had a problem, food always arrives well packaged and on time. Dog loves it, what more could we ask.

09 January 2023  |  Danielle

Dogs absolutely love them! What well behaved doggies I suddenly have!

09 January 2023  |  Sarah

I wanted an alternative chew for the dogs and these fit the bill nicely. The dogs absolutely love the ox tails and they donít smell like some of the other dried parts sometimes can do. Happy dogs & happy owner

09 January 2023  |  Davina

My German Shepherd loves all tripe and can't eat it quick enough. I've been feeding my dogs tripe for years and it's said to be one of the best things to feed dogs on.

09 January 2023  |  Shani

Great product my 3 Vizslas love it I also use Pure Lamb Complete and Lamb and Chicken Complete wouldnít use anything else or any other supplier always getting compliments of how well the dogs look and my old girl is 14 service is excellent never had any problems with service or any products that I have ordered very happy dogs and owner .5 Stars

09 January 2023  |  David

Dog loves it. Everyoneís a winner.

08 January 2023  |  William

great value my two gsd's love it, I put each block in individual small bags and it keeps them apart in the freezer

08 January 2023  |  Tracey

3 Happy Labradors

08 January 2023  |  Annette

Consistently good quality consistently good delivery service and great price , I feed a 90k wolfhound and heís never looked so well , skin is no longer itchy

08 January 2023  |  Annette

My wolfhound loves this , I feed mainly boneless , as it suits him , they love provide quality meat a a good price and it always has been received still frozen

08 January 2023  |  Aimee

Iíve tried several other raw companies before i found these. Nothing compares. The quality is amazing, so much choice, staff are really helpful and price is the best around. Iíd never go anywhere else

04 January 2023  |  Danni

Our fussy boy Yuki has turned up his nose to complete food in the past but we tried him on chicken, bone and offal complete and he woofed it down without coming up for air. A complete success for our boy Yuki. Will be trying more complete recipes next order.

25 December 2022  |  Jeff

The dog loves these! They are small and easy to eat. Come in small blocks too, which is ideal

24 December 2022  |  Sue

My two shepherd are the most fussiest dogs ever, I started on the fresh as my son gave me some , I still feed kibble aswell but mix it together they eat all their meals now , no waste. Great service and very helpful and friendly.

24 December 2022  |  Michael

Let down by another supplier, ordered on sat arrived by DPD early following week as arranged my gsd happy now has some food
Will use again

24 December 2022  |  Paul

Great product and great service

24 December 2022  |  Tracie

A good product that gives a bit of variety to the dog's diet.

24 December 2022  |  Tracie

Very pleased with this product having previously been feeding another brand at 3 x the cost! The dogs have put on weight and look in good condition.

24 December 2022  |  Tracie

Very pleased with this product, the dogs love it!

21 December 2022  |  Deborah

They are large pigs ears which my great dane really likes as most ones you get are a lot smaller definitely value for money

19 December 2022  |  Sarah

I've been using raw for a while on and off and can honestly say, my 14 rescue cats are always happy and healthy. Delivery is always spot on and perfectly packaged so no issues.
Blocks are always fully of (what looks like) healthy substantial quality meat.
Very happy with the service I receive each time.

19 December 2022  |  Deborah

Clean bowls every time and so easy to use. Good recommendation from a friend. Product looks good = 2 very happy dogs!

19 December 2022  |  Laura

As always received with no issues ,dog very happy with product will continue to use

19 December 2022  |  Martin

Not sure why but the dog regurgitated this in two batches, really wasn't keen at all, not saying its the food quality because every animal is different but I wont be buying this product again sorry

19 December 2022  |  Irene

Product looks great, not sloppy, I can only go by what it looks like because I have 2Labradors(if you know the breed)they will consume most foods.So as a responsible owner I won't let them eat rubbish, that's why I buy from They Love it . Quality is always reliable.

18 December 2022  |  Sue

Iíve brought form other suppliers and this is the best chicken chunks yet , great value

18 December 2022  |  Sharon

Fantastic product. Our fussy eater dances when she know her food is coming. Great price, great service as always.

14 December 2022  |  Kamal

My dog who's an avid chewer, had trouble with this food item and also the first time he has refused to eat any raw food.

14 December 2022  |  Susan

Great product and good service every time

13 December 2022  |  Kathleen

The first time I have ordered, but very impressed, text to let me know the day it would arrive, and another to let me know the actual time it would be delivered (which it was). Will definitely order again, the dogs love it.

11 December 2022  |  Beverley

We have six dogs ranging from tiny to huge. These bones have enough variety in size to suit all of them. Have to be careful of shards so need to be vigilant and remove them quicky.

11 December 2022  |  Tracy

Was recommended to this site as feeding raw can work out expensive, as I have 2 dogs but this site isn't, my boys absolutely love it ❤️

10 December 2022  |  Susan

My dog Panda loves these. His tails does helicopters when I go to the cupboard

10 December 2022  |  Heather

Well the dog loves it , down in seconds !

10 December 2022  |  Karen

Recently changed from chicken mince to pure minced beef for my allergy prone bulldog and highly recommend it.
He loves it and as always faultless service from the wonderful team at Lovit x

06 December 2022  |  Janice

As long as this company stays in this business they have my dogs as a customers for life. Bichon Frise, Rottweiler and Pointer. Amazing fast delivery and above all the dogs cant wait to gobble it up, clean dishes every time. Thank you 'They Love It' for solving my feeding dilemma.
I had tried all sort sof foods but processed stuff they wont eat. Tripe is Dogs Gourmet food.

06 December 2022  |  Michelle

He loved it, didn't leave it alone for a second of that hour. It's a treat, but will definitely buy again.

06 December 2022  |  Michelle

These must be super tasty as even the cat ran off with one, Straight after havin his own fresh food put down. My 3 Dogs love them too of course. But they don't last long as they get gobbled up pretty quickly, but it did take the pup 5-10 minutes to devour...definitely gonna be in my basket again.

06 December 2022  |  Joanne

Perfect size training treats, our whippet loves them

06 December 2022  |  Joanne

Our whippet loves this food! And his tummy is much better for having this too

04 December 2022  |  Phillis

Main thing is dogs love it reliable good delivery no lugging mega weights of dog food 100% happy

03 December 2022  |  Julie

My boxer Bear loves this and itís so easy to store and use.

03 December 2022  |  Judith

Larger than i was expecting so part of their meal rather than a treat but labradors, what can I say, gone!

01 December 2022  |  Hayley

This was my 1st time travelling to collect an order. I am also a new customer. Must say I am extremely impressed. So far everything I have given my nurseing bitch she has wolfed down!. The service was unbelievably quick aswell.
I will most certainly be back. Thank you

29 November 2022  |  Paul

really popular with my dog and my mother's labrador.

29 November 2022  |  Stephen

Always good and reliable delivery

29 November 2022  |  Natalie

It was smaller than I expected especially for the bigger breeds (I have a rottie) but he did seem to like it and he enjoyed chomping on it and showing me his camel impression of it swishing round his mouth-lol.i would buy again because he did like it.

29 November 2022  |  Valerie

This product is loved by my min poodle bitch and I have started weaning her 3 puppies on it and they really like it! Your meat is loved by our other 4 dogs whatever I give to them. Thank you for giving me happy and satisfied dogs!

28 November 2022  |  Keith

Good company to deal with. They are always honest and trustworthy and I am very happy to continue to deal with them.

27 November 2022  |  Ann

My dogs love this product and do very well on it. The service and delivery is as always excellent.

23 November 2022  |  Lauren

Iím so glad they love it was recommended to us. Our Dobermann and cockapoo love the complete meals and itís so handy to be able to click and collect as itís quicker and cheaper!

22 November 2022  |  Elaine

Very large and my bear loves them.

22 November 2022  |  Liz

Fantastic product, my shepherd can't have chicken so this is a great alternative. Excellent price too

22 November 2022  |  Kim

Great selection of sizes. Would buy again.

21 November 2022  |  Kellie

My dogs love these. A tasty treat and a great wormer.
Good value for money

21 November 2022  |  Ben

It's official my dogs love tripe! Beef or lamb they just love it. We're getting used to the smell

21 November 2022  |  Sharon

My German Shepherds are big guys and treats never last long, but the lamb necks have become a firm favourite that they enjoy and keeps them happy much longer
I will be adding these as a regular treat they can have every few days

21 November 2022  |  Michael

Been using they love it for years ,, lovely welcoming staff , all their products are top quality, my dogs love the food and what makes it better is the prices are great

21 November 2022  |  Gillian

Dogs love them! Highly recommend.

21 November 2022  |  Denise

Dogs love it complete all you need so easy to use

19 November 2022  |  David

I can honestly say this is one of the most decent places we have had the pleasure in doing buissness with regarding our dog foods..I give this a 5 star as the meat is always on time , they have never failed me or my dogs. The really do love it . Id never go anywhere else . My dogs bellies are fine with the raw meat they have.. Thankyou so much for a perfect service x

17 November 2022  |  Lisa

My dog loves her food very easy and quick to order too

15 November 2022  |  Sandra

I ordered this and some boneless turkey to mix in with it for my puppy and he absolutely loved it. He cleared his bowl in record time and wanted more. My other two dogs couldn't be left out so had to try some as well and they also ate it quickly so I think we can definitely say "They Loved It".

15 November 2022  |  Matthew

No spinach or potato just carrots and chicken

15 November 2022  |  Barbara

Bought this to try as I use the minced chicken with bone but as this has offal & is a complete meal
Dogs loved it so will certainly buy again.

14 November 2022  |  Laura

Very good value for money , my dog enjoys this product ordered last few months and been pleased with my orders would recommend .

14 November 2022  |  Julie

My two GSDs just love the sprats, they make gr8 treats or a topping to their supper of Beef Tripe another 5 * product from They Love it.

13 November 2022  |  Julie

Great product and the best company I have ever used for dog food in 50 years!

13 November 2022  |  Keith

Easy to order, quick delivery, always good quality.
You cant do better than that.

12 November 2022  |  Erika

Five * our dog like it 👍

12 November 2022  |  Susan

My dog loves his liver snacks. He is very happy with all the raw meat and snacks he's tried so far. I love the service and having a happy healthy dog. The cat is 16 and looks like a youngster, shiny glossy coat and very happy, though slightly more fussy preferring the lamb to the beef!!

09 November 2022  |  Jane

The quality seems much improved since previous orders. The feet look clean and no block marks on them. My dog enjoys his daily chicken foot

09 November 2022  |  Jane

I was worried he wouldn't eat a mix with veggies but he adores it and I have continued to order a repeat.

08 November 2022  |  Michelle

My gsd enjoyed chowing down on this. Ideal also for stuffing, if you'd like to put chicken or paste in it too. Definitely recommend for if you need to keep em occupied for a little while.

08 November 2022  |  Michelle

They are super crunchy, and all 3 gsds enjoyed them. And so did the neighbours Jack Russel x chihuahuas. Winner all round.

08 November 2022  |  Tracey

Excellent service and great price!
First time I've used this website and I will now be buying all my bones from here.

07 November 2022  |  Susan

Dog does well on tripe, and seems to enjoy it!
My usual supplier was out of stock, so tried these guys. Price wise about the same, dog ate this tripe about the same, but, although the tripe came well packaged for delivery, it was not packed into individual bags.
This is the only reason I didn't give 5 stars. I wouldnt want to store it unwrapped as it would stick together and onto the freezer drawers, so I had to package it up myself (poo bags came in handy for this). Otherwise, absolutely fine, lovely quick delivery, just the blocks not in bags!

07 November 2022  |  Hana

Our dogs would die for😀Excellent product! Better to eat it outside, the odour is very natural
I appreciate it, some dry products I bought in the past had very strange smell of plastic or chemicals. Thank you.

07 November 2022  |  Hana

Great product if you are aware about the odour
I cook it in a slowcooker in our garage, it's very intense.
Our dogs absolutely love it!

07 November 2022  |  Kayleigh

I decided to try tripe because my American bull dog's mountain poos and flatulence was getting out of control. I read that one of the benefits of green tripe is helping with digestion. Wow! What a difference it has already made with him and my house is smelling nicer lol (well except for the tripe smell). His stools have also shrunk. My other dog, a schnauzer, is a very fussy girl. Tried all sorts of commercial dog food which she'd turn her nose up at. She absolutely loves the tripe and devours it. Such a difference in the first week so thank you very much.

07 November 2022  |  Ian

I get compliments of how my dogs coat looks, she has this as her main food and sprats (from They Love it too) as treats, so I have 'They Love It' to thank for this. We have a high energy 3 year old GSP bitch and she enjoys this food and has done since we got her. I can't fault the service, quick response (when needed on email), clear delivery terms and always received as quickly and as expected. I'm very impressed and recommend them to others.

07 November 2022  |  Laurissa

I found this quite pricey so only got one which is unfortunate as my dogs absolutely love it! It's a considerable amount smaller then when I received it a few days ago but keeps them busy for hours.

06 November 2022  |  Sandra

My little dog loves it!!!
Ordered click and collect staff all lovely !
Excellent value for moneyÖ highly recommend.

06 November 2022  |  Don

This last 12 months has seen a great change in my mastiffís menu, due to the different stock being available Iíve had the chance to try out different raw meat, the latest being boneless turkey Ö mixed in with some beef tripe, when Rosie had finished I got the ďOliver ďlook with big brown eyesÖ.. more please!!! Definitely a yes from Rosie

05 November 2022  |  Gillian

My dogs absolutely love this - a bit too costly for me as I have five large dogs but I will buy from time to time and mix and match with the cheaper chicken mince products - I ordered this because the chicken was out of stock

05 November 2022  |  Deborah

This is a really quality food mix, easy to prepare and store or feed fresh. Exactly what it says on the tin or rather packet. I don't always have time to whizz up a fresh mix and am happy that this is a great addition to our dog's diet.

05 November 2022  |  Kate

The dogs are loving it.

05 November 2022  |  Jennie

Dogs love it! Packaged well and delivered on time. Always order with this reliable company!

01 November 2022  |  Irene

As a devoted servant that prepares & dishes up meals to 2 beautiful Labradors I can only say how well they look on all foods I buy from TheyLoveit Always pleased to see new products. Irene Mowbray

01 November 2022  |  Michael

That we fed it to the kids.:they loved it too

31 October 2022  |  Gill

Order came when predicted, well packed in polystyrene boxes with an outer cardboard box, to keep as frozen as possible. Great service!

30 October 2022  |  Gillian

Dogs love them. Great service and delivery.

30 October 2022  |  Victoria

Hank loves to chew & this is the perfect long lasting treat to help his teeth & activity.

29 October 2022  |  Neil

I have been using this company for at least 7 years my Dog and 4 Cats have never been fed on anything but they love it products. They have never been to the vets accept for vaccinations. The quality is great price is competitive and delivery service is excellent. The customer service team are also very good and they always email you once items are back in stock. All in all great company and team to deal with.

25 October 2022  |  David

This is the first time I have ordered from this company as I found the price to be very reasonable. I ordered only 10kg as a trial to see if my dog liked this appears he does. What I personally like about the company, is it's no frills packaging. It does the job perfectly and as a result, it keeps the cost down, of which is what I want and I certainly do not want to be paying for fancy packaging.
However, on a negative note, I'd like to see a beef(single protein) 80/10/10 in stock and a pork(single protein) 80/10/10 and like with the lamb 80/10/10, a decent amount in stock too.....maybe this is something to be addressed?

25 October 2022  |  Geoff

Great service, fast delivery. The raw chicken ticks all the right boxes for our dog (dalmation/sprocker cross).

25 October 2022  |  Graham

I obviously can't speak for my dog but she seems to love her food, they are in great portion sizes .and she cleans her bowl every meal time .

25 October 2022  |  Laura

Knuckles looked juicy, both dogs were very pleased to recieve the treat! They got given them 2 days ago and they're still going!

24 October 2022  |  Ann

I wanted something different to add to their raw diet which was also very good for them and these do that. My young dog was a bit hesitant at first but now loves them. The older one immediately loved them and couldnít get enough!

24 October 2022  |  Caren

Both of mine were quiet for hours, perfect after a walk or in the evening

23 October 2022  |  Hazel

I expected a fine mush for such a good price, but I could see lots of chunks of meat /lung organs, much better than I had hoped and my dogs love it!!

23 October 2022  |  Kate

Great product. Glad the use of packaging is kept to a minimum.

23 October 2022  |  Malgorzata

Very nice product. My both love to chew it

23 October 2022  |  Rachael

Having been recommended to try this company I placed my first order and was very happy with the ease of ordering, the quality of the food that arrived and the delivery which was on time and the meat still frozen. No complaints from the dog whoís enjoying the meat!

22 October 2022  |  Heather

The dog loves it,

18 October 2022  |  Janis

This food is the best, ive fed raw for 30 years to all my Whippets and now my Cats . They Love it

18 October 2022  |  Susan

My dogs love it so will order again. Unfortunately when it arrived the edges of some of the blocks had defrosted so much I was reluctant to refreeze so decided to scrape off and use that day, probably about 500g in total (hence 4*).

18 October 2022  |  Ann

My little Daschound loves all his food from here.
Beautiful shiny coat, and happily wags his tail while eating.
Highly recommend all the products we have chosen.
And the service is excellent, lots of choices.

18 October 2022  |  Stephen

Quality on this product is very high. Water on defrosting is very low.
My only issue is that I have a room getting full of the polystyrene boxes and I wish there was a way to use them again.

18 October 2022  |  Pauline

Since switching to "theyloveit" for our raw food my Golden Retrievers devour every morsel in their bowls. No turning their noises up. No upset tummies, which they have suffered from some other suppliers. Even the tripe doesn't smell to much.

17 October 2022  |  Mandy

Really happy. This was my first online purchase of raw food. It arrived promptly and really well packaged. Will definitely be placing more orders in the future

17 October 2022  |  Lynn

My dog really enjoys this food itís Good value and I like portion sizes always a great delivery service what more do you want

17 October 2022  |  Deborah

Ordered very promptly and delivery was excellent.
First time my husky tried this and she absolutely loves it has with her other raw meat what I've ordered from theyloveit.
Been ordering from theyloveit for nearly 2 years I wouldn't buy my dog food from anywhere else absolutely brilliant company

16 October 2022  |  Wendy

Rather expensive so only bought rarely - dogs get natural worm stuff every day
Smell a bit even frozen so glad I donít hv them in my freezer.
Dogs Lov them

16 October 2022  |  Wendy

Good price as always. Good quality

15 October 2022  |  Chrissie

Frankie loves it!

15 October 2022  |  Chrissie

Excellent & efficient service

15 October 2022  |  Terence

Great service and product as always

15 October 2022  |  Louise

I have a St. Bernard and a Labrador- these are good quality bones of various sizes. My dogs loved them!
The only negative is that they are packed in polystyrene boxes which are bulky and difficult to get rid of if you have a limit on the amount of black bin rubbish the council collect.

15 October 2022  |  Patricia

My dog has never been bothered about food since a young dog,until I tried raw. She now eagerly waits for her dinner for around 30 mins beforehand and is always excited to eat. I like that the blocks arenít Individually wrapped but it would make things even better if we could return the polystyrene boxes for re-use.

15 October 2022  |  Lydia

I have been hand grinding pumpkin seeds to give to my dog. This is a much easier solution!

13 October 2022  |  Jayne

Brilliant food that the dogs love. Good click and collect service.

13 October 2022  |  Sally

Lamb tripe is a big hit with our crew, a great option to add as a boneless to reduce the bone level for toy size dogs.

13 October 2022  |  Sally

Absolutely love click n collect, great variety of options, amazing products & prices.
This is one of my go to basic protein options.

12 October 2022  |  Lorraine

Even though it stinks more than the beef tripe, my dogs love it just as much.
So very happy ,

10 October 2022  |  Jeff

My boy loves it and the combination helps to give good quality stoolsÖ..

10 October 2022  |  Michelle

Brilliant product dogs love it will definitely be ordering more

10 October 2022  |  Michelle

My dog loves every type of raw from here, I cannot believe the quality and its all so cheap! The warehouse is local to me so I always use the click and collect service which is super easy and so efficient

10 October 2022  |  Michelle

My dog absolutely loves this, it has a slight smell but doesn't overpower

09 October 2022  |  Stephen

My Spinone dog loves it

08 October 2022  |  Simon

Excellent quality, very palatable, has put condition on working dogs

08 October 2022  |  Raymond

Never ordered these before, however when it arrived my dog was very keen to try it. Gave it to her & I've not seen it since so presume it's buried in the garden....We will let you know if we ever find it.

08 October 2022  |  Karen

After recently attending a doggie seminar I was advised to remove chicken n turkey from my allergy affected dogs diet...
Hes allergic to grain.. chicken n. Turkeys eat grain...
We tried the boneless beef and he absolutely loves it...highly recommend

06 October 2022  |  Don

Got this as a standby for my mastiff, seeing how it we down i will be adding to her menu !!

03 October 2022  |  Jeff

Myself or my partner have been ordering from They Love It for quite a few years now. Never a problem with ordering. Have recommended them to a few others.

03 October 2022  |  Joanne

It takes mine ages to get through these and they love them !

03 October 2022  |  David

They are a brilliant company always on time . The meat is 1st class for my dogs , i would'nt go anywhere else ....

02 October 2022  |  Richard

Seeing a Green Tripe is often referred to as a superfood for dogs it is an essential part of our boys diet. Always find the food and service from they love it to be excellent. The dog loves his raw and devours the tripe with great joy.

02 October 2022  |  Tricia

Thought we would try these with our 15 week old golden retriever and our 21 month old border collie they love them, excellent way to introduce raw fish. We have the sardines and mackerel to try next

01 October 2022  |  Kevin

We were visiting our friends in Suffolk who were feeding their Rhodesian Ridgeback raw from 'they love it'. Our gsd stuck his nose in and also loved it. We continued to feed him with this for the remainder of our visit. Once we returned home we ordered this for him and he loves it.

27 September 2022  |  Andrew

Regular purchaser of core food for Marley and thought I would try these as a treat ........ and she is very pleased I did

27 September 2022  |  Antonia

Iíve been using beef tripe for about 3 years as it wasnít available I ordered the lamb. So much easier to mix with the other meats! The beef is very dry and hard to break up. The lamb is a bit too wet if anything but the dogs love it and very little smell!

26 September 2022  |  Hayley

My dogs love this added addition to a little after dinner treat

26 September 2022  |  Brian

Quality , consistency and competitively priced . Thank you

25 September 2022  |  Jane

We're trying the chicken and veg variety just to give Archie, our Romanian street rescue dog, a change. He's fine with it. He looks great on your products. Shiny and fit. Excellent service as always and great products. Thankyou.

25 September 2022  |  Don

Just go to give this product 5 stars, mixed in with the beef/chicken mix , it makes an awesome feed for my mastiff!!!

25 September 2022  |  Cheryl

This mince is so convenient as it is already cut into portions with no extra packaging. It is delivered promptly and a good price. My dogs love it

25 September 2022  |  Cheryl

My dogs love this mince and it is so convenient to use as it is already cut into portions. It is reasonably priced and the delivery is prompt and dependable.

23 September 2022  |  Philip

Excellent stuff. GSD very happy, Good solid poos! Wish it was a little cheaper. Will buy more.

20 September 2022  |  Valentin

Really not good idea to cut them in blocks too. Not possible to separate & take one by one, instead the whole block needs to be defrosted, which is too much for us.

20 September 2022  |  Haley

Always quick and easy from order to delivery!
both my dogs love the tripe complete blocks!

19 September 2022  |  David

Iam served very well by this company, Thier products are very good . Our dogs love the meats n treats . I wont be looking elsewhere this is my place to shop for my dogs

18 September 2022  |  Petra

I have a pack of six so usually find one that wonít eat treats we choose, but the all love these. Will be buying again

18 September 2022  |  Susan

Always on time very good quality

17 September 2022  |  Beverley

My dog loves the pure lamb and all of the completes. We sometimes use Barkers liver topper and/or mixed vegetables depending on the day/reason. She loves it just on its own too.

17 September 2022  |  Beverley

My dog adores these.....her tail wags, her eyes light up and her eyes stand on end when she thinks she's getting some of these treats.

17 September 2022  |  Ruth

Our pet dog loves the lamb and the Turkey. Complete. Click and collect service is very efficient.

17 September 2022  |  Andrea

My dogs absolutely love this food, they are healthier and fitter, so glad I made the move from processed to raw. The service is first class would definitely recommend.

16 September 2022  |  Chris

Our two Hungarian Vizslas have been raw fed since they were weaned off their mums and health wise we think this was the best option as they rarely have any issues. Up until recently they were on another popular brand of raw food but this was proving to be getting more and more expensive paying £150/month for the raw food and £40 on top for a supplementary kibble. So when a friend suggested They Love It we took a gamble and it is paying off. We have cut our fur babies food bill by over a third and they absolutely clean their bowls as soon as it's down. Other than a bit more flatulence than usual there is no change or upset to their digestion and they seem to be thriving on it. My 7 yr old male has always been a little under weight and no matter what we did he struggled to put weight on but with this food he's put on an extra couple of kilos and is looking good for it. Both dogs coats are shinier and their fur is softer, both are shedding less as well.

16 September 2022  |  Chris

Our two Hungarian Vizslas have been raw fed since they were weaned off their mums and health wise we think this was the best option as they rarely have any issues. Up until recently they were on another popular brand of raw food but this was proving to be getting more and more expensive paying £150/month for the raw food and £40 on top for a supplementary kibble. So when a friend suggested They Love It we took a gamble and it is paying off. We have cut our fur babies food bill by over a third and they absolutely clean their bowls as soon as it's down. Other than a bit more flatulence than usual there is no change or upset to their digestion and they seem to be thriving on it. My 7 yr old male has always been a little under weight and no matter what we did he struggled to put weight on but with this food he's put on an extra couple of kilos and is looking good for it. Both dogs coats are shinier and their fur is softer, both are shedding less as well.

16 September 2022  |  Chris

Our two Hungarian Vizslas have been raw fed since they were weaned off their mums and health wise we think this was the best option as they rarely have any issues. Up until recently they were on another popular brand of raw food but this was proving to be getting more and more expensive paying £150/month for the raw food and £40 on top for a supplementary kibble. So when a friend suggested They Love It we took a gamble and it is paying off. We have cut our fur babies food bill by over a third and they absolutely clean their bowls as soon as it's down. Other than a bit more flatulence than usual there is no change or upset to their digestion and they seem to be thriving on it. My 7 yr old male has always been a little under weight and no matter what we did he struggled to put weight on but with this food he's put on an extra couple of kilos and is looking good for it. Both dogs coats are shinier and their fur is softer, both are shedding less as well.

15 September 2022  |  Liz

These are great chews for the dogs, they last longer than 19 seconds with my two and can easily be snapped in half if you ever want to give them a smaller one.
My collie also likes to Bury them and eat them a few days later and he reckons they taste even better that way 😉

13 September 2022  |  Christine

My greyhound girl had some Saturday evening and judging by what happened, it caused a blockage in her system. She ate her Sunday breakfast but after her second feed ran around coughing then vomited which included undigested breakfast and large yellowish rock hard chunks. Please realise dry roast products can splinter and some fragments are spikes.

13 September 2022  |  Chris

Good value for money, dogs love it.

13 September 2022  |  Judi

Good sized and quality dog meat.
Great service when collecting as always.
Friendly staff and helpful

13 September 2022  |  Judi

Good sized chunks and very happy with quality
Fab service on collection

13 September 2022  |  Bridget

My golden retriever loved eating these lamb necks. My frenchie loved pulling the meat off and knawing them.
I was surprised how meaty they were, certainly good value. I weighed one 410g.

12 September 2022  |  Lavinia

My somewhat fussy dogs live thus tasty product.

11 September 2022  |  Tricia

First time buying from Theyloveit and the first time using this product, very pleased much nicer than the products I have used from other companies. I particularly like the minimal use of plastic so much better for the environment and no waste with meat left inside plastic tube wrapping. Converted to this company my pups love it which is the most important thing after all. They are looking forward to trying some of the other flavours as well!

10 September 2022  |  Susan

My dogs are really enjoying the green tripe

08 September 2022  |  Gary

My dogs seem to like it, their stools do appear slightly dry and light coloured so might be a little high in bone/low in offal.

07 September 2022  |  Donna

My dog has had a terrible viral bug and this is the first raw food he has actually eaten in three weeks. Just so pleased that he is enjoying his food again.

07 September 2022  |  Julie

My dog and cats love this, well packed in convenient size blocks.

07 September 2022  |  Jane

Easy to store, tho if youíre needing to use just one at a time be careful how you pack away. If theyíve melted a little en route to you then you re-freeze they become stuck hard together. Nice not to have a load of fussy wasteful packaging. Dogs loved it & results coming out the other end were equally as good ! 💩💩😄

07 September 2022  |  Sue

My 3 dogs love this variety although they do love absolutely everything you sell

07 September 2022  |  Sue

My 3 dogs have always loved these! My little Lhasa has lots of teeth missing so I cut into the skin for her to make it easier. Iíd say these are their favourite treat

05 September 2022  |  Paul

I can't believe the cost of this product.
I use to order 100 kgs for more or less the same price NOW I only get 60 kgs massive increase in price??what's the excuse Ukraine war or bird flu??

05 September 2022  |  Tonya

As always all my dogs love them!! Thank you they love it

05 September 2022  |  Susan

Have always loved your products but this lot arrived rather defrosted so hope is stil edible for my dogs.

05 September 2022  |  Wanda

Normally get lamb tripe but it was out of stock. The beef tripe is far to dry so wonít order it again, I also think itís to rich for my dogs

05 September 2022  |  Jermaine

Good quality mince nice portion decent amount of blocks - definitely happy with quantity and my dog loves it ..will be getting more for sure!!

04 September 2022  |  Steve

These guys are absolutely amazing, the quality of the food and the price tag is always on point. Being not to far from me itís great I can just pop up the road an collect my fur babyís food. My husky loves the complete mixes and all the treats they have are just as tasty for her. Well worth every penny thanks a lot guys

04 September 2022  |  Debbie

Perfect, Emie loves it

Thank you

04 September 2022  |  Alison

Have just started using this as a topper for our kibble and our 5 month puppy loves it! She normally takes ages to eat her food but with the tripe she eats it all straight away. Very happy and will use again.

04 September 2022  |  Jennie

Dogs love it! Arrived well packaged and always on time!

04 September 2022  |  Martin

Excellent product will be ordering more soon
Thanks for the whole service and experiance

04 September 2022  |  Terri

Food arrived on day advised, my little man seems to be enjoying it so all good. In truth only lost a star because of delivery. Despite being asked to leave by my door if not in, it was left in a downstairs hallway in a block of flats, not ideal.

04 September 2022  |  Malgorzata

My dogs love it. Perfect bleached, 100%natural treats which are eaten in sec

02 September 2022  |  Lucy

We have had hooves before from other places and never had such big chunks come off in our dogs mouth, which if swallowed could be dangerous!

01 September 2022  |  Arthur

My dog loves them

30 August 2022  |  Bev

Busterís food is different every day. Chicken carcass, wings, lamb ribs. He has the mince every evening with the bones. I check his weight every month, 50 kgs. He is 9 years old. He is fit, healthy, his teeth are clean. Buster has been fed from Raw Food since he was 12weeks. Thatís 9 years purchased Busterís food from Theyloveit. Recommend it to everyone who asks about Busters food.

30 August 2022  |  Bev

I have cut the beef ribs into two. Buster is fed twice a day. He loves it.

30 August 2022  |  Ronnie

Lovely grub have fed green tripe mixed with kibble for over 40years and yes they do LOVE IT.

30 August 2022  |  Ronnie

True "They Love it"

28 August 2022  |  Jenny

Excellent service, quick delivery.

28 August 2022  |  Jenny

Excellent service, quick delivery

27 August 2022  |  Marianne

the mince is lovely once defrosted it smells fresh dogs love it

27 August 2022  |  Dalia

We buy multiple products for our 4 dogs, we usually get beef mince complete, beef chunks and the tripe. Sometimes some treats aswell like lamb necks.

Really happy with the quality and the service, quick delivery always and very reasonable prices! Wonít be going anywhere else!

23 August 2022  |  Arleen

My deerhound and whippet really like this too.

23 August 2022  |  Arleen

Good value....the dogs love them

23 August 2022  |  Arleen

Think this is my hounds favourite tripe.... especially my whippet as she can be very selective with what she eats!!

23 August 2022  |  Michelle

I canít vouch for the taste but my girl loves it . Itís convenient in the cubes and quick delivery.

23 August 2022  |  Paul

Death to Kibble - Long Live Raw!

23 August 2022  |  Peter

I have been using They Love it for nearly two years, always great value and excellent delivery service; highly recommend them and I do!

23 August 2022  |  Geraldine

Iím sorry Iím afraid my dogs didnít like it
This is the first time Iíve had this product
I was going to ask you to pick it up on my next delivery

23 August 2022  |  Tony

First time ordering, product is great and a good price. Delivery was fast.

23 August 2022  |  Joy

Great product & the dog loves as with all the other completes, you are the best suppliers of raw meats.

23 August 2022  |  Justine

Great food for my dogs which they love and keeps them healthy. My only issue is the distribution - meat often comes partially defrosted; when it goes into the freezer it hardens and sticks together and to the sides of the freezer, which is less than ideal when it comes to taking it out.

22 August 2022  |  Sharon

I ordered a number of items and as always am more than happy with everything. I find They Love It better than Primal Raw.

I would like to know if you recycle the polystyrene boxes as it seems a dreadful waste to throw them.

20 August 2022  |  Rita

Dogs seem to enjoy it .
Delivery generally good
Had some defrosted I donít agree with re freezing my choice
Each to our own thatís why if I can collect orders I will
Meat wise choice and price goid

16 August 2022  |  Philip

Easy to order and easy to collect

16 August 2022  |  Moira

Well worth the money, dog loves them

15 August 2022  |  D

E elle te product and service thank you

15 August 2022  |  Philip

Bandit loves it!
He has a sensitive stomach so I mix it with Chappie.
I wish I could buy larger amounts but I only have a small freezer.
His poo has never been better.

15 August 2022  |  Susan

Very good, came on time

14 August 2022  |  Katy

We feed our dog once a day and he wolfs it down happily every day. We give him a block or two with a handful of raw fish from your selection.

13 August 2022  |  Jeff

I usually get my boy sprats but due to them not being available I tried the sardines. Glad I did as he really seems to love them. Great service as alwaysÖÖ


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GRAND OPENING of our New Maldon Store at 9am on Friday 1st December!

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The quickest way to be notified of when a product is available is to use the 'notify me when back in stock' option on the product and then you will receive an email as soon as it goes back on. You need to click on the product to see this information, it does not show on 'Quick View'.

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