Why feed raw?


Now there's the question!

Raw is natural to animals. Cooked, tinned and processed food is not.

Raw is a truly healthy option. Providing you maintain a balanced diet of 80% protein, 10% bone and 10% offal (usually consisting of 5% liver and the other 5% can be any secreting organ such as Kidney, Pancreas etc) then there is no reason why your dog, cat, ferret etc won't absolutely thrive on it. They should be on at least 4 different proteins such as chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish, rabbit, venison etc which should be varied over time.

Raw fed dogs require less food, the food is high in nutrients and their bodies can process more % of it, therefore there is less waste than kibble or tinned fed dogs. Their waste is much smaller, firmer and best of all far less smelly!

Providing you take all the usual hygiene precautions when you are handling raw, then there are no risks.

A raw fed dog will develop stomach acid levels which will deal with breaking down bone content and tackling any bacteria that can be found in raw food which would be harmful to us but not to them.

Is it natural for an animal, born with paws and claws to eat food from a tin or kibble from a sack? Would they be able to cook their food if we didn't do it for them? No. Of course not. So why do we, as a nation of self confessed dog lovers, still feed our dogs this rubbish? More and more dogs fed on kibble are becoming allergic to storage mites for example, present in many kibbles. They develop allergies to grain, wheat, cereal etc that is present in many dry foods as bulking agents, and don't get me started on what goes into those tins of stinking gloop!

Go on, give it a try. You will not look back!

Don Poxtone
09 February 2018  |  9:36

My mastiffs thrive on it, would never go back to man made rubbish

Kirsty Robinson
11 March 2018  |  21:02

Been feeding my two raw for over 2 years now. Happy, healthy and works out cheaper than the old dry kibble. Never, ever going back.

Charmaine Gambrell
15 January 2020  |  10:45

Hi we have been a fan of your meat for ages, but we have recently had a poorly puppy the vet thinks gastro so we are feeding just cooked chicken thighs and rice at the moment.
I just wondered in the minced chicken what gives it the darker colour?
I have tried cooking your food as in my mind it would be the same as giving her the cooked chicken thighs, but when I do this she goes downhill again!
Any advice on your years of feeding raw would be great thanks.
Maybe I need to order without bone?
I was quite surprised that the vets don't seem to like the raw diet?!!!! Seems very strange to me as it's more natural!
Thanks for any help

15 January 2020  |  11:13

The reason a lot of vets don't promote raw is because it is a much healthier way to feed your dog and not only would there be less vet visits, the vets are paid highly by the kibble companies to promote their products and if they all agreed with raw then they would lose this funding

15 January 2020  |  11:11

Oh my goodness Charmaine, please don't cook our food, it has bone in it and it is dangerous cooked because the bone becomes brittle and sharp, it must only be fed raw.

The darker colour is liver in the complete meals. I would try cutting out the offal content for now and just feed plain chicken mince and bone raw and then you will see if there is a problem with the offal content. What breed of dog do you have as some can't have offal such as Dalmatians.

Kind regards

Lucy Cranston

Ruth Russell
09 September 2020  |  19:55

It would be Ok though to cook your boneless products e.g. pure beef?

Latest Reviews
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My 5 year old Golden Retriever has been on this from a puppy and absolutely loves it.
Moved a couple of years ago from Essex to Norfolk so now have it delivered with no problems.

27 February 2024  |  Dawn

Both my dogs love these lambs ears..they make a nice treat and natural wormer. Will be ordering more .excellent service too

26 February 2024  |  Bruce

All my dogs live this raw chicken with bone

25 February 2024  |  Tracie

I usually come to your shop but now I know delivery is very quick it shall now be my go to,
My dogs get very excited waiting for their food as soon as they smell it they jump about with excitement.
I have a 18 month old and two elderly dogs and they love it 😊

24 February 2024  |  Michael

You along with dlp good service good team

22 February 2024  |  Judi

Good size bag and all frozen so easy to defrost a handful at time.. nice treat with mince

22 February 2024  |  Judi

Dogs love this, offal free and none wasted

20 February 2024  |  Lorraine

Came day after ording and with in the time stayed

20 February 2024  |  Ron

Always good quality food from They Love It, we have been using them for years.

20 February 2024  |  Jane

Easy to order and staff are helpful if there are any queries.
Delivery is quick and most importantly the dogs love the food!

20 February 2024  |  Judy

Very happy with the meat and the service

20 February 2024  |  Lois

Really lovely quality meat and veg - the dogs go mad for it - especially when mixed with the raw green beef tripe !

20 February 2024  |  Carole

The website was very simple to use I could choose what day I wanted to pick my order up by
The staff are helpful and friendly

20 February 2024  |  Liz

My dogs loves these fish. I always feed them frozen so the last longer than 3 seconds but they’re always a hit

19 February 2024  |  Rebecca

Ordered on the Monday delivered on the Wednesday! Cats absolutely love it such good consistency and quality.

19 February 2024  |  Janice

Good quality meat my dogs love it.

17 February 2024  |  Judith

I have 3 working labradors. They all devour their raw food and lick their bowls clean. I mix up their meals, buying the complete chicken, beef and lamb in rotation. They also enjoy the frozen sprats and chicken feet as treats. Their coats are beautifully soft and shiny, I get many comments about how good they look, I put most of it down to their health diet. Thank you TheyLoveIt!

17 February 2024  |  Sharon

All the dogs love this food. All look very healthy.

17 February 2024  |  Clem

Dog bones delivered on time and still frozen. Could do with them cut up a bit smaller though.

17 February 2024  |  Brian

What more can I say ?! The dogs love it and look fantastic on it . No more allergy issues , I’d highly recommend trying it .

15 February 2024  |  Cathie

Bought as an alternative treat - dog loves them.

15 February 2024  |  Cathie

One happy Labrador. Only recently swapped to raw and was getting from somewhere else. Was recommended getting from here and have not been disappointed.

14 February 2024  |  Kathleen

Very professional very pleased with it all.

13 February 2024  |  Ann

Again very happy with my purchase as always.
Would highly recommend.
My dogs love it

13 February 2024  |  Judy

The first time we have bought meat from this company and were very impressed with the service and the quality of meat. We will be buying it again and trying different products.

13 February 2024  |  Steve

Excellent product and service , would highly recommend

12 February 2024  |  Julie

A reasonable price and the dogs love these. Always delivered on time.

12 February 2024  |  Gary

My dogs love this product.

10 February 2024  |  Delia

Both of my girlies are rescue dogs with many issues resulting from their previous trauma. My west highland white terrier had no hair on her when she was first adopted so I knew I had to get her on easily digestible food. Raw green beef tripe is absolutely the finest choice to allow the system to kick in to absorb all the goodness without much waste. The chicken with bone is a complete meal without giving biscuits which can upset delicate tummies. I am so very happy to have these feeds delivered to my door without any fuss or bother. “they love it” have thought of everything and provide a really satisfactory service.

10 February 2024  |  Michelle

Blocks are perfected sizes and so easy to store /stack in the freezer. Our dogs thrive on this product . And we wouldn’t go anywhere else .

10 February 2024  |  Duncan

Excellent product. Our dog loves this! Easy to order, excellent raw food, reliable delivery, all round great service from They Love It!

08 February 2024  |  Sherry

Always good quality packed well, super helpful friendly staff .

07 February 2024  |  Michelle

No bones, all Salmon, my dogs love it. Great price, fast service. Very happy customer Thank you

06 February 2024  |  Julie

Excellent quality, straight forward ordering and usual excellent delivery from DPD. My dogs are loving this meat. Very tasty

06 February 2024  |  Steve

Very good

06 February 2024  |  Suzanne

my American bully, who is allergic to everything, is thriving on this tripe, we mix it up with the lamb tripe too. You can tell it's great quality by the smell and colour. His skin is better and his coat is shining.

06 February 2024  |  Arminas

Came in 2 days to Belfast, still was frozen, my doggie loves it.
Comes in different sizes of bones which is handy.
Everything was packed nice and neat
Thank You

06 February 2024  |  Lynn

I have 6 Alaskan Malamutes and have tried other raw food,but this is by far the best ,and yes they actually really do love it! Green beef tripe is fabulous for any tummy upsets I feed a mix of 50% tripe with 50% mince chicken with bone ,definitely would recommend this

05 February 2024  |  Mary

Poppy loves this, got very excited when I unpacked it to put it in the freezer. She would also have loved a chicken carcass and although I understand these are currently difficult to source I don't understand why you still have them on the web page when they are basically unavailable, so hope we can purchase some soon.

05 February 2024  |  Rebecca

Great item I added to my last order. Has kept my girl quiet for quite a while!

05 February 2024  |  Cheryl

Nice chunky chicken necks in manageable frozen blocks.
Adds extra texture to their meals

05 February 2024  |  Irene

I have been shopping with they love it for a few yrs now the dogs & I are totally satisfied with products & great service.

04 February 2024  |  Alisha

My dogs love this food better over any other raw feed.

04 February 2024  |  Brian

Use to buy local, till fining this site, best value, and I’ve saved money, quick to come - next day so will be using again..

04 February 2024  |  Anna

My dogs love fresh sardines from They Love it.Every product purchased from your shop make us and our dogs happy.Thank you.

03 February 2024  |  Debbie

They love the bones and are so good for them and keep their teeth clean

03 February 2024  |  Michelle

Have been using They Love it for 3 years always great quality dogs love it ( excuse the pun) and this didn’t disappoint

02 February 2024  |  Sharon

Great value, dogs love it. Really like the bulk purchase with less plastic waste. Shop really clean, amazing range of dried treats, excellent service all round

02 February 2024  |  Sharon

Great value and excellent quality. I like to add a sprat to every meal, my dogs coats are amazing. Also good to dehydrate for treats