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Latest Reviews
Tuesday, 10 May 2022  |  Cynthia

Dogs love it, and the size of the blocks makes it easier to store in the freezer.

Bigger blocks better
Tuesday, 10 May 2022  |  Sue

The blocks are only 500g as opposed to 750g which don’t work as well for us with 2 dogs. Apart from that They Love It!

As always great food delivered for the Hooch...
Tuesday, 10 May 2022  |  Jason

5 star , dog loves it , handy size blocks .
Been using company for years NEVER had a problem it's as simple as that.
Keep up the good work team.

Lamb neck bones
Monday, 9 May 2022  |  Bob

Bones came frozen and well packed.kept informed as to when they would be delivered .Will definitely use again.

My dog loves it
Monday, 9 May 2022  |  Lorraine

For me this is the best value dog food I buy. I usually buy the complete with offal but it wasn't available this time.
I love the minimal packaging. It is also the most pleasant smelling raw food of anything we have ever tried. It's also a great texture, not sloppy at all.
Highly recommended

Huge pack
Monday, 9 May 2022  |  Lucy

I didn't realise how many I would get in here for £15 - it is great value and my dog loves them!
They are like crisps for dogs!

Good quality product
Monday, 9 May 2022  |  Nicola

I purchased one box of beef chunks to see what the quality was like. I am pleased to say they are very good, lots of meat.
Having bought these from other suppliers in the past to find they are mostly skin with the meat scraped off and have a high water content once defrosted.
There is hardly any liquid when these chunks have defrosted.
I will definitely be ordering the Beef Chunks again along with other products from They Love It.
Came well packaged and still frozen, Excellent service.

Frozen sprats - healthy treat
Monday, 9 May 2022  |  B

My 2 dogs love these sprats. After coming home from work my 2 bundle each other to be the first to stand in front of the freezer, waiting for their reward for being left at home for a few hours. Convenient size and healthy snack/treat.

Great service and product
Monday, 9 May 2022  |  Don

Even with the shortage of products, I always find a varied menu for my mastiff, and the ordering/ delivery process is very user friendly, which is important to me, being in my seventies and not too computer savvy
Great work guys

Always good quality
Sunday, 8 May 2022  |  Anna

Excellent raw food - ordered over bank holiday weekend but dispatched in good time.
Both dogs love ‘they love it’

Great food
Sunday, 8 May 2022  |  Cheryl

This complete mince is perfect for my two Retrievers, who have big appetites! Great service, well packaged and fast delivery

Green Tripe
Sunday, 8 May 2022  |  Ann

Fab stuff, my dogs love it

Green beef tripe is so good, I almost want to have a portion myself
Wednesday, 4 May 2022  |  Jeff

But seriously……my dog loves the taste and he clearly enjoys his food more when I have some tripe in it. Great texture and not to pungent either……

Tuesday, 3 May 2022  |  Gordon

This is buy far the best pet food on the planet

pdp next day 1 hour slot is just perfect

they love it staff have always been so helpful and have give me first class advice regarding my huge dogs hand how to store and use the product

Even when i made a wrong order they love it sorted this out within minutes

And did help me with a token towards my next order very fair kind people
I have been with them for many years and never let down

You will not find a better product or better people to deal with


Chicken offal mix
Tuesday, 3 May 2022  |  Darren

Great service. And product. Our dogs love it
Easy to use service

Yak Bar
Tuesday, 3 May 2022  |  Deborah

Sadly my dog showed no interest in this. £6.95 wasted!

Well received
Tuesday, 3 May 2022  |  Iris

First time that my young dogs have had this variety and it’s being eaten without hesitation, makes a change from the chicken and turkey. Good that it doesn’t drip just have to be careful about it falling off the spoon as it’s crumbly

Raw dog food
Tuesday, 3 May 2022  |  Marc

Excellent as usual 👍👍

My greyhound loves them
Monday, 2 May 2022  |  Michelle

Great quality and my greyhound loves them. Pretty large too.

Dogs love it!
Monday, 2 May 2022  |  Pamela

My dogs love this product, excellent quality, well packaged for overnight delivery from the lovely drivers at DPD. Can highly recommend.

Great quality product
Monday, 2 May 2022  |  Pamela

Excellent quality product, only buy my dog food from ‘They Love It’
Packaged well for overnight delivery by the brilliant DPD team

New product sizing
Monday, 2 May 2022  |  Diane

I've been buying the no offal chicken with bone for many years now. I found your recent changes a bit confusing. I normally get delivered 4 boxes of large blocks for around £58. This time I managed to only order 3 boxes of small blocks for that price. I know there was a price increase fairly recently, but didn't think it had gone up by so much.

Minced chicken with bone
Sunday, 1 May 2022  |  Lesley

My dog loves this product and all of the complete food and treats from the shop. Such a great company, very helpful staff and I would highly recommend x

chicken, bone and offal, brilliant
Sunday, 1 May 2022  |  William

feeding this complete to my now 4 and a half month gsd puppy, been on it from eight weeks old, totally complete food he loves it, no tummy upsets whatsoever highly recommend.

My dogs love these!
Sunday, 1 May 2022  |  Clare

Great value for money, both my dogs love this product and as they are dried you can store them anywhere. I'll definitely be ordering more!

Portions seem smaller
Saturday, 30 April 2022  |  Elaine

I have been buying from they love it for almost 3 years and have been extremely satisfied with the product, however suddenly the size of the meat pieces seem smaller than before . Dog loves the meat however .

Quality is good
Saturday, 30 April 2022  |  Gary

As per usual the quality of the new. Product was very good my dog loved
The flavour.

Levies favourite
Saturday, 30 April 2022  |  John

My Golden Retriever always had loose motions from a pup but was recommended this product and it cured her virtually from day one.
We recently moved from Essex to Norfolk but now have it delivered.
Would definitely recommend it.

Very good!
Saturday, 30 April 2022  |  Ute

Good value for money, as little plastic as possible on the packaging, fast delivery and very good customer service - I recommend and the dogs love it!

Rib bones
Saturday, 30 April 2022  |  C

Dexter loves the rib bones they are great if we pop out as he gets through them over a couple of hours and keep him busy.

Raw chicken offal with bone
Saturday, 30 April 2022  |  Dawn

I order regularly off they love it.I find its the best raw product around my dogs love it very happy with the delivery service always on time will be happy purchasing off this company in the future thankyou.

Beef tripe
Thursday, 28 April 2022  |  Altay

Excellent product

Wednesday, 27 April 2022  |  Sharon

Millie loves these. Good price too.

Tuesday, 26 April 2022  |  Julia

Normally have the chicken backs but didn’t have in stock so got the carcass’s instead they were big enough to half.

Great product
Tuesday, 26 April 2022  |  Julia

Another great product from They Love It

Dogs love it
Tuesday, 26 April 2022  |  Julia

Great product it never lasts long in the bowl.

Excellent Value
Tuesday, 26 April 2022  |  Kenneth

As always easy order and collection and good value for money

Dogs enjoyed
Monday, 25 April 2022  |  Lesley

Nice, meaty neck bones as a treat for GSD and small crossbreed. Kept occupied for quite a while. Will purchase again when required.

Rabbits ears
Sunday, 24 April 2022  |  Don

First time that I’ve given these to my mastiff, absolutely loves them, definitely a “paws up “
Will be a permanent part of her weekly treat

Paddy's Frozen Fish
Sunday, 24 April 2022  |  Sandra

First time we've used theyloveit. Good customer experience from start to finish. Product quality very good. Will use again and recommend to others.

Dried Duck Wings
Tuesday, 19 April 2022  |  Cynthia

Dogs usually have dried chicken feet but I find that a little variety is good for them. They love these!!

Dried Sea Jerky
Tuesday, 19 April 2022  |  Cynthia

Dogs love this and it is so good for their coat.

beef and chicken complete review
Sunday, 17 April 2022  |  William

my greyhound loves it its gone in minutes and sheis looking for more

Excellent service and great product
Sunday, 17 April 2022  |  Tina

My dalmation loves these and so do all the other dogs - they smell then a mile away - very distinct smell

Beef and chicken complete
Sunday, 17 April 2022  |  Wanda

Brilliant as always

Yum Yum
Saturday, 16 April 2022  |  Marina

My dog loves this food and if hes happy so are we. Many thanks for your brilliant service and great quality food.

Great complete meal
Saturday, 16 April 2022  |  Tamsin

Our Cavapoo puppy eats raw and enjoys this food. It arrives very promptly and still frozen.

Superb Sticks
Tuesday, 12 April 2022  |  Fiona

Not too soft. Not too hard. Just right! I’ve been buying tripe sticks for over 10 years and these tripe sticks are the best I’ve ever bought. I’ll always buy them from TheyLove It from now on. Thanks!

Superb Boneless Beef
Tuesday, 12 April 2022  |  Fiona

If my dogs had thumbs, they’d give this product the ‘thumbs up’. They sat salivating as the portions thawed. They patiently waited as I forked it into their bowls. They gobbled it down and had finished before I had time to wash the fork. Very happy dogs and very happy owner. Thanks - I’ll buy this again and again.

Chunky Chicken is Absolutely Ace
Tuesday, 12 April 2022  |  Fiona

This is the first time I’ve bought chicken breast fillet chunks from TheyLoveIt and it won’t be the last. It is pure chicken with no nasty bits. My dogs guzzled it up and they licked their bowls clean! Wagging tails and licking lips- who could ask for more? Well…if they could speak I’m sure they would have asked for more and more.

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