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Deliveries FAQ

Split Deliveries

If you are expecting more than 1 parcel, it is not unusual for them to arrive on different vans at different times of the day. Therefore, please do not worry if some of your order is missing, please wait until the end of the day as they usually follow on a different van.

Standard Delivery - when will my order be dispatched/when will it arrive?

DPD will provide you with 1 hour time slots and live tracking of where your driver is, however time slots are not guaranteed and if there are any unforeseen circumstances  DPD might have to deliver outside of the designated time slot or even the following day. We send everything out on a Next Day delivery (according to the delivery timescale below) but sometimes parcels can go astray in transit and DPD have 48 hours in which to deliver to you. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information 

Please note the ordering and dispatch deadlines below which are required for us to have the post ready in time for DPD to collect

We do NOT deliver on Mondays

**Delays may occur sometimes, especially after a Bank Holiday and we will cut off the post early if we cannot fulfil orders so please always check the available post days on the screen before ordering**

Order placed Standard delivery will be dispatched on Delivery By
by 10pm Saturday Monday (excl bank holidays) Tues/Wed
by 10pm Sunday Monday/Tuesday (dependent on order volumes) Tues/Wed
after 10pm Sunday     Monday/Tuesday Tues/Wed/Thurs
Any time Monday Tuesday Wed/Thurs
by 8am Tuesday Tuesday Wed/Thurs
after 8am Tuesday Wednesday Thurs/Friday
by 8am Wednesday Wednesday Thurs/Friday
after 8am Wednesday Thursday (excl 2 day delivery areas) Friday
by 10am Thursday Thursday (excl 2 day delivery areas) Friday
after 10am Thursday Monday (excl bank holidays) Tues/Wed
Any time Friday Monday (excl bank holidays) Tues/Wed
by 10pm Saturday

Monday (excl bank holidays)


ALL PRICES for Frozen goods include Delivery unless otherwise stated except for certain postcodes which may have a surcharge added at checkout. You will see this surcharge added before making payment and you don't have to continue with the order. Surcharges and postcodes are listed further down this page.

Non Frozen goods, Shop goods and Treats DO NOT include delivery if purchased without a frozen food order and are subject to a £4.95 delivery charge which will (should if it's working properly!)  be added at checkout

Frozen goods such as lamb feet, trachea, 1kg bags of fish etc do not include delivery but can be added to your frozen dog food order subject to available space in the box. They cannot however be posted on their own like non frozen goods can.


We are super conscious of keeping our packaging to a minimum and as such our blocks do not come in plastic trays or printed cardboard sleeves with pretty photos of dogs on, so our products come as loose frozen blocks and are NOT individually packaged.

However, as we are delivering frozen raw meat there are certain requirements that we have to adhere to such as putting the product in leak proof insulated packaging. We are currently unable to avoid the use of polystyrene boxes for courier delivery of our products. We have tried bio degradable products but unfortunately the contents did not arrive in good condition so until a better solution is available, we will have to continue to ship in polystyrene boxes but rest assured that we are doing our best to keep packaging to an absolute minimum.

Damaged Orders

If your order arrives damaged you MUST take photos clearly showing the damage clearly showing the contents still INSIDE and a clear photo of the actual DPD Label. Without this evidence DPD will not do anything about it. Photos of empty broken boxes are not sufficient.

*Add On Items

Please note that add on items must be able to fit in with the frozen food you have ordered. The reason we do add on items is so that you have the opportunity to order extra bits without the extra postage.  It is impossible for us to list what can fit in and what can't, but the general rule is that 1 x 1kg bag of fish will fit in with most of the 10kgs of mince, but not with any of the bones or the  beef chunks for example. The 10kgs of ground lamb mince is lighter and therefore bulkier than other mince and sometimes we cannot fit much in with it at all, not even a bag of fish. We cannot fit anything extra in with the 8kgs fish boxes. Therefore there will be times when we cannot fit in everything that you have ordered and we credit you for those items that will not fit. We are also governed by weight so there may still be space in your box when you receive it but the total weight may have prevented us putting anything else in. If you would like several add on items then there is the option to buy an extra carton for £8.90 here and then we can usually send the other items in a separate box. If in doubt, please ask

Postal/Overnight Courier Delivery - How much does delivery cost?

Postage and Packaging is included in all of our raw dog food prices for standard 1-2 day delivery to most of UK Mainland, except for some Scottish Highlands for which there is a supplement as specified further down.

Products from our shop (EXCLUDING FROZEN PRODUCTS) have a minimum delivery charge of £4.95 unless you order them with frozen dog food and they fit in with your dog food order then delivery is included. We can usually fit a couple of items in with each 10kgs of most products but there are some exceptions. If we have a problem fitting goods in with your order we will inform you and refund the product that will not fit in. 

Where do you send goods?

We ship to all mainland UK address via DPD (Monday-Thursday dispatch only, no dispatch on Friday, no delivery on Monday) Isle of Wight and Scotland

We DO NOT dispatch any orders placed after 10am on Thursday until Monday morning for delivery Tuesday and therefore there are no deliveries on a Monday. We cannot ship goods on a Friday due to them being frozen and the courier does not do a Saturday delivery. We send everything out on a Next Day delivery but sometimes delivery can take 2 days. Please don't worry, your goods are packed to last up to 48 hours in average weather conditions, they will last longer in colder weather. If in warmer weather your product arrived defrosted, it is fine to refreeze so long as it is still cold and hasn't been allowed to get warm and you separate the meat.


If you live in the Scottish Highlands or 2 day delivery areas then we will only dispatch Monday to Wednesday to allow your goods to get to you by Friday. There is an extra postage surcharge for these areas. If you are unsure, put your address in and it will calculate whether there is an extra delivery charge or not.

What if I am not at home?

Our couriers know that they are delivering a frozen or fresh product
If no one is home the couriers will leave the parcel safe or as per your instructions if you provided any in the customer comments box at the time of ordering.
If you are going to be out you MUST state where you want it left by putting instructions in the Customer Comments box when you place your order or the courier will leave it where they deem it to be safe. If you do not want your order left safe or there is nowhere safe to leave it then you must wait in for your order. We will not refund or replace orders that have been delivered/left safe within the 48 hour delivery time period.

It is up to you, the customer to make sure you specify somewhere for it to be left safe or wait in for your order to be delivered if you don't want the courier to leave it unattended.

Please remember you have ordered frozen goods.

PLEASE DO NOT send instructions to DPD to deliver to a different address as this is not possible for them to do so. It will result in your order going back to the depot and being redelivered to you at the original address the next day and then it will be destroyed by DPD.

Do not reply to DPD to delay your delivery to the following day as your order will not be kept cold and we will not refund you if you delay your order.

Please make sure your Address, phone number and email are correct on your order as the courier may need to contact you. We WILL NOT take responsibility for non deliveries due to incorrect addresses or wrong or missing phone number.

If your order is delayed due to any part of your address or phone number being correct we will not issue any refunds


How do I know if my order has gone through?

You will receive a confirmation email giving your order number. Please check your junk folder if you have not received it in your inbox.
If you need to contact us about your order we will need your name, or post code or order number.
You will also receive a dispatch email from us, when your order has been sent and an email/text from the DPD by 11am on the morning of delivery giving you a 1 hour time slot. However, the time slot is not guaranteed and it is possible on the rare occasion that DPD are unable to deliver at the designated time and will deliver outside of this time slot. 


What if my delivery is late?

All of our standard postcode deliveries are sent on a next day service with delivery between 8am - 6pm, however this IS NOT GUARANTEED and orders can arrive later or even the next day. We reserve the right to deliver within 48 hours and will not issue any refunds for goods delivered within this time. If you are not able to accept the delivery then that is your responsibility. You must allow up to 48 hours for your delivery to be completed.
Your goods are packed in freezer boxes and will keep for up to 48 hours before being put in your freezer.
If for some unforeseen
 reason your parcel is not delivered within 48hrs please call us so that we can resolve it for you. In colder weather goods have been known to stay frozen in the packaging for up to 5 days so it may be that your order arrives and it is ok. We always ask you to check your order first. If you can press your thumb into a block and it is still frozen in the middle or is still cold, despite being soft at the edges then this is perfectly fine to refreeze, as long as you separate the blocks. However, it is ok to refreeze and use if it is still cold, so long as you separate it to stop it sticking together.

In cases where the delivery address was wrong or there was no phone number or an incorrect phone number preventing the driver from delivering or getting hold of you, we will not be responsible for non delivery of goods and will not refund your order if you do not receive it.


What if there is a problem with my goods?

If there is anything wrong with your order when it arrives then please notify us as soon as possible either by calling us on 01268 356015 or emailing your complaint to quoting your ORDER NUMBER. If relevant we will require a photo of the product in the state that it was claimed to be in when received.

We will need the batch number from the label on your polystyrene box for any complaints so please do not destroy this label until you are sure you are satisfied with the goods.

If your order arrives damaged you MUST take photos clearly showing the damage clearly showing the contents still INSIDE and a clear photo of the actual DPD Label. Without this evidence DPD will not do anything about it. Photos of empty broken boxes are not sufficient.

Can I choose a delivery date?

To a certain extent, yes.  We post Monday to Thursday, so it is possible to receive your order Tuesday to Friday. If you want to particular date then please put the date in the customer comments box and we will delay dispatch of your order until the day before. However, although we always send out on a next day delivery, we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive the next day but 99% of the time it does and it is only on very rare occasions where an incident with DPD might occur to prevent next day delivery, such as a breakdown. Our goods are packed to last up to 48hrs and can be refrozen during this time so as long as they are delivered to you within 48hrs of dispatch then we will not refund or replace goods, as per our terms and conditions so please make allowances for this when pre booking a date, if you know you are going away the following day for example.