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20kgs Lamb & Chicken Complete - Raw Frozen Mince
20kgs Lamb & Chicken Complete - Raw Frozen Mince

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Lamb & Chicken Complete 10kgs of Raw Frozen Mince
Lamb & Chicken Complete 10kgs of Raw Frozen Mince

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Lamb & Chicken Complete 5kgs of Raw Frozen Mince
Lamb & Chicken Complete 5kgs of Raw Frozen Mince

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Latest Reviews
14 July 2024  |  Caroline

Fantastic value for money …best quality … my dog loves it and looks fit and healthy a very happy customer 😊 …Thank you They Love It … keep doing what you’re doing 👍🏻🐾

14 July 2024  |  Lauren

My dogs love these and they last for a long time.

14 July 2024  |  Lauren

Very big bottle for a value price will be ordering again in the future.

14 July 2024  |  Lauren

My puppy absolutely loves this meat and cannot get enough.

14 July 2024  |  Lauren

My dogs love this raw meat will definitely be buying again.

13 July 2024  |  Donna

My Gsd has never been food driven not even bothered to eat her meals unless I nag at her but with this food she hasn't needed encouraging at all, there's enough bone no shards and not bulked out with fat, she loves it

13 July 2024  |  Frances


11 July 2024  |  Wendy

Very pleased with service and product

10 July 2024  |  Kirsty

Came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. My dogs are loving the food and my bank account is loving the price, win win

09 July 2024  |  Hannah

Great quality and great service
Our puppy has been eating this his whole life so far this is what the rescue recommended and I highly recommend it too

Looking forward to introducing him to some fresh sprats soon too! X

09 July 2024  |  Doreen

Arrived on time, well packed had started to thaw but was ok to put back in freezer, haven’t used this company for a while but still seems to be good quality.

09 July 2024  |  Fiona

My 3 stars is based on the fact that the food does not come in small frozen cubes. My puppy eats very little at the moment, so I would be throwing most of the food away if I defrosted the whole slab. It is really difficult to get any off the slab when frozen.
Delivery came on the due date within the time frame

09 July 2024  |  Max

enjoyed by my dog

09 July 2024  |  Sarah

Whiffy - of course, it's tripe - but not as bad as people warned me. High value treat that lasts a bit longer than a chicken wing, but not as long as a pizzle. You get a lot for your money, and the mutts are very happy indeed.

09 July 2024  |  Sarah

Best kept in a sealed sandwich bag, honks a lot. The pieces are easy to break into two by hand if you want to give smaller treats in training. Non-greasy to handle. My dogs love them - at the moment this is the 'favourite'.

09 July 2024  |  Sarah

Each meat comes in separate bags, and in 500g blocks so you can defrost what you need as and when. Easy to handle packaging, and only a little defrosted round the very edge of the outer blocks on arrival - brilliant considering came by overnight courier. Finally found something that my 13-week old Cane Corso (a bottomless pit for food) and my 11-year old Staffie (unreliable appetite and fussy as heck) will both eat!

09 July 2024  |  Paul

We are regular customers and the delivery arrangements work well always on time and arrive in good condition
The dogs particularly love the beef and chicken mix bowls left empty

06 July 2024  |  Karen

My dogs loved their bones. Definitely value for money.

04 July 2024  |  James

Our Golden retriever puppy absolutely loves it.
When we first brought him home, we had to make do with Super market mince while we waited for this product. Which he went off after a couple days and stopped eating. Soon as this arrived he was all in!!

02 July 2024  |  Victoria

Good product - our Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch thrives on it. Easy to use - just remove block of mince from freezer 24 hours before use - job done.

01 July 2024  |  Heather

Our dog love this ,I think he enjoys the vegetables mixed in

30 June 2024  |  Helen

Our Dane stopped eating recently whilst in season and then thro a phantom pregnancy, so I started adding a small amount to her meals and now she is eating again! She loves it and if you keep it in a sealed tub once thawed the smell isn't that bad.

29 June 2024  |  Asa

Gave this to my two fussy dogs and once again clean bowls I will be giving this as a treat once a week for sure looks gross lol but they love it so that’s all that matters

29 June 2024  |  Jason

All great except I only wanted 5 kg not 10kg I had to throw a couple of blocks as I just couldn't fit anymore in the freezer

29 June 2024  |  Nicola

I’ve used this company for a while now and their food is very good value and my dogs love it. I like the fact that there is no wrapping or plastic box to add to the waste on the planet. The delivery schedule is fast and efficient too.

29 June 2024  |  Chris

Perfect for our dogs raw food diet. Good value bulk delivery

25 June 2024  |  Jeff

The phrase ‘it tastes better than it looks’ springs to mind. My GSDs love it……

25 June 2024  |  Georgie

Such an easy process to get this delivered, will definitely buy again! Dog and cats really enjoy it, thank you

25 June 2024  |  Lauren

Dogs love the fish. Will order again.

25 June 2024  |  Lauren

My dogs absolutely love this raw food, full of fresh goodness. Will be ordering again.

24 June 2024  |  Wayne

I only purchased a small amount to test my dogs. Wow,, they loved every morsel. I’ll be placing larger orders from now on.

24 June 2024  |  Sue

All your products are brilliant but these are a bit tough to cut up. Dogs love them though.

22 June 2024  |  Gail

My dogs demolish their dinner in seconds! Quick delivery & brilliant service, thank you

22 June 2024  |  Connie

I placed my order it then got delivered but I was missing my sprats and I have emailed regarding this and had no response

22 June 2024  |  Bryan

An excellent product which our dog (and cats) love. As a first time buyer I found the process very easy and the follow up information and detail from the company has been excellent. The delivery to a rural area of Devon was exactly on time. Thank you; we will use this service again.

19 June 2024  |  Sarah

Easy to order, kind to my wallet, not overpackaged, still frozen when delivered and loved by the pooch !!! Perfect!!

18 June 2024  |  Diogo

Our dogs Loved the raw food

15 June 2024  |  Susan

They love it couldn’t put it any other way

15 June 2024  |  Susan

My big dogs love these bones all natural no addatives

15 June 2024  |  Sam

Excellent products from this company salmon mince has helped with skin issues for my dog good quality and excellent value for money

11 June 2024  |  Lynn

After 1 of our 6 Malamutes decided she wasn't going to eat the regular minced chicken bone and the green beef tripe,we decided to mix in some of the lamb tripe turns out she loves it! Just a little bit bored I guess with the same dinner,from now on will be mixing in different meats,as for anyone reading this our Mals have the best meals,fresh steamed ,fresh veg blueberries and an array of other goodies i can't rate theyloveit enough ,my 2 older dogs have been healthier more active since we changed them to it and the 4 youngsters (hooligans) have never had anything different and at 10 months old and 48 kilos I'd say it's the best,thankyou theyloveit,thankyou to lovely staff at Maldon for always helping me load the 140 kilos Into the car

11 June 2024  |  Tony

My spaniel loves this food she is normally a fussy eater but woofs 😂it straight down highly recommend

11 June 2024  |  Catherine

Keeps my dog happy so I'm happy! Although I don't love decanting 20kg of raw frozen food into the freezer, it's so much more eco friendly than other companies who wrap individual portions and I will never change my supplier!

10 June 2024  |  Jasmine

Great product again. Introducing new meats slowly to my dogs that have recently been moved to raw. They seem to love, this lamb. Reasonably priced and great product

08 June 2024  |  Nicola

My 4 dogs love this food, good value, fast delivery, great quality always get empty bowls all round

08 June 2024  |  Steven

My dog loves the raw from this company it's always well packaged delivery is quick and comes frozen thank you for great service

05 June 2024  |  Susan

Although my first order was lost by the courier and then resent. I am very pleased with the lamb rib bones. They are a very reasonable cost and the bones are very large and meaty. My dog tucked in with great happiness last night. Thank you very much.

04 June 2024  |  Sue

‘They love it ‘frozen dog mince are of excellent quality. We show all our German Shepherd dogs and work our labs…there meats help keep our dogs in tip top condition , they love the bones which help keep their teeth healthy, and the lamb bones as a treat. We order the food and the service for collection is excellent which makes our 50 minute journey very worth while.

03 June 2024  |  Janet

First ever order as this was the product our rescue dog was eating in his foster home.The 10kg of Chicken, Bone & Offal delivered on time. Pleasantly surprised as no smell (can't say the same about tinned dog food). Defrosted quickly.
Only drawback was that the blocks did vary in size, and therefore weight, so defrosting the right amount took a bit of sorting out.

03 June 2024  |  Theresa

Fantastic product, my dogs can’t get enough