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New! Pick & Mix Service

We can now offer you a personal pick and mix service of any of our products (subject to availability).  

This service is perfect for those of you with restricted freezer space which prevents you from buying in bulk, and it also means you can get full variety with each order.


The products in the shop are individually packed and priced according to their weight. We will personally pack your parcel for you with the products you choose and will then give you the price. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to give you a rough price per box as every product is priced individually priced but we have listed the shop prices per kg below.

There is a *£9 charge per parcel for this service to cover the cost of pre-packing products, picking your order and delivery in an insulated box to keep your product frozen (extra supplement payable for postcodes listed in delivery FAQ section) which holds approx 8kg-10kgs of frozen products.

Please use the form below to place your order. All products are subject to availability. We will call you when we are ready to pick your order.

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Chicken Mince with Bone (NO Offal): 
Minced Turkey and Bone (NO Offal): 
NO offal
Chicken with Bone, Sweet Potato, Carrot & Spinach (NO Offal): 
Chicken with Bone & Offal: 
80/10/10 complete meal - includes bone and offal
Beef & Chicken Complete: 
80/10/10 complete meal - includes bone and offal
Pure Beef Mince (NO Bone): 
Green Beef Tripe Mince (NO Bone or OFFAL): 
Lamb & Chicken Complete: 
80/10/10 complete meal - includes bone and offal
Beef Chunks (NO Bone or Offal): 
Large chunks, suitable for big dogs not small
Boneless Chicken Mince (NO Bone or Offal): 
No bone or offal
Boneless Turkey (NO Bone or Offal): 
No bone or offal
Boneless Duck (NO Bone or Offal): 
No bone or offal
Beef Rib Bones: 
Beef Marrow Bones: 
Lamb Rib/Breast Bones: 
Beef Paddywhack (NO Bone or Offal): 
Frozen Whole SCAD Fish 1kg: 
Frozen Whole Sardines 1kg: 
Frozen Whole Sprats 1kg: 
Chicken Carcass: 
Chicken Gizzards (NO Bone or Offal): 
Chicken Feet: 
Chicken Necks: 
Chicken Hearts: 
Chicken Wings: 
Dried Chicken Fillet Training Treats 100g: 
Dried Liver Training Treats 100g: 
Dried Heart Training Treats 100g: 
Whole Pumpkin Seeds 70g: 
Ground Pumpkin Seeds 70g: 
Bentleys Training Treats 80g: 
Dried Liver Sausages: 
Dried Chicken Sausages: 
Dried Beef & Garlic Sausages: 
Any other info/Special Instructions?
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Chicken Mince with approx 10% Bone


per kg


Chicken Mince with Bone, Sweet Potato, Carrot & Spinach     


per kg


Chicken with Bone & Offal


per kg


Boneless Chicken Mince


per kg


Beef & Chicken Mix


per kg


Pure Beef Mince


per kg


Pure Green Beef Tripe


per kg


Lamb & Chicken Mix


per kg


Beef Chunks


per kg



Beef Rib Bones


per kg


Beef Marrow Bones


per kg


Lamb Rib/Breast Bones


per kg


Beef Paddywhack


per kg

SPRAT     Frozen Whole SPRATS 1kg £3.10 per kg


Frozen Whole SCAD Fish 1kg


per kg

SARD     Frozen Whole SARDINES 1kg £3.90 per kg


Chicken Carcass


per kg


Chicken Gizzards 


per kg


Chicken Feet


per kg


Chicken Necks


per kg


Chicken Hearts


per kg


Chicken Necks


per kg


Chicken Wings


 per kg

DLS Dried Liver Sausages £2.80  


Dried Beef and Garlic Sausages (8)



DCS          Dried Chicken Sausages (8) £2.80  
BTT Bentleys Fish Training Treats 60g       £2.50 60g
GPS Ground Pumpkin Seeds £1.00 60g
DH     Dried Beef Heart Training Treats 100g £3.50 100g
DL Dried Beef Liver Training Treats 100g £3.50 100g
DF Dried Fillet Training Treats 100g £4.50 100g