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Latest Reviews
25 May 2024  |  David

What can I say the girls love it. Just wish they would/could do some 20 x 1kg blocks for home delivery instead of having to buy 2x 10kg in 500gm blocks

21 May 2024  |  Della

Both dogs love this product cannot fault it
The only negative is that the blocks are not cut equally some times have to get an extra block out due to one being smaller than the others
Otherwise cannot fault products or the service

21 May 2024  |  Fern

i finally found somewhere with fast delivery, a complete food that i don’t need to top up, and the cats LOVE it!!

very affordable too! I really like the fact that the blocks are not individually wrapped plastic. much less mess and hassle to just get a block out to defrost, and better for the environment!!

you have gained 1 return customer for life!

20 May 2024  |  Paul

I can’t believe there’s a hound in the kingdom that wouldn’t love a bowl of this lamb tripe…the stinkier the better of course!

As usual, my whole order arrived bang on time & very well packaged.

The hounds & the humans alike love TheyLoveIt…would just like to see a bit more variety return to the offering for home delivery

20 May 2024  |  Ann

Excellent service by nice, friendly and helpful staff.

20 May 2024  |  Elaine

Just bought for the first time and my dogs "love it “ dogs 🐕

19 May 2024  |  Cheryl

This salmon mince is a firm favourite! I like the smaller blocks as it’s convenient when you need a quick thaw

18 May 2024  |  Jasmine

These are great. One of my dogs isn't a massive fish fan. But the other absolutely loves these. Again great quality and price for the amount you receive thanks

18 May 2024  |  Jasmine

I have been raw feeding for to long so slowly introducing new things. My dogs are enjoying this so far. Great price and great quality and quantity for the price.

15 May 2024  |  Andrea

Could it check if these need to be headed and tailed and deboned before giving to my pooches. They are medium sized Labradoodles. Also can I give it to them frozen? Thanks 🙏

15 May 2024  |  Elizabeth

All of my 4Dogs love it !

14 May 2024  |  Zinka

We purchased 10kg of raw frozen bones for our dobermann. Absolutely great product that our dog loves it. Fast delivery and packaged nicely. Will be ordering again

14 May 2024  |  Susan

We have been feeding our dogs raw from They Love It for several years now. I have given 4 stars as the size of blocks in a consignment varies quite a bit which means defrosting more than is needed for the day leaving the remainder not so fresh for the next day.

14 May 2024  |  Carolyn

My dog loves this food and I wouldn’t order from anywhere else

12 May 2024  |  Barry

Overall good - but there are some blocks which are smaller - and therefore underweight.

12 May 2024  |  Angie

My dogs really do love it, easy to store and so easy to click and collect, very friendly staff and nice shop with easy view freezers

07 May 2024  |  Sally

We were advised to add grain to my dog’s food as he has a heart condition. They Love It recommended SmartBarf. It’s very easy to add to his food - we introduced it gradually. My dog seemed to enjoy it straight away (was worried as quite a strong smell and he can be a bit fussy) but he licks the bowl.

07 May 2024  |  Dinah

I have been looking for good quality food for my dog and come across they love it website. I have just collected my 1st order and my dog loves it. The people are nice and friendly the meat is good quality and a very good price

07 May 2024  |  Jasmine

Great quality sprats and plenty for the price. As usual I am impressed. Such great quality food for such good money. My dogs love these so thank you

07 May 2024  |  Jasmine

My 2 dogs absolutely love the boneless chicken. They both demolish it the minute it goes down. Fab service. Great quality and so affordable. Very convenient!! Thank you 😊

07 May 2024  |  Julie

Our dogs love these as a weekly treat but this pack size is just too large. Why are they no longer available as a 1kg add-on pack?

06 May 2024  |  Janet

Dogs love it
Service very good been using this company for a few years now and never had any trouble.
I always get it delivered and food always there the hour it says

06 May 2024  |  Karl

Have been using they love it for a couple years now, 1st time click and collect maldon, excellent service and excellent product, believe me if I wasn't happy with the product I wouldn't use em

04 May 2024  |  Susan

Brilliant treat for my cane corso and Rottweiler year old pups
Fed straight from freezer just like a fish lolly

04 May 2024  |  Susan

Brilliant snack for little dogs just like an ice lolly treat straight from the freezer

04 May 2024  |  Lindsey

Both dogs look these as a lunch time snack - due to allergies I have found these to be the best treats

04 May 2024  |  Andrea

My 5 labs love the lamb ribs great quality and good price . Quick delivery also .

04 May 2024  |  Angie

I have just got a Great Dane puppy and I have two smaller older dogs, I have never fed raw to my dogs before, luckily I’m round the corner to the Benfleet site so I popped round to the shop and the staff were brilliant, I was given lots of information on how much to feed etc. I have now put my two older dogs on the raw food and as the name says, “they love it” . I thought it would be expensive to feed raw but I’m surprised at how reasonable the price is. I would definitely recommend this company, the staff are lovely and there is so much advice also on their website, click and collect is so easy. I’d give 1 stars if I could 🤩

01 May 2024  |  Gary

Good treat and the dog enjoyed it

01 May 2024  |  Gary

Great food and great prices with exceptional delivery.
Well done all!

01 May 2024  |  Elizabeth

Great fish , loved them !

01 May 2024  |  Elizabeth

Great bones with enough meat on and plenty of marrow which will keep a medium/ large dog happy for hours ! I stupidly didn’t realise how big they would be , they were a bit too big for my cockerpoos and jackerpoos ,

30 April 2024  |  Richard

Our dogs love this food. Easy to order and always quickly delivered with no fuss.
Many thanks!

29 April 2024  |  Paul

Not as much bone in it as it use to be!!

28 April 2024  |  Debra

You are very well named my dogs love all your products, the boneless chicken ,beef and offal is going down very well.
I personally find it very easy to use in the blocks

27 April 2024  |  Angela

I received my order which arrived well packaged, which helps after the delay in transit. The order took longer than expected shipped on Monday and delivered on Wednesday evening. However the blocks and sprats were surprisingly semi frozen, so as all good.

27 April 2024  |  Sarah

Our goldendoodle Hector has had this for years and loves it . Always arrives on time , well packaged and still frozen . Easy to handle individual blocks that can be thawed as required .

27 April 2024  |  Neil

This is the first time we have bought raw food and wasn’t sure what to expect. It arrived on time. The product is mince like and in blocks approximately small brick size. It is packaged in polystyrene and then boxed. Maybe kinder to the environment to use something else in time? Ruffs loves it and we will be buying it again!

24 April 2024  |  Jeff

The dogs love them and they are just the right size to keep them busy for a while

23 April 2024  |  Kanchan

It is so difficult to find boneless pure beef mince for our dogs. I am glad TheyLoveIt provides this option. The shipping and delivery is smooth with regular updates. My dogs are loving this addition to their meal.

21 April 2024  |  Sharon

I wanted to give my ferret a healthier diet than kibble, so I did some research and bought this mince. It is very reasonably priced, came promptly and seems exactly as described. My ferret loves it!

21 April 2024  |  Pauline

Thank you again , great products and service.
Very happy customer.

21 April 2024  |  Pauline

We’re very happy with our purchase .
The website is easy to navigate, ordering and delivery are great . We have a very happy Ridgeback !!

20 April 2024  |  Andrew

Always great products

20 April 2024  |  Dorrell

Did not receive

19 April 2024  |  Carl

Have tried the beef and the chicken and dog does love it and looks very healthy.

18 April 2024  |  Glyniss

True to its word !! They absolutely do love it, bowls left as clean as a whistle not an atom of waste.

16 April 2024  |  Gemma

Easy to order online, friendly and welcoming staff when collecting.

15 April 2024  |  Ann

I particularly like this product as it is 80.10.10 so I know my dogs are getting the best. They love eating it, and always tuck in very quickly and happily.