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My order has arrived defrosted - will it be any good?

Thursday, 28 July 2022  |  theyloveit

Yes! Have a read of what our customers say on our facebook page about this

Latest Reviews
Monday, 15 August 2022  |  Philip

Bandit loves it!
He has a sensitive stomach so I mix it with Chappie.
I wish I could buy larger amounts but I only have a small freezer.
His poo has never been better.

Another hit
Thursday, 28 July 2022  |  Lindsey

Great product and a hit with the dogs

Brilliant, just brilliant!
Monday, 25 July 2022  |  Oliver

This is our first time using raw meat for our dog. Heís been on dried food mostly all of his life and never been much of a fan.

The product arrived still mostly frozen. We have already noticed an improvement in his faeces. And he seems to love this food! Gobbles it up and eats it all unlike what he was previously like with the dried food.

Heís still adjusting to it and we will monitor how he goes over the next few weeks. But hopefully this is something we will keep him on now as long as there arenít any problems that we notice.

Highly recommend to try your dog on this food 👌🏽

Monday, 25 July 2022  |  Catherine

Some bones rather large for my dog but love the smaller cut ones.
Very helpful contact to ensure safe delivery of the bones during the hot weather,

Arrived promptly and well packed
Monday, 25 July 2022  |  Nicola

The meat I ordered arrived when I was told to expect it, and I also received notification from DPD about the time, which was very welcome as it was a very hot day. The packaging was good enough to keep the meat frozen, so it is easily handled now from the freezer.

Possible problem ??
Monday, 25 July 2022  |  Deborah

Both my dogs have been sick within an hour or so of eating a meal of this tripe plus beef and chicken mince. Donít necessarily blame the food but do wonder ?? I have had it several times before with no problems and have always been pleased with the service.
I have binned remainder of those blocks and am thawing out more to try again before.

Beef & green tripe
Monday, 25 July 2022  |  Susan

I have 2 dogs and they both love this food I have been getting this for over 3 years and wouldnít go any where else Would recommend to my friends

Monday, 25 July 2022  |  Jayne

One of the very few companies that just get it right first & every time.
Online ordering is easy, if any problems a phone call sorts things out, delivery is always in the given time slot , huge amount to choose from and I have a very happy/ healthy dog who just loves his food. What more could I ask for?🤷🏼‍♀️

Dried Turkey Necks
Monday, 25 July 2022  |  Lorraine

Dogs love them, but don't last very long with three dobermanns.

excellent quality
Saturday, 23 July 2022  |  Marianne

my dogs all love this mince its lovely and fresh once defrosted I lightly cook their mince so its warm and the woof it down cant ask for a better feed back than that

Saturday, 23 July 2022  |  Kevin

Great service and great product, puppies love it

Chicken and beef
Saturday, 23 July 2022  |  Stephen

Delivered on time very reasonable 👍 prices and more importantly the dogs love it..

One of the best.....
Thursday, 21 July 2022  |  Ann

Only recently tried this, well, the dogs did. They loved it and when I'm pushed for time, I know they're getting some vegetables.

This'll be a regular for me now.

Dried beef heart treats
Tuesday, 19 July 2022  |  Jeff

I canít say my dog goes mad over them. He certainly doesnít pick them over a rabbit ear or pigs ear. That saidÖ.he does eat them!

Meaty Lamb Breast / Rib Bones
Tuesday, 19 July 2022  |  Lorraine

Excellent product, excellent service - helpful and friendly. Product well packed, always delivered on time. Best of all dogs love them.

Minced Chicken with Bone
Tuesday, 19 July 2022  |  Lorraine

Excellent product, excellent service - helpful and friendly. Product well packed, always delivered on time.

Better smelling tripe!
Saturday, 16 July 2022  |  Kirsty

My dog loves this tripe. And I love it as it doesnít smell as awful as some other tripes Iíve tried! Itís a good texture for mixing chopped mackerel in it as sheís a bit fussy with raw fish.
I order it every time

Good value for money
Saturday, 16 July 2022  |  Kirsty

My dog loves these ears, they donít last more than 30 seconds! I give them regularly for natural deworming and as a treat. The product is great value for money and good quality

Good reliable value
Saturday, 16 July 2022  |  Barbara

Good price. Arrived on time and loved by our dogs

Green tripe
Saturday, 16 July 2022  |  Marilyn

The quality of the product and the service is excellent

Chicken Bone and Offal
Thursday, 14 July 2022  |  Fiona

Really impressed with this company. The choice is great, with a really reasonable price tag. Our cocker spaniel is much healthier on this diet. Our friends told us about "They Love It" and told us they feed their dog one 'brick' of food per day...when we got our delivery we didn't think that would be enough...but it really is! We give our girl half a brick in the morning and half in the evening - It's all she needs (as well as the usual treats of course!) - obviously good, nutritious, quality food The service has been really good - quick delivery.

Tuesday, 12 July 2022  |  Lydia

My dog isn't a big fan of fish really but I try to include them into her diet. These sprats seem to go down well so I will definitely buy them again.

Treat time
Tuesday, 12 July 2022  |  Lydia

I try to keep my dogs diet as varied as healthy as possible and that includes her treats. Seeing my dog so happy is priceless. Thank you TLI.

Tuesday, 12 July 2022  |  Lydia

If your dog is a moderate chewer these are great. My dog loves these and seeing her tail wag is the best!

Training treats
Tuesday, 12 July 2022  |  Lydia

I'm using these treats cut up as rewards for training my dog. She is so keen for them that she gets very excited to fo the training. Thanks TLI.

High quality
Tuesday, 12 July 2022  |  Lydia

High quality food at affordable prices but best of all my dog loves this!

Beef chicken complete
Tuesday, 12 July 2022  |  Emma

My dogs have always been fed raw so the transition from one brand to another has been flawless. My biggest star goes to the minimal packaging and no plastic waste.
Thank you

First time fish buy
Monday, 11 July 2022  |  Sarah

Wow! I am just starting to try some raw foods, this is the first time giving my dogs whole fish. Firstly I was impressed with the quality of produce, bright eyed, no smell small fish. To see my dogs reaction, was a delight, it surprised me how much my dogs love these.
My older dog's appetite was waning & this has stimulated him to eat.

Offal & chicken
Monday, 11 July 2022  |  Michelle

My doggies love it !
Very helpful & lovely ladies that work there 🤩

They love it
Monday, 11 July 2022  |  Terry

The wing were of a good size as normal i feed for breakfast as usual the dogs as normal they enjoy them.

dogs love it
Sunday, 10 July 2022  |  Dawn

my 2 doodles love the lamb tripe although this batch is extremely smelly ,more so than the other batches of tripe I have had . The DPD delivery was 3 hours late and I literally couldnt contact them but I guess thats not the fault of they love it .

Sunday, 10 July 2022  |  Gary

First time using this Company, prior to this I bought all my Raw from Humpreys Farm In Chelmsford, then for no real reason they increased their costs within 6 months by over 45%, I tried these guys & my dogs love it, they have been on it now around 8-10 days & itís really good quality, Iíll use these guys all the time now & have already placed another order for this week, also the staff are lovely. Really nice people.

beef mince
Saturday, 9 July 2022  |  Marianne

This is the third purchase from they love it I am very pleased with the quality of the lamb and beef mince and my dogs LOVE IT there is no waste no fat excellent mince

Quality product and happy dog.
Saturday, 9 July 2022  |  Allan

I have used "They Love It" for years and the product and service has always been first class. I have, and have had, healthy and happy dogs using their meats for balanced raw diets.

Beef and chicken complete
Friday, 8 July 2022  |  Debra

Dogs love this mix. When ordering 20kg I would like the blocks to be bigger (as before)
Easy to order and great delivery communication

Dog loves it
Wednesday, 6 July 2022  |  Francesca

Our Rottweiler loves this. Anything with beef in he devours very quickly!

My gang love it
Wednesday, 6 July 2022  |  Katie

The fur kids always love tripe day. Itís their favourite.

Tuesday, 5 July 2022  |  Stacey

Perfect just as described and great customer service too x

Very tasty!
Monday, 4 July 2022  |  Clare

My dog loves all of the raw food I've had from you. I struggled before to keep her weight on as she is so active but since putting her on your raw food she is a good weight and in great condition.

Gone in seconds!
Monday, 4 July 2022  |  Clare

My boston terrier loves this and gobbles it up in seconds, great value for money too!

Boneless chicken mince
Monday, 4 July 2022  |  Delia

I've not bought this product before but the dogs appear to like it. I've cut their quantity down a little because it looks rich. I'd like to keep to this product for now.

Lamb Ribs
Monday, 4 July 2022  |  Marilyn

Excellent quality - my dogs love them

First time buyer
Sunday, 3 July 2022  |  Marion

The meat looked good, although not easy to store unwrapped. Unfortunately none of my dogs would eat it.

Fast and reliable
Sunday, 3 July 2022  |  Steven

Meet was delivered on time and dogs enjoying it

Saturday, 2 July 2022  |  D

For great dane and chihuahua.

Saturday, 2 July 2022  |  Michelle

Was surprisingly dry compared to usual, soaked up added water and my pets weren't as eager to eat it as usual. Value for money definitely not there

The certainly do love it!
Thursday, 30 June 2022  |  Dawn

My dogs love this product!

Meat and veg
Wednesday, 29 June 2022  |  Antonio

My Rottweiler and Jackchi absolutely love this product I do add some offal to it but if donít have any they still lap it up. Since theyíve been on the raw diet we havenít had any major health issues and certainly no digestive issues.

Always excellent service
Wednesday, 29 June 2022  |  Linda

First time Iíve used click & collect and will always in the future! Staff always friendly and very helpful.

Lamb Bones
Tuesday, 28 June 2022  |  Bev

You made Buster happy. He loves it.