Defra Approved 13/265/8006 ABP/PTF

Pure Ground Lamb

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Our Ground Lamb is made from human grade lamb and ground down to a fine consistency
It is has a 15 – 20% bone content, there are no large pieces of bone as it’s fully ground down.
When defrosted this produce will not turn into a sloppy mess but holds itself together.
It can be fed alone or mixed with whatever other foods you are using.
If you are looking to feed a product with a bone content but are worried about larger pieces of bone this is the product for you.



It contains only 100% lamb and has nothing added.
Because of the nature of this product it may arrive a little soft around the edges.
It is perfectly safe to refreeze these soft blocks for use later.


Please fully read the ordering info before placing an order

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Pure Ground Lamb 20kgs (44lbs)

Pure Ground Lamb 20kgs (44lbs)£54.00

Pure Ground Lamb 10kgs (22lbs) 24 x Small Blocks - Working Dog

Pure Ground Lamb 10kgs (22lbs) 24 x Small Blocks - Working Dog£30.00

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