Defra Approved 13/265/8006 ABP/PTF

Lamb Ribs Bones

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All our lamb bones are human grade and packed fresh, then quick frozen

We don't treat or process with them in any way
They are a great treat for dogs and are a very good source of bone for your dog’s diet
Do not feed too many or they can cause constipation and always feed under supervision

These bones are to be feed raw and not cooked or heated in any way
Heating or cooking the bones will harden them; this makes them unsafe to feed to dogs

The average size of each piece is around 8 - 10 inches long

Please fully read the ordering info before placing an order



Contains bone
Always feed under supervision
Always ensure fresh drinking water is available
Once completely cleaned, bones should be discarded within 48 hours
If small pieces break off they will need to be removed so that your dog can't eat them

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Lamb Breast / Rib Bones 10kgs (22lb) Working Dog

Lamb Breast / Rib Bones 10kgs (22lb) Working Dog£22.50

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