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Frozen Whole Fish 10Kg

Frozen Whole Fish 10Kg
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Part Number:  FF10

Weight:  10kg



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Whole frozen Shortfin Scad vac packed in 1 kilo packs.

These whole fish are high in protein and low in fat making them a great food for raw fed dogs and cats.

The fish will break apart easily so the required amount can be removed from the pack.
Simply thaw overnight in the fridge and feed, an easy way to add a new source of protein to your pet’s diet.

Each 1 kilo pack contains an average of 13 - 15 fish.

There are two ways to buy these fish from us.

We can add a 1 kilo pack to any box of dog food sent or you can buy a 10-kilo box.
The 1 kilo packs can only be brought when ordering another item from us.
The frozen fish will be packed inside the box of dog food for shipping.
The fish is vac packed so there’s no risk of it mixing with the other product.

Protein         25.33g/100g
Fat              5.14g/100g
Energy kcal  148 kcal/100g


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