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Feeding Calculator

The table below will give you a guide of how much to feed your dog per day

Click here use the feeding calculator

Enter your dogs weight in Kilos to see the total daily amount.

It will give you 3 different readings, these are:

Overweight:                         If you dog needs to lose weight.
Maintain:                If you dog is at the correct weight.
Underweight:    If you are looking to add weight to your dog.

Puppies are fed a larger amount of food over a number of daily feeds.
Your dogs age, health and other factors like the summer / winter and levels of activity will affect their food intake so keep an eye on their feeding and adjust as needed.

You should be able to feel your dogs ribs when running your hand along their side and they should have a waist.
Its better to weigh the food or use a measure instead of guessing the weight, as it’s easy to over feed.

Always feed under supervision
Always ensure fresh drinking water is available