Dried Treats


Our range of slow dried dog treats are produced in-house by one of They Love Its’ own butchers.

Our Chicken fillet, Beef heart and Beef liver treats are all human grade with nothing added.

They are also all:

Un seasoned
Un smoked
Gluten free
Bone free
Wheat & Soya Free
No added salt
No added sugar
All UK raised meats

As with all of our foods nothing is added or removed.
All of our treats are slow dried to seal in the goodness.

The full range is available packed in generous 100 gram packs.
(see pound coin in the above photo for size of pack)
Once opened all of the packs are resealable.

These treats can only be brought along with an order of dog food, unless buying our treat offer which can be ordered without dog food.

Perfect as a treat or training aid.

Whether you choose the beef or Chicken we are sure They’ll Love It.


Please fully read the ordering info before placing an order