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Collection from our premises

Please Note: We require your order by 5pm for next day collection. We cannot cater for same day collections

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Items can be ordered (subject to availability) in multiples of those listed below

Click here to request our Current Collection Price List

C10WD      Chicken Mince with Bone 10kgs
BLWD         Boneless Chicken Mince 10kgs
COMWD    Chicken with Offal Mince 10kgs
GTWD        Green Beef Tripe 10kgs
LMWD        Lamb Mix 10kgs
LCCWD       Lamb 50%, Chicken 40%, Offal 10% & Bone 10% Complete Meal  *FROM 27th November

BMMWD    Beef Mix 10kgs
BCWD         Beef Chunks 10kgs
PBMWD      Pure Beef Mince 10kgs

CWWD       Chicken Wings 5kgs
CFWD         Chicken Feet 5kgs
CNWD        Chicken Necks 5kgs
CCWD         Chicken Carcass 10kgs
GIZZWD     Chicken Gizzards 5kgs
CHWD        Chicken Hearts 4.5kgs (2 x 2.25kg bags)
CVEGWD    Chicken Mince with Bone, Sweet Potato, Carrot & Spinach 10kgs
FFWD          Whole Fish 1kg

BBWD         Beef Marrow Bones 5kgs
BRWD         Beef Rib Bones 5kgs
PWWD        Beef Paddywhack 10kgs
LBWD         Lamb Rib Bones 5kgs
DLWD         Dried Liver Treats 100g
DFWD         Dried Fillet Treats 100g
DHWD        Dried Heart Treats 100g

CLVWD      Chicken & Lamb Variety Box 10kgs
BLVWD      Beef & Lamb Variety Box 10kgs
TLVWD      Tripe & Lamb Variety Box 10kgs
CBVWD      Chicken & Beef Variety Box 10kgs
CTVWD      Chicken & Tripe Variety Box 10kgs

We are a busy working factory and have forklifts and vehicle movement at all times. 
If you are asked to wait in your vehicle please do so, for your own safety. 

Please ensure children / dogs are kept in vehicles as this is a high risk area. 

We accept cash, credit and debit cards for payment. 

Prices may change without prior notice Thank you for your order.
When you place your order we will come back to you with a collection day which will be from Tuesday to Thursday between 2pm-5pm or Friday 2pm-4pm

If you do not collect your order it will be cancelled.

Please do not come before 2 pm as your order will not be ready for collection.

All products are intended for your use only and not for resale.

Please note our closing times for collections below.

Tuesday to Thursday 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Friday 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Saturday & Sunday Closed 

Guidelines for handling RAW dog food

"They Love It" is 100% raw food because of this you need to follow these guidelines to ensure the safe handling and use of this product.
Follow basic kitchen health practices. Wash hands; wipe surfaces etc,
Sensible hygiene is always necessary when handling raw meat.
When collecting food put it into your fridge / freezer as soon as possible.

To defrost ready for use we recommend removing the needed amount for the freezer and leaving in a covered dish or other leak proof container, ideally in the fridge to defrost, if you are leaving the food on the counter top to defrost only leave out until the surface frost has melted and then place back into the fridge for the rest of the thawing.

Fresh items must be stored at between 0oc and 4oc and used within 2 days.
If defrosting or placing in fridge make sure it's on a plate to catch drippings and place on the bottom in case any blood drips and ensure it is fully defrosted before serving.
We do not recommend leaving the food out on the side for long periods of time to defrost as depending on the temperature within your room / house it could allow the food to go off.
It's best to think ahead and defrost the food in your fridge for safety.

If your dog is leaving food you may need to lessen the amount you are feeding.
All the tubs, spoons food bowls etc are washed in warm soapy water and hands are also kept clean before and after handling food and feeding.

Products will contain bone
Always feed under supervision
Always ensure fresh drinking water is available





The last posting day before Christmas will be WEDNESDAY 20th December and we will reopen on Tuesday 2nd January


The last collection day before Christmas will be:

Friday 22nd December 

​We will be closed from Friday 22nd December and will reopen for collections on Wednesday 3rd January