Chicken Mince 0% Bone

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Our Finely Minced Chicken with 0% Bone Content is custom made for people who don't what to feed too much bone or any bone at all.
This also makes it perfect for weaning puppies as it has a 0% bone content.
Made from human grade chicken carcasses, this finely minced product has a great nutritional breakdown and can be easily mixed with other foods.

This mince is as untouched as our other minces with nothing added and only the bone taken away!

Nutritional breakdown:
Protein                   14.69%
Fat                         19.95%
Fat free meat            67.1%
Ash                          1.86%
Nitrogen                   2.35%
Moisture                 63.06%
Calcium                  3686.0 ppm

The mince is sent frozen and cut into blocks.
The 10 kilos box comes in 24 pieces (approx 400 grams).
The 20 kilo box comes in 30 pieces (approx 600 grams).

Size of 10 kilo box is 360 x 260 x 240 mm
Size of 20 kilo box is 555 x 355 x 150 mm

Always feed under supervision
Always ensure fresh drinking water is available


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